Are Siamese Cats Annoying? | 5 Siamese Behavior Care Tips!

Siamese cats are the true divas of the cat kingdom.

It doesn’t take a lot if you are trying to convince someone to get a Siamese cat. Sometimes just the look is enough.

I am not so sure about the human world but with cats love at first sight is definitely a thing.

And it so happens, the event is very prominent when the one party is a Siamese cat.

Now, as brilliant as Siamese cats are as pets, they do tend to have certain character traits that their owner complain about.

But hey, something like this isn’t just limited to Siamese cats or cats in general.

Every pet that you choose to share your life with, will come with its own pros and cons.

I don’t wish to use the phrase ‘pros and cons’ because I always want to enable my readers to look at pets as a complete unit.

Just like as is the case with people, everyone has some strengths and some weaknesses, and having an inclusive approach towards those weaknesses is what makes the relationship work.

I don’t know what you might be thinking listening to that but it is as simple as that.

In this article let me share with you the cons or the negative traits or personality problems that Siamese cats either come with or tend to develop relatively easily.

I will also tell you how to approach the said problems and create an ecosystem where the problems are addressed in an organic way to create a harmonious and affectionate bond with your cat.

Let me start by addressing the most common question that I get.

Are Siamese Cats Annoying?

Siamese cats are these affectionate, attention-loving, playful, talkative, persistent, and energetic cat breeds that love an environment of activity and engagement. The absence of such an environment can render them to develop annoying traits but they can be easily fixed.

You see most of the time we fail to acknowledge a pet’s demands and judge their response as annoying.

But here is the thing, cats and animals, in general, are simple beings. They are born and develop into a fixed set of traits that essentially want expression.

If you have done a good job in addressing their simple yet essential needs, the traits that may possibly annoy you become lovable quirks.

By the way, this isn’t the first time I am writing about Siamese cats. Check these articles out too.

Common Siamese Cat Negative Behaviour Patterns

Once again let me go over this one more time, every cat has some base breed-specific characteristics and certain characteristics that she develops or picks up as she grows in an ecosystem.

The collection of both these aspects develops what you can refer to as her personality.

For this reason, every cat in the world is unique.

The behavior problems that I am going to discuss here are not written in stone.

They are more like an informed knowledge set collected by careful observation of Siamese cat behaviors over the years.

Your Siamese cat may show some, all, or none of these traits. There is ample room for a lot of subjectivity here.

Here are the 5 most common Siamese cat behavior problems.

  • They tend to get needy or clingy

This is a very common behavior pattern that is observed among Siamese cats.

As a matter of fact, I have created an entire article on why Siamese cats are so needy?

Siamese cats never run out of love. And they need an environment where they can share it with people, pets kids in their own unique ways.

Unfortunately, if not addressed in a conscious manner, like leaving them alone for long hours, this trait can easily transform into a needy or maybe even an obsessive behavior.

  • They can develop separation anxiety

This behavior pattern is an extension of what we just discussed. You see Siamese cats thrive and develop well in an active environment.

For this reason, I don’t advise people who remain out for work for long hours to get a Siamese cat.

They are perfect for families that have kids, other pets, and people who offer a venue they can engage and interact with.

Not giving them an active, engaging, playful environment can lead them to develop separation anxiety and similar erratic behaviors.

  • Siamese cats can go overboard with chattiness

You see one thing that separates Siamese cats from other breeds is their tendency to talk.

Siamese cats love to talk and they talk a lot.

If you want a cat that tells you everything about their day, complain about the other pets in the house, and additionally the neighbors, Siamese is the cat for you.

Don’t get a Siamese cat if you want a cat that is quiet and calm.

Some people find the talkative trait endearing, some annoying.

To keep the chattiness to acceptable levels, you need to have an environment that invites activity out of them.

  • Siamese cats may develop furniture scratching behavior.

 All cats scratch, there is nothing new about it.

But the bodily and energy structure of a Siamese is such that she can’t keep calm without expressing her inner instincts.

If you don’t provide an alternative expression to their instincts such as scratching, don’t be surprised if she starts taking it out on your furniture.

