Are Siamese Cats Climbers? | Do Siamese Cats Like To Climb?

It seems like I have been on a Siamese cat articles writing spree on Kitty County.

Well, I am not to be blamed. You are to be blamed haha.

You won’t believe the number of questions I receive from my adorable rabid readers regarding Siamese cats :D.

Are Siamese cats climbers or do Siamese cats like to climb are just a few more topics in the long list of topics I am yet to cover here.

But I digress, I do enjoy writing about Siamese cats, so I think I should take out the rambling tones now haha.

Everyone knows I am a big member of “Siamese Cats Are Life” club.

Okay, okay. Back to the topic of are Siamese cats climbers?

Well, you have to understand why Siamese cat owners ask do Siamese cats like to climb?

Maybe they got a feisty one in the adoption center that just won’t stop climbing and is all over their household.

Or maybe you find your cat sitting atop your kitchen shelf all day.

It may also be possible, that you are confused that your Siamese isn’t getting enough exercise or climbing equipment as she should.

Whatever the reasons might be I really feel this post on are Siamese cats climbers or do Siamese cats like to climb is going to be very beneficial in a holistic sense for all Siamese current and soon to be owners.

So read till the end,

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Now first things first,

Do Siamese Cats Like To Climb?

Are Siamese cats climbers?

Well, the answer is yes Siamese cats love to climb and are excellent climbers. If you have been owning a Siamese cat for a while, I am sure you must have noticed no pinnacle is too big for them. Your furniture becomes their launching pad and in the absence of dedicated high scratching posts, your drapes become the subject of serious damage.

Awesome little things aren’t they.

Of course, you will have reservations saying that if your furniture or drapes have seen better days.

Anyways, let’s go a little deep into the topic of do Siamese cats like to climb and learn why exactly they like to climb so much.

And if for example, you have just gotten a Siamese and have seen the first step to naughtiness they are going to offer, what steps can you take that this tendency finds expression in ways that doesn’t give you a headache.

We have discussed this in my previous posts on Siamese cats that these cats can be understood as little balls of energy.

They are active, muscular, intelligent, social, and playful cat breeds who need a lot of exercise and playtime.

On surface that does explain why they tend to like climbing but the explanation isn’t sufficient of course.

So, in the process of understanding are Siamese cat climbers let’s go ahead and understand,

Why Are Siamese Cats Such Good Climbers?

Now this is true not only for Siamese cats but cats in general.

They always tend to look for vantage points or seemingly those spots in the house from where they can have a good oversight.

You may have on occasions (happens with new owners all the time) freaked out on not being able to find your cat, only to find the little devil perched on top of an elevated surface.

With only her ear tops and eyes visible, giving an aura that she enjoys your suffering.

Ever wonder why cats do that?

Wild Instincts

It may seem like cats and human cohabitation has seen many-many years but in terms of evolution, the friendship is fairly new.

They do carry over the genetic memory from their time in the wild into your living room.

A cat perched atop is just securing a spot to keep an eye over her territory. Think about it, an elevated space where she knows she is secure and is also a spot to keep an eye on the happenings and potential preys is just what a cat needs.

Countertops, shelves and kitchen counter just scream surveillance and security to a cat and thus the attraction.

Siamese cats in specific are a bit special you can say. As I said these cats are genetically gifted with an athletic body that wants action, playtime and exercise.

And if she isn’t getting sufficient activity she may look to jump around and climb different spaces in your house as an expression of her energies.

Potential Threat

Another reason why a Siamese cat may develop the habit of climbing frantically because she may be threatened.

Usually is the climb is graceful and playful, its healthy and won’t create a lot of problems for you.

However, if there is a sense of panic in the very way she is going about climbing, she is most probably afraid of something or someone.

A new member, a new pet or sometimes as was the case with me a new toy perhaps.

In any case, these are the occasions when you can expect scratched furniture and drapes.

So, if you are aware of what might be potentially scaring your Siamese cat, I think you need to take the necessary steps.

