Are Siamese Cats Good for First-Time Owners?|6 New Owner Tips!

Planning to get a cat for the first time is very special. Eventually, getting one is an even better experience.

In no time will you realize cats are nothing less than our kids, and they make their place in our hearts so quickly.

Now preparing yourself and your home for your new feline family member is a very sensible thing to do. There is a little that needs to be done, but whatever needs to be done needs to be precise.

Precision is the key here. 

Cats are creatures of routine, and they need to express their physical energy with play, engagement, and activity.

If you keep these things in mind creating a conducive space for your new feline partner won’t be an issue.

One additional factor to take into account is what breed you are getting. 

Not all breeds are the same. 

Some, like siamese and Bengals, are very active and energetic. On the other hand, breeds like Persians and ragdolls are relatively calm, docile, and laid back.

Therefore, your home must be well-equipped with everything that responds to the breed you plan to have.

Once again, it’s simple. As a matter of fact, it’s essential to keep things simple.

In this article, I will relay what you need to do if you plan to have a siamese as your first cat, among other questions a new owner might have.

While the basics will remain the same throughout, I will guide you on how to approach equipping your home concerning different categories of cats.

So, without further delay, let’s get going by first answering the most common question.

Are Siamese cats good for first-time owners?

Absolutely. As a first-time owner, Siamese cats are among the best breeds to own, provided you know their primary personality attributes. Siamese cats are loving, chatty, playful, energetic, active, and thrive in an engaging environment. If you can address these needs, Siamese cats are one of the best cats to have as first-time owners.

That is just touching the surface regarding siamese cats or owning a cat.

Throughout the article, you will find knowledge pieces that will guide you on approaching owning a cat for the first time.

This article will revolve around owning siamese cats. 

However, I will create the article in a way that applies to all first-time owners of any breed of cat.

Because the truth is yes, there are salient differences between different cat breeds, but the statement, ‘cats will be cats‘ is timeless.

How to know if a Siamese Cat is Right for You?

So, this is the section where I make you aware of what siamese cats are like.

A siamese cat’s personality, in other words.

This is how I like to describe siamese cats; siamese cats are bubbles of energy that have this irrepressible need to express it.

Some breeds are laid back, calm and aloof; siamese cats don’t belong to that domain of cats.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying they are incapable of being laid back, calm, and aloof; it’s just not their first preference.

Siamese cats like to engage, interact, play around, chase, and chat.

They have this need to be the center of attraction in a family. 

Because they are so engaging and social, they form excellent family pets.

Siamese cats get along well with family members, other cats, and even dogs.

Their urge to be the center of attraction has given them the label of ‘Divas of the Cat Kingdom‘.

And I think the label stuck because of their gorgeous looks and just how siamese cats carry themselves.

There is almost this queen-like demeanor to their existence.

Oh, and how can I forget to tell you how opinionated they are? When I say they want to know everything about your day and tell you about theirs, I mean it.

Siamese cats like to talk. A lot.

As a first-time owner, you must be especially aware of their talking behavior.

Most owners I have talked to find the quality endearing, but I know people for whom the excessive chattiness can get annoying.

But more often than not, the chatty behavior goes beyond endearing when some basic needs of the cat are not appropriately met.

That being said, I think you just need to be aware of the fact that Siamese cats can get chatty.

So if you are looking for a companion you can talk to any time, Siamese cats will be ideal.

Siamese cats are one of the most affectionate cats you can have the pleasure of owning.

Siamese cats are a permanent yes for cuddling, snuggling, being held, sitting on your lap, sleeping beside you, or on your head. 

Cats exist who, for some reason, can pretend they don’t care you exist, but those cats aren’t siamese.

Siamese cats have this unique capacity to smother you with affection. 

Many owners attest that siamese cats can give you the same level of affection as you would expect from a loving dog.

As a matter of fact, if you need a cat that is very dog-like in terms of engagement and affection, siamese cats will be perfect for you.

Siamese cats need a lot of exercise and playtime. 