  • Siamese cats are deeply territorial

Many Siamese cat owners report that their Siamese cat tends to get dominating and aggressive.

Once again there is a lot of subjectivity to it but it is observed that Siamese cats tend to get territorially aggressive relatively easily.

A Siamese is a very intelligent cat and can sense submissiveness in other cats and she can use it to assert dominance.

For this reason, it is very important that you take steps to socialize your cat from her early days.

Siamese Cat Care Tips

There are many similar negative behavior patterns that usually get associated with Siamese cats.

You see when you ask the question are Siamese cats annoying, it can mean different things for different people.

You see, owing to a Siamese deeply territorial nature your Siamese may be acting mean to other cats and maybe that is what you label annoying.

Or you just wish that your Siamese may be talked less and her talkative nature is what may annoy you.

The main thing is every potential behavior trait that annoys you has its root in the fact that her persona needs aren’t met properly or in a way they need to be.

In this section and the next, I will lay out certain tips, methods, and acts that will address a Siamese cat’s persona needs.

And you see, when what your cat needs are met in a precise sense, you will have a pet that is happy, satisfied, and fulfilled.

A happy pet gives you lots of love and affection in a very balanced way and as I said when a pet is happy, you will see that you can have space in your heart for some unique quirks of theirs.

1.   Feeding Right and Feeding on Time

Cat and animals in general as I said are simple beings with simple needs. As long as their basic needs or survival and procreation are met they really don’t have any other extravagant needs.

No cat will demand a Play Station from you after you have fed her nicely.

So, when it comes to food you need to provide her with the best quality food that addresses all her nutritional requirements.

Not just that you also need to be aware of the fact that cats are creatures of habit and routine.

So, feed your cat the right food at the right time.

As far as the quality of food is concerned, there isn’t a lot you will have to worry about.

Most manufacturers have years of experience producing the right kind of food for cats that is both appealing and nutritious for cats.

Just go with a well-reputed brand and you should be good.

Although it may take some trial and error to figure out what kind of food your cat likes.

Once you have figured that out just create a feeding time pattern. Your cat must know when to expect food and when she expects it she must be fed.

2.   Spoil her With Toys

Toys are so important for cats. You see by nature cats are predatory.

In their evolution in the domesticated ecosystem, they may have given up on the ways of the wild but the predatory residue remains.

Toys are just an avenue where they express their instinct in a very controlled and organic way.

Biting and chasing a toy around gives the necessary exercise to her muscular body and her mental framework.

Ideally, you must choose toys in such a way that once she is done playing with them she is ready to crash and doze off.

Also, ensure that you get the puzzle toys that can mentally stimulate her.

In the absence of mental stimulation, Siamese cats are known to get bored and depressed.

Therefore, understand the importance of toys and get her as many as you can.

You don’t always have to rely on shopping for toys.

Here is how you can create some DIY toys using materials you can easily find at home.

3.   Active and Engaging Environment

There is a reason why I suggest that look over to getting a Siamese cat if you are looking for a family pet.

In order for Siamese cats to develop as well-adjusted pets, a home with a lot of activity is very crucial.

And might I add the traffic has to be very organic and for the lack of a better word chaotic maybe.

In other words, kids or pets that are willing to play with the Siamese cat or at least make her feel the world revolves around her.

From what I have observed Siamese cats need active and passive engagement. They want to be dolled up, dressed, and carried around in toy chairs but they also wish to supervise what you are cooking from a shelf.

For this reason, one of my first suggestions for a family cat is the Siamese.

Siamese cats are just tailor-made for a family environment.

Another thing is, I have rarely seen anyone getting a Siamese cat and not getting another cat (Siamese or otherwise) in a matter of months.

These cats get very well along with other cats, dogs, cat-friendly pets, and develop very nicely in a feline company.

For this reason, many cat owners deem it wise and very well so, to get Siamese cats in pairs when they are young (preferably from the same litter).

4.   One on One Bonding

Siamese cats are known to develop a deep bond with one particular person in the house.

This doesn’t in any way mean they don’t engage with other members of the house. They have sufficient love in their heart to spread around.