If for example, it is an object that is causing the scare remove it and if it’s a pet or another person that is inducing the fear, make sure you make the introductions slow and strategic.

These posts on introducing cats to other pets should help.


A high vantage point in addition to providing surveillance is also an incredible place to rest without worrying about a thing.

And I think I have talked about this in numerous places on this blog that cats in general are very territorial and resist any changes to the ecosystem they are the subjects of.

So, a place like kitchen that sees a lot of action isn’t a viable place for rest and comfort.

A high vantage point like a countertop or a shelf is a very nice place to be comfortable in.

No sudden shakes and shocks to disturb that sleep which cats can’t seem to get enough of.

Keeping The Vitality Up

If your cat has had experience of living outside, she may have learnt the skill of climbing high places like treetops as a means to survive and fend off attacks.

And what you maybe experiencing as frantic climbing on drapes and furniture is just a memory response to stimulus.

Now those were some of the reasons why Siamese cats like to climb high places within your house.

Let me be clear I am not trying to present the tendency of climbing of Siamese cats as something negative.

More often than not Siamese cats like to climb and reach high places out of their playfulness and curiosity.

But its good to be thorough so that the spectrum of possible reasons as to why Siamese cats like to climb are clear in front of you.

Allowing Siamese Cats To Climb In Control

See when it comes to cats, I really don’t like the word control and suppression.

Many cat owners ask me, “How to control my cat?”

To all of them I answer you can’t. You can’t control nature and instinct. And cats are a combination of both.

I am not saying you can’t bring order in their existence, but that order happens when her instincts and her nature finds a control expression.

And the action is very simple actually.

All you need to do is ensure she is properly stimulated using toys, exercise, puzzles and timely physical activity.

Siamese cats especially because of their very unique physiological and psychological structure need a lot of exercise, playtime and social interaction.

It is because of these needs and demands that many cat owners who have had Siamese before urge you to get Siamese cats in pairs.

This tends to even out a lot of needs of Siamese cats which otherwise Siamese cat owners have to do themselves.

And lack of any of the necessary care rituals I just mentioned can very well lead to your Siamese developing behavioral problems like anxiety, aggression and boredom.

So, in order to avoid that an alternate expression to a Siamese cat’s climbing and playful attributes can be done as follows,

Using Cat Trees,

One of the best solutions to a Siamese cat who likes to climb a lot is providing her with high cat trees.

For first time owners, if you are confused as to what a cat tree is, it’s a vertical furniture for cats that usually, not always, looks similar to a tree and is covered with sisal fabric that cats enjoy scratching.

The whole structure is basically a haven for cats to climb, scratch and have fun in the way they like.

Cat trees of course come in different structural forms, shapes and sizes as you can see below.

Because now we know that Siamese cats like to climb, if you are choosing cat trees for Siamese cats, I urge you to go with ones that are tall and are also covered with good scratching material like sisal fabric.

Let me just quickly share with you some of the best cat trees that I know for a fact, Siamese cat owners enjoy.

Catry, Large Activity Cat Tree (CT18382)
  • This multi-level cat tree features one large hammock, half tunnel up top, and four levels of carpet covered platforms.
  • Interactive playground for multiple cats.
  • Built with 2 large Paper Rope posts, to allow cats to scratch in a desired environment.
  • Features two pom-pom toys to attract and entertain your cats.
  • Measuring 20"L x 20"W x 50"H, a larger cat tree provides adequate room for your cat to rest, play, and exercise.
6-Foot Cat Tower - Napping Perches, Cat Condo, 9 Sisal Rope Scratching Posts, Hanging Toys and Rope – Cat Tree for Indoor Cats by PETMAKER (Ivory)
  • 6-FOOT CAT TREE – This cat tower offers 5 levels of interactive fun and the perfect place to nap and snuggle. The cat furniture also has 2 mouse toys and a hanging rope that extends 2 tiers that your cat can bat, grab, and pull for amusement.

So, using cat trees as a medium to expend your Siamese’s climbing instincts are going to be very beneficial.

