Are Siamese Cats Difficult? | 7 Crucial Pointers for First-Time Owners

I don’t know whether you own a cat or not. Siamese or otherwise.

I don’t know really how experienced you are or have been in cat care. I don’t even know what degree of a cat fanatic are you.

But tell me honestly, one look at a Siamese cat and you want to drop everything and own them.

Siamese cats are known as the Divas of the cat kingdom.

By the time you have completed the article, you will know why.

In this article, I am going to cover some very crucial points that are pertinent to anyone who even remotely is considering a Siamese cat or is living with one.

Let us start with the most asked one.

Are Siamese cats difficult?

Siamese cats aren’t difficult but owing to their special traits like being vocal, having high energy, and the need for social engagement they do require attention and care. If these needs are met in an organic way, you won’t find a more fun feline.

That is as precise as I can describe Siamese cats. But I don’t want you to be satisfied with it.

Let us go ahead and discuss Siamese cats in a more nuanced way.

As you must have guessed this isn’t the first time, I am discussing Siamese felines on this blog.

Here are a few more articles that will append your knowledge base on these divas.

Are Siamese Cats Good for First-Time Owners

Alright, so let us get some very important queries out of the way.

Many first-time owners are a little skeptical when getting a Siamese cat.

Well, the skepticism isn’t entirely baseless.

But the extremities are wrong definitely. Meaning if someone says ‘Oh Siamese cats are the best breeds to own in the world’ is plain wrong or at least incomplete.

The other extreme as in ‘Oh you will regret getting a Siamese cat‘ is equally incomplete too.

The majority of people that you will see on internet forums belong to these two extremes.

The truth is Siamese cats are very good breeds to own for first-time owners provided you aren’t ignorant about what kind of breed Siamese is.

You see it’s a relationship.

You need to have a fair degree of understanding regarding Siamese cats. You don’t need a Ph.D. of course but you need to be well versed.

So, here is what it is.

Siamese cats are an active, engaging cat breed with an energy surplus.

This means they like activity, expressing their energy, and want a social environment to thrive.

You don’t pick these cats if you want a breed that is totally laid back and is alright being alone for long hours.

They want to be the center of attention so to speak.

They love engagement with whoever they can get it from and need an ecosystem where they can climb, scratch, and jump around.

This isn’t to say they don’t like their space, an undisturbed place to remain aloof and just sleep. It’s just that the engagement demands of these breeds, in general, are much higher than other cat breeds.

They are fun-loving, chatty, like supervising things, love getting involved even with strangers, and have the tendency to get bored if these demands aren’t met.

They are also known to get really close with one individual or sometimes more than one person too.

In other words, this is a companion cat. They love and thrive on companionship.

Granted they may take some time to get adjusted, but once they do, you will never find yourselves getting bored if they are around.

7 Tips for First-Time Siamese Owners

In the previous section, I just briefly touched on what kind of personality in general can you expect from a Siamese cat.

Truth be told, there is so much more to cats than what we know in terms of their tendencies.

Yes, there is a general breed-specific behavior pattern, yet every cat has his or her own persona.

That’s what makes them great. That’s what makes them unique and mysterious. You will know what I am saying when you adopt one.

People who own a cat will relate to what I just said.

Now let me share with you some tips that you need to be aware of if you have decided to get a Siamese.

  • Siamese cats are vocal

Anyone you talk to who has had the pleasure of owning a Siamese will tell you, they talk. They talk a lot.

Most people find it endearing, but I have interviewed people who tend to see this trait as annoying.

It depends on the type of person, I guess. And also, the family environment. For instance, if you have kids, you would want a cat that talks.

And they will talk. They will ask you about your day and tell you everything about theirs.

I have written an in-depth article about their chatty persona here: Why are Siamese cats so vocal?

  • Siamese are extremely intelligent

Siamese cats are a curious and inquisitive cat breed. With the right kind of training, you can train her to walk on a leash and even play fetch.

This doesn’t mean they are totally submissive. They do carry stubbornness in their persona. But with little patience and care, you can train them to do what you want them to do.

