Are Siamese Cats Destructive? 5 Tips for New Siamese Cat Owners!

Siamese cats are known as the Divas of the cat kingdom.

All those who didn’t know this will probably wonder why.

Historically, Siamese cats hold the record of being one of the oldest recognized breeds of what are referred to as oriental cats.

The unique contrasting coat pattern and those striking blue eyes are enough to start a relationship with them but as I said there is a lot more to them than what meets the eye.

They are highly intelligent, curious, and active cat breeds that like to be the center of attention and don’t respond well to being ignored (as I said, Divas).

This article will in a way try to bring in all facets of a Siamese cat’s personality starting from the core query of are Siamese cats destructive that I get asked so often.

If you are going to be owning a Siamese cat for the first time, it is very important to know what kind of cats Siamese really are.

Don’t take the impression that they are bad cats, no.

They are one of the sweetest cats that you can have the pleasure of owning.

It’s just that their personality demands are very specific and they want the ecosystem around them to meet those needs.

So let us begin.

Are Siamese Cats Destructive?

Siamese cats are inquisitive, intelligent, active, and energetic cat breeds that need a lot of exercise and engagement. In the absence of activity and expression of their instincts, they may turn destructive and take it out on furniture and other similar objects.

You see cats are simple beings. They have very specific demands that pertain to their particular breed that need to be met in order for them to develop as well-adjusted pets.

If you respond to their limited essential needs well, Siamese cats are one of the best breeds that you can have for your family.

Here are a few more articles on Siamese cats that I feel will greatly append your knowledge to them given the context.

Persona of a Siamese Cat

If you are one of those people and believe me there are many who have fallen in love with the Siamese the moment you saw them, this is a very important section.

Without going into absolute details, here are what Siamese cats are like.

Not for nothing are Siamese cats one of the most preferred breeds for a domesticated environment.

They are super friendly, affectionate, engaging, outgoing, social, and playful cat breeds that don’t shy away from sharing their love with everyone including children, other pets, and even strangers.

I often say that you can look at Siamese cats as these bubbles of energy that have this inherent need to express it.

Not only are they active and expressive, but Siamese cats are also very inquisitive and intelligent. You can easily train them using simple positive reinforcement techniques.

Many people compare them to being very similar to dogs in mannerisms. It is also attested by the fact that you can easily train them to play fetch.

They are very trusting and sensitive.

They thrive in an ecosystem of positive engagement and activity. This is one of the biggest reasons they form an excellent family pet.

Siamese cats do not respond well to being alone.

They are great companion cats and want people, pets, and children to engage with.

Siamese cats are also known for being very ‘talkative’. Now again it’s a matter of perspective. Many people call their chatty behavior endearing and many call it annoying.

But yeah, they do have a voice to tell you how they are feeling, what their day was like and when they disagree with your acts or opinions.

Can Siamese Cats Have Personality Problems?

All things in the world have pros and cons and that is true with Siamese cats as well.

So, can Siamese cats have personality problems?

Yes, like any other breeds Siamese cats too can develop personality problems but this isn’t a given with all Siamese cats. But if her bare essential needs of food, shelter, security, engagement, play, exercise, and love are taken care of she will be the sweetest cat you can have the pleasure of owning.

See it boils down to understanding and responsibility.

Cats are simple beings.

They don’t have extravagant needs. They have a specific persona and they just want the needs of their persona met.

If that is indeed met, any cat, let alone a Siamese cat, will give you the best that they can give depending on what persona they carry.

While yes, I do agree that Siamese cats do need some extra attention and a playful and active environment but in no way are these high-maintenance cats.

In return, you get an extremely loving companion that you can resort to for sharing love, and a joy-filled companionship, no less than that of a parent and a child.

For this reason, I made it a point to discuss the personality of Siamese cats first and you will observe that I do so in all breed-specific articles across this blog.

I like to lay a broad framework so that the entire picture becomes clear to you.

In a way this, makes you understand what you need to do to ensure that your cat is happy in your home.

In this case, for instance, a Siamese cat’s ecosystem must contain elements like toys, high-quality scratching posts, perches where the cat or cats can jump on and rest, and people to engage with, if possible, a feline sibling, and attention whenever she needs it.

If that misses from her ecosystem Siamese cats are known to develop negative behavior patterns.

Taking the context under consideration, now I think you will understand why sometimes Siamese cats may go destructive.

You see there are cats that are laid back and quiet.

A Siamese cat is the opposite of that.

They are activity cats. They need to express the excess energy their persona creates.

Their build is muscular and athletic and nature in a way wants them to exercise it.

If they expend this energy with the help of toys, chasing their sibling, or playing with you, you will see that at the end of the day, they will roll over tired, happy, and wanting some of that love from you before they nod off.

It is when the energy is not expressed it gets turned inwards rendering them what we refer to as destructive.

All that is happening is that the excess energy is finding a haphazard expression.

In a previous article, where I discussed if [Siamese cats are inherently dominant] I covered different behavior problems at length. You can go ahead and visit the article for a deeper look.

In general, here are the different behavior problems Siamese may develop in the absence of the right environment.

Are Siamese Cats Good for First-Time Owners?

Well, as a first-time owner, if you have set your eyes on a Siamese cat, I recommend you to get them in pairs. A feline sibling will help take a huge load off you that involves the responsibility of play, exercise, activity, and engagement.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all saying that as a first-time owner you won’t be able to take care of her or that it’s going to be too hard.