It will give her a space to climb and at the same time ensure that she doesn’t take her instinct out on furniture and drapes.

Using Cat Condos

Cat condos are very similar to cat trees with a little difference that it features one or more caves or enclosed sleeping areas for your cats to rest in.

Thus, the name cat condo.

Cat condos are particularly useful for Siamese cats given the fact that they love to climb and rest in high vantage points.

Cat condos too come in a variety of structural forms.

Let me lay down a few cat condos that Siamese cat owners rave about.

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Double Decker Playground w/ Toys & Condo - Silver Gray, One Size
  • FUN AND PLAY: The tall cat tree tower playground features plenty of activities and entertainment to keep your cat engaged and mentally stimulated, such as sisal posts, plush ball toys, a prey toy, a hanging rope, and an interactive cat IQ busy box
  • TOWER DESIGN: The towering multi-level design of the cat tree playground promotes climbing and exercise, which helps encourage and motivate felines into a healthier and active lifestyle
  • SCRATCH POST: The cat scratching posts are wrapped in sisal fiber, which carries the rough, bark-like texture of a tree to better satisfy your cat's scratching needs; sisal is also durable, long-lasting, and economical
  • DEDICATED LOUNGING SPACE: The cat tower is designed with two separate cat condo hideouts, providing a super cozy nestling and burrowing space for more than one kitty
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Silver Gray; 19.7" x 19.7" x 69.3"
rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower for Indoor Cats, Multi-Level Cat House Condo with Large Perch, Scratching Posts & Hammock, Cat Climbing Stand with Toy for Small Cats Kittens Play Rest, 39" Tall, Gray
  • (Versatile Rest & Recreation Center) - No matter your kitten wants to stretch out on the spacious perch, curl up inside the plush hammock, or release the scratching urge onto the sisal posts, this all-in-one cat tree tower combines both style and functionality to make your fur baby’s day full of fun and excitement! Your spoiled furball can have a long nap in the warm cozy condo, feel snuggly hugged by the hanging basket, and fight with the furry bell ball for extra mental stimulation
  • (Meet Natural Instincts & Enhance Well-Being) - This 3-level cat tower allows kitties to showcase excellent climbing skills while getting enough exercise. The extra-large top cat bed nicely satisfies their natural desire to be high-up and have the confidence of the surrounding. The sisal-wrapped cat posts provide your born scratcher with something exciting to sharpen the claws! When drowsy hours roll in, your lazy kid can cuddle up in the cozy cat condo for a slow afternoon and sweet dream
  • (Added Sturdiness & Stability) - Crafted from certified P2 particle wood for extra durability, this heavy-duty cat house is a long-lasting playland for multiple cats to explore non-stop. Thanks to its superior construction and wide, sturdy base, your active baby can jump in and out of this cat climber safely without worrying about tipping over. Each platform can hold up to 110 lbs, allowing small kittens and average cats to tour around with ease
  • (Exceptional Quality Materials) - Treat your frisky kitten to the soft faux fur cover which delivers paws-approved warmth and ultimate comfort! All board and fabric materials of this indoor cat house are 100% non-toxic and will hold up well under repeated scratching. The durable sisal surface not only entertains your cat but also saves your delicate furniture from being clawed
  • (Styled & Practical Cat Tree) - Overall dimension - 19.6" L x 19.6” W x 39" H (50x50x99cm). Detailed graphic instructions and tools included for easy installation - your cat can enjoy this cat trees and towers in no time! This unique piece of contemporary styled cat furniture in elegant light grey will smoothly complement your room decor, making it a smart investment in cat accessories and a purrfect gift for your companion 🙂

Using Cat Perches

While cat trees and cat condos are effective in emulating a wild environment for your cats to play and rest upon.

If you are living in a small apartment, it becomes difficult to pick a huge cat tree or cat condo.

In situations like these I think cat perches are an excellent alternative.

They are cheap, effective and convenient vantages for your cats to jump up on and reach high places.

One very apt place to install a cat perch is near a window from where your Siamese cat can peep outside and rest peacefully in the warmth of the sun.

Here are a few of my favorite cat perches.

K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Fleece Unheated - 14 X 24 Inches
  • CAT WINDOW PERCH: Sturdy cat window seat offers a soft comfortable feel for all sized cats to sunbath and view the outdoors
  • STRONG & STURDY: K&H Kitty Sill is sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of cats, supports up to 40 pounds and measures 14" x 24" to fit most cats
  • ALL DAY COMFORT: Super-soft orthopedic foam with washable faux-lambskin removable washable cover
  • UNHEATED: K&H Kitty Sill window hammock is available in heated and unheated versions; this model is unheated
  • QUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY: No tools required for adhesive installation (make sure your sill is clean and dry and allow adhesive to cure for 24 hours before use) , can also install with more permanent screws
FUKUMARU Cat Hammock Wall Mounted Large Cats Shelf - Modern Beds and Perches - Premium Kitty Furniture for Sleeping, Playing, Climbing, and Lounging - Easily Holds up to 40 lbs, Black Stripe…
  • BEAUTIFUL WOOD CAT SHELF - 15.7 x 13.8 inches match to suit even the most of kitties! Beautiful cat furniture for your beautiful cat
  • MATCHING CAT'S WALL - A stylish new take on cat furniture, this hammock attaches directly to the wall. It provides a vertical space for your cat to perch, nap, and watch the around
  • SUPPORT MACHINE WASH - Fabric can be easily removed for washing, which helps save you time
  • SOLID WOOD HANDMADE - Hand-crafted beautiful & functional pet furniture, made of rubberwood, strong and durable. Due to natural wood, each has a slight difference.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Tools and easy-to-read instructions are included, and your kitty will explore their newfound vertical cat stairs territory in under 30 minutes!
Cat Window Perch, Cat Hammock Window Seat w/Free Fleece Blanket 2023 Latest Screw Suction Cups Extra Large Sturdy Cat Bed Cat Resting Seat Hold Two Large Cats White Indoors (One Extra Suction Cup)
  • INSTALLS in SECONDS: Package include 1 x Window-Mounted Cat Bed, 1 x Free Fleece Blanket, 1 x English Manual, 1 x Exquisite Gift Box, easy to install and no need any tool. Perfect match gives your cats comfortable and fun seat in the house.
  • 2023 LATEST DURABLE SCREW SUCTION CUPS: Screw suction cups can pat the air more cleanly and better adhere to the wall. Compared to the 25% fall off rate of the old regular suction cups, the improved suction cups has only about 5% fall off rate. Suction cups that can hold up to 60 LBS.
  • 20% MORE SPACE: Lengthening and widening design, your 15lbs and 29lbs cats can jump and play together without feeling crowded in ZALALOVA cat window seat. Perfect for cats that like to bask in the warm sun or active cats that desire a high vantage point.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE COVER: Cat window seat mat is breathable and durable, easy to clean, no chemical smell. Made of food grade mesh cloth, cat's body temperature won't overheat. With underneath its ultra-soft, machine-washable fleece cushion. Your cat will snore in her/his new bed.
  • TIPS: The suction cup is made of high-quality PVC material. It is easy to become hard and fails to work properly when room temperature is too low in winter. As above suggested, putting into hot water for 2 mins will be helpful to regain the decent suction force.

Training Cats To Not Climb And Scratch Your Furniture

Siamese cats with their muscular body and surplus energy to match it demand an ecosystem where they can play, fool around and interact with other pets and members of the family.

Unfortunately, all the fun they come packed with also comes with a few caveats.

All the climbing and perching and just the general Siamese cat behavior can be difficult on your furniture and drapes.

So, what are the ways you can prevent that.

And if it is already happening, how to train your cats to not climb and scratch your furniture and drapes.

Well, for situations just as these I have created a detailed post that teaches you exactly how you can train your cats to not scratch furniture in 10 days.

I recommend taking the non-tendency suppressing route when training cats.