They are even known to engage in a very friendly way with strangers.

But in order to ensure that this love doesn’t become an obsession a caring environment that doesn’t create a situation where she has to spend a lot of time alone is important.

And let things progress in an organic way.

Don’t force her to love you. If it happens so that the cat chooses you naturally that’s completely fine.

Play with her on her own terms and let her spread her love so to speak and engage with other members and pets of the family.

Promote her to have a more inclusive relationship within the family and don’t plot ways to keep her just to herself.

Because that is how you develop the sense of separation anxiety in her when you are not around.

5.   An Exploratory Ecosystem

I am pretty sure you will not hear about this anywhere on the internet.

Because What I am going to tell you is so simple yet many people seem to not take this seriously.

You need to create an environment around your cat where she can climb, scratch, and settle in elevated spaces.

Cats have this indescribable urge to climb and settle on high vantage points. This tendency of theirs can again be traced to their times in the wild where the best place in terms of security and catching prey were trees and similar high places.

And once again this is so simple to do.

All you need to do is get some high cat trees and some cat perches.

You need to place these cat perches in places such that cats can jump from these cat trees to perches.

It helps if you already have shelves in place. But you need to do this strategically. The perches must be stable, strong, and unmoving.

They must also be placed away from things that can fall as a result of your cat’s movement.

It isn’t as complicated as you would think. It just needs to be well thought off. You can plenty of ideas all over the internet to help you with it.

How to Calm a Siamese Cat?

So that was how you take care of a Siamese cat. Now you see, caring about a pet isn’t just a directional thing.

This is where most pet owners do the mistake. They think caring for a pet means just taking care of a few aspects and getting all the love and companionship in return.

See, those people aren’t wrong who keep on saying pets are just like kids and they need to be treated as such.

When you are adopting a cat or pets in general you need to inform yourselves about their various needs and requirements.

This ranges from their diet, their breed characteristics to their ecosystem requirements.

If you have taken care of and been responsible towards your Siamese cat, I don’t think a question like how to calm a Siamese cat will remain relevant.

This is because your task or responsibility is to ensure that your pet is joyful. If you have done that well, your cat may face sudden surprising situations but you will observe they will come back to their calm state fairly quickly.

I understand you may require some time to address the needs of your cat if you have been missing out on something.

Here are a few tips that you can try to calm your cat down if she seems agitated, annoyed, or flustered.

  • Use a toy to stimulate their hunt/catch/kill instinct. Find toys that are safe and possibly imitate a bird, inset or a rodent.
  • Catch her stare and slowly blink at her. Experts agree that slowly blinking at your cat gives her a sense of comfort and security.
  • Give them some time and space to come back to their original playful self. Be aware of the fact that over correcting or being overly concerned can have opposite effects.
  • Use some catnip. Exposing your cat to catnip directly or through toys is an excellent way to calm a Siamese cat down.
  • Use treats to slowly draw her out if she is in a scared state and once she does, slowly caress and comforting her with pets and gentle embraces.

Is Siamese Cat Right for You?

Don’t let comments like ‘don’t get Siamese cats they are annoying’, ‘they are mean’, ‘they bite too much’ or ‘they are too chatty’ stop you from adopting one.

As I said, yes, there is some truth to all these traits, but these aren’t concrete conclusions about Siamese cats.

The important thing is to ensure that you are responsible for what a Siamese cat needs and what ecosystem helps develop them properly.

If you can do that you will see they either don’t develop any negative behavior pattern at all or their positive sides and their affectionate nature far outweigh the little quirks that they may have.

So, are Siamese cats worth it?

I would say yes, they are very worth it. They are excellent family pets that tend to get very well along with other cats, dogs, children, and cat-friendly pets. They are very intelligent, easy to care and have this unmatched capacity to fill the family they are a part of with love.

The only important thing that you need to ask yourselves is this, will you be able to provide an environment that the persona of a Siamese cat demands, and will you be able to provide an active, engaging and playful ecosystem?

If the answer is yes, Siamese cats are the felines for you.

If not, maybe you should keep looking for a breed that gels well with the type of environment you can easily provide.

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