If you want your siamese cat to develop as a well-adjusted pet in a domestic situation, she needs to be stimulated physically and mentally routinely.

So, only get a siamese cat if you can provide avenues like toys, attention, climbing spaces, playtime, puzzles, etc., or you will pay the price for negative cat behaviors.

In that direction, I think this article is worth a read,

So, here is the gist of it. 

Siamese cats, as I said, are a bundle of energy they want to expend in acts of affection, talking, playing, cuddling, chasing, engaging, and being the center of attraction.

If you, as a first-time owner, can provide all of that, owning a siamese cat will be the best experience of your life.

And it’s not at all difficult if you are worried about that. It’s about precision. As I said earlier, a few good toys, scratching posts placed strategically, some routine attention and engagement, and you should be good.

Nevertheless, here are some tips that I think will be useful for first time siamese cat owners

6 Tips for first-time Siamese Cat Owners!

I hope you now have a good idea of what siamese cats are really like.

You see, understanding the persona of a cat is important because now you know what to expect, and intuitively, you also know what to do.

Let me build on that understanding in this section and share some tips to get you started.

You should not limit yourselves to just these tips; they should be your starting point. When you bring a siamese home, there is so much more you will learn.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when adopting a siamese cat for the first time.

Develop a Routine

Cats are creatures of routine. This holds with siamese cats as well. Your cat will quickly learn when to expect different things.

These include feeding/watering, play, engagement, and attention times. Not just that, if you have a work routine and work from home primarily, she will find ways to sit on your lap(or laptop) and expect the same things every day.

When a cat is young, you can consciously train her to know what’s okay and what isn’t.

You see, discipline is crucial for cats or pets in general. And the way to discipline a cat is NEVER by punishment.

Here is the art. Understand the basic needs of a cat; fulfill them with a good routine, and only then create boundaries or don’t engage with her at times you know is not okay.

Most people make this mistake with cats. They don’t follow an organic routine that addresses her needs and then engage with her at odd times. 

And after that, they complain that their pet doesn’t respect their boundaries.

Let me tell you. It ain’t the cat. 

Do you see why routine is important?

Get a lot of Toys

I know you know cats like toys, and you should get some, yes.

But with siamese cats, get some more. As we now know, siamese cats need a rigorous activity session, or they get bored. And therefore, she needs to have her favorite toys at her beck and call to fulfill these activity needs.

I say you need more toys because siamese cats are also known to be finicky.

This is not equally true for all siamese cats. But what I have observed is siamese cats tend to have a little more substantial sense of likes and dislikes.

So, be ready to try different toys, see which ones she likes most, and ensure they are easily accessible to her. 

And don’t worry; you don’t need to buy everything you see. 

In this article, I have shown how to DIY cat toys using readily available materials at home.

Use Scratching Posts and Perches

The energy of siamese cats is expended in not just playing with toys, engaging, running around, and chasing. 

Owing to their muscular build, siamese cats like to jump around and climb.

Therefore, creating an ecosystem where your cat can climb and reach places where she can rest and supervise is crucial.

In that direction, cat trees and perches come in handy.

Siamese cats love observing and seeing what is going on in their home. Yes, ‘her home.’ Once you get a siamese cat, you just need to accept that she will be the house’s new owner.

You will see what I am saying, miss butler.

Keeping perches near windows where she can nap in the morning sun will get you a lot of her affection.

The point is she needs a space where she can perch, scratch, climb and rest. And the way to achieve that is by using cat trees and perches.

Get her Involved in all the Action

Yes, siamese cats love playing and expressing their energy through activity.

But what she truly desires above all else is company. I am not exaggerating when I say you will find a best friend in her.

I don’t recommend getting a siamese cat if you have a lifestyle where you are away a lot.

You cannot decide to get a siamese cat if you can’t give her personal love, attention, and care. 

Play and activity are something she needs to do, but love and attention are what will calm and fulfill her.

Make her the center of attraction, let her be the diva, dress and doll her up at kids’ parties and let her supervise every act you do, and she will be fine.

If possible, Get them in Pairs

Now if you wish to delegate 75