For this reason, you will often find people saying if you want a dog but you also want a cat, get a Siamese.

  • They need companionship

Siamese cats are not the cats that you pick up if you are looking for a quiet and laid-back feline.

They want as much traffic as you can give them and they want to be the center of attraction and affection.

For this reason, they are ideally suited as family pets.

  • They are athletic and playful

Beneath that soft coat of theirs, they have a very muscular build.

You have to look at Siamese cats as these bubbly felines who essentially need to express their energy.

The secret to their unending energy is rooted in their muscular build. They thrive in an ecosystem that urges them to express themselves.

  • Siamese cats are truly affectionate

I have written an article on the cuddly and affectionate nature of Siamese cats.

Do you want a cat that cuddles, snuggles, and talks? Well, Siamese cats are your best bet.

In addition to expressing their activity, they don’t hold back in expressing their affection.

They even tend to give more affection to select members of the family. Maybe that is going to be you.

  • They need and thrive on a routine

Cats are beings of routine. And in the case of Siamese cats, that’s even more true.

Not only is it true but is also very important.

To raise a well-adjusted Siamese, you need to take out some time and pay attention to their ways.

You will have to see what food they like, when is it they demand food, and when is it playtime. If you don’t do this, well, they will tell you about it.

And not always in a pleasant way.

  • Health and behavioral issues

If you own are owning a Siamese cat for the first time, you also need to be aware of potential health issues your feline is susceptible to.

Behaviourally, Siamese cats may develop anxiety, boredom, and depression, in the absence of activity.

When not given the attention, they need they may develop jealousy directed at other pets or even people.

Physically, Siamese cats are prone to challenges like obesity, amyloidosis, lymphoma, and dental problems.

Are Siamese Cats High Maintenance?

So, seeing and learning all that about Siamese cats, what to infer when thinking, are Siamese cats high maintenance?

Well, Siamese cats aren’t high maintenance but they do need dedicated attention and care given their personality demands. They like activity, being social, and want engagement and a good routine. They demand small investments but demand individual responsibility.

The great thing is most of their demands can be taken care of by doing very little work.

With an active family environment, routine playtime (with toys, trees, puzzles), a dedicated individual attention and they will raise themselves.

So, this is how you can look at it, if you think you can meet the subtle things that Siamese cats demand, you don’t have to worry about them developing as well-adjusted pets.

And here is an interesting bit.

If you interview a lot of Siamese owners, you will soon realize people don’t stop at one.

Well, there is a reason for it, and its beyond just the emotion of ‘more cats, more fun’.

Are Siamese Cats Friendly to Other Cats?

Siamese cats get along very well with other cats. Having a feline partner for your Siamese will free you from a big responsibility of activity, companionship, play, and engagement. They will have a sibling to express their energy to and grow well together.

As I said, getting Siamese cats in pairs has immense benefits for you and for the Siamese cat.

You see having a sibling will mean that most of the needs that the Siamese cat has will be taken care of organically without your active effort.

They will play with each other, chase each other, get into playful fights and banter, will have a nap buddy and will learn from each other.

This means all you will have to do is ensure proper timely food, and some attention, create an exploratory living space and both of them will practically raise themselves.

The good thing is the sibling doesn’t necessarily need to be a feline. Siamese cats are known to get along well with cat-friendly dogs too.

So, if you already have a dog and looking to get a cat, Siamese cat should be one of your top options.


I hope I was able to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of a Siamese cat’s nature.

You see answering the query are Siamese cats difficult is fairly easy. I did it in one paragraph above.

But the thing is, understanding means comprehension. Things aren’t as objective as they seem. Subjectivity is the name of the game.

For pets even more so.

In conclusion, Siamese cats aren’t difficult. They are just a special breed with needs of their own. The needs aren’t complicated. It’s just that they are important and need to be taken care of diligently and with care.

And you know what this goes with any breed, to be honest. They won’t be the same as that of Siamese but the demands in different degrees will definitely be there.

If you can take care of these simple demands in an easy-going and organic way, you will be hard-pressed to find a cat as loving, as affectionate, and as playful as the Siamese cats.

I will see you around 😊

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