It’s just that as I said, Siamese cats are a special breed of cat. They are not your laid-back, totally aloof, quiet cat breed.

They thrive in an active environment. That is why Siamese are more suited as a family pet.

If you live alone and are away a lot, I don’t recommend getting a Siamese cat or at least getting them in pairs if possible.

In the next section, I will relay some tips that will help you if you are indeed a first-time Siamese cat owner.

If you have had the experience of raising cats, then I am pretty sure you are set with knowing what are the basic requirements of a cat.

With Siameses as they are very inquisitive, intelligent, and active, some additional puzzle toys, chasing pointers and similar toys that allow her to jump around are essential.

Another thing worth being pointed out here is regarding their grooming.

Siameses are a short-haired cat breed and that means you won’t have to worry about grooming too much.

Combing once every week or every other week to take away excess fur will suffice.

Also, get ready for a lot of conversations, a lot of conversations.

They have a very distinct voice.

It may not be as prominent in kittenhood. But as your Siamese matures, she will develop a loud, insistent voice to let you know exactly what she wants.

They will be the first to catch you at the door to ask you how your day went and to tell you about theirs.

They are very fond of cuddles, snuggles, and sleeping with you on your bed or on your head if you are worthy.

That’s actually it really.

As I said this is a special breed. The only high maintenance they require is in terms of your attention.

Other than that, you will be hard-pressed to find a cat that is as loving, affectionate, and playful as the Siamese.

5 Tips for First Time Siamese Cat Owners

Before I end this article, let me share with you some Siamese cat care tips that will come in handy especially if you are getting one for the first time.

  • Get lots of toys!

You would want your Siamese cat to expend here energy with exercise and play. A feline sibling will do that but the next best things are toys.

They like squeaky toys that they can chase and bite into. Catnip toys are another category that Siameses love.

Also, because Siamese is an intelligent cat breed I urge you to get some brain exercise puzzle toys as well like the one that dispenses a treat when she solves it.

  • Get Siamese cats in pair

As I said, having a sibling with which your Siamese cat can engage and expend her energy is one of the best ways to ensure your kitty develops as a well-adjusted pet.

Prefer getting them from the same litter or at the very least choosing the partner with whom she has acclimatized from the very start.

But it isn’t necessary to be limited to cats, Siamese cats are excellent with cat-friendly dogs too. Here is an article, where I have enlisted some of the best companions for a Siamese cat.

  • Get some high-quality Scratching posts

This article is written around the core context of are Siamese cats destructive.

More often than not you have searched this article to enquire if your cat will take it out on their furniture and similar precious objects.

Siamese cats do scratch, I need to put it out there and not just Siamese, all cats scratch.

It’s a natural instinct in cats to keep their claws sharpened and they scratch ‘scratchable material’ to remove any developed husk of them.

For this reason, a good combination of cat trees, cat scratchers, and scratching pads is very important.

If you don’t do that and additionally, if you don’t exercise your cat properly that’s when cats get destructive.

  • Serve high-quality food and develop a feeding routine.

As I mentioned cats have simple needs and for obvious reasons you need to feed them right and you need to feed them at the right time.

There is no lack of high-quality food in the market.

Sometimes breeders will tell you the best brands or you may even want to try different manufacturers to see how your cat responds.

You can even check some good reviews on the food that you are considering to arrive at an objective conclusion.

Another thing worth pointing out here is that ensure that you create an optimum feeding time for your cat. Cats respond very well to routines and a comfortable environment.

Ensure that they find nutritious food and clean water when they expect it.

  • Make Time to Bond and Engage

Now, why do you or are looking to adopt a cat?

To create a loving relationship of the closeness of knowing a being that doesn’t speak our language yet is willing to live with us and share whatever it is she has.

I mean what else will bring one close to the rawness of nature than nature itself.

As far as presenting affection is concerned as I said you will be hard-pressed to find a cat as loving as a Siamese cat.

And she asks nothing in return except for all the attention you can give her in addition to her simple needs.

There is nothing more enriching than love for an animal.


I hope you have been enjoying this write-up on Siamese cats.

I try to bring in as many insights as possible in these query-based articles. Because in my years of experience in writing, I have come to understand, very rarely is a question objective.

So, even though I pick a simple query like are Siamese cats destructive, I present information around that which I feel will deepen your knowledge.

Here are a few more related questions that I think append good insights to the context.

Are Siamese Cats Mischievous?

Siamese cats are like these bubbles of energy that need to express themselves. While yes, they can feel mischievous if you don’t give them avenues to express themselves. A feline sibling to play with, lots of toys, and spaces where they can jump about and play is exactly what they need.

Are Siamese Cats Friendly to Other Cats?

Siamese cats get very well along with other cats. Owning to the kind of activity and engagement they require it is often suggested to get Siamese cats in pairs as both of them help each other to develop as well-adjusted cats in a domestic environment.

Are Siamese Cats Friendly to Other Dogs?

In addition to other cats, Siamese cats do get very well along with cat-friendly dogs. Not just dogs they thrive in an activity-filled environment filled with pets and children. Having a playful dog will help expend all that bubbly energy leaving them tired but happy.

I hope you found the article thoroughly enjoyable.

I understand despite my best efforts there are certain things that will still go unaddressed. For any such comment, query, or question, please make use of the comments section below and I will answer as soon as I can.

All the luck and praise to you for taking care of a Siamese.

Take care of yourselves and I will see you around.

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