As I explained before, cats are nature and instincts neatly packed into a furry body. The best way to deal with them is provide alternate forms of expression to their wild nature.

Cat trees and cat condos are definitely going to help you in that if you use them strategically.

When I say, strategically, I mean your cat must start seeing her new accessories as a better replacement to your furniture and drapes.

In summary, you want to make the cat condos and cat trees more appealing using catnip or pheromones and at the same time you want your furniture and drapes as locations that they develop a slight resistance towards.

Starwest Botanicals Catnip Leaf C/S, 1 Pound
  • Latin/Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria
  • Origin: Canada
  • Kosher Certified
  • cGMP Compliant (current Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Return Product for any reason for refund or replacement** (See details below)

One great way to develop some resistance in cats towards specific places is by using a cat deterrent spray.

But wait, don’t just use any cat deterrent spray. I highly recommend you to create one yourself instead of getting one from a store.

That way you will be assured that whatever contents are there in the cat deterrent spray are absolutely safe for your cats.

Don’t worry, I have created a separate post on how to easily make a safe cat deterrent spray for cats using easily available household materials.

I have also seen many cat owners and experts recommend methods like using booby traps and double-sided tapes to restrict access to furniture and other sensitive areas.

While I won’t argue that they don’t have any benefits.

It’s just that I try and keep the resistance and instinct suppression tactics to a minimum.

I believe in providing alternate expression instead of training cats to learn to suppress their behaviors.

Because if that is done too much, and this is particularly true for Siamese cats, more often than not cats acquire bad behavioral patterns like aggression, boredom and biting which aren’t good for cats nor for you.

Should Climbing Be Encouraged For Siamese Cats?

I would say, if you have created a good ecosystem of toys, playtime, cat trees, perches, cat condos, and possibly other pets. You don’t need to bother about it. The Siamese cats will probably enjoy her little zone do as much climbing as she needs.

Yes, it’s true that if her climbing and overly active tendencies which Siamese cats are known for are causing inconvenience to you, you should probably adopt the tactics I explained above.

But I hope you are getting the understanding from this post that Siamese cats owing to their bubbly, playful and active nature need a certain kind of living situation where she can express her energy.

Therefore, presence of climbing surfaces, active playtime and sufficient toys which you can learn how to make using household materials, are absolutely essential.

A place where your Siamese cat can play around and climb will keep her happy, healthy, chatty and active.

Other FAQs Associated With Siamese Cats

I will most probably create dedicated posts surrounding these topics but while I have you here let me leave you with some more of your queries resolved.

Do Siamese cats do better in pairs?

Yes, actually, Siamese cats do in fact do better in pairs. This is because Siamese cats are among the most social cat breeds you can find. They are energetic, muscular, playful, chatty and demand attention. Most of these attributes find expression in having a partner. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a Siamese cat only though. Because Siamese cats are in fact good with dogs, family members, kids, strangers and of course other cats.

Are Siamese cats Cuddly?

Absolutely, Siamese cats like being held and cuddled. She is the one who will meet you at the door, follow you around, wait for getting her attention and playtime and don’t be mistaken she will be very vocal about all her needs. She craves companionship and love interacting with people. All the more reason why they do better with lively families with a lot of activity.

Do Siamese cats bite a lot?

I wouldn’t say they bite a lot but they do in fact develop biting tendencies quicker than certain other cat breeds. The reason almost always is unmet demands of play and exercise, overstimulation, change in routine or unwanted intrusion in her territory. And when she experiences a change in mood owing to any of these factors, they do tend to develop biting habits. The best way to avoid any of these is of course understanding your Siamese cats demands and fulfilling them in an ordered and controlled sense.

Alright, I hope this article on are Siamese cat climbers or do Siamese cats like to climb informative and comprehensive enough.

If you have any other queries, comments or doubts regarding Siamese cats, their personality of behavior don’t hesitate of putting them down here in the comments section.

Take great care of yourselves and your cat and I will see you in the next one.

Bbye 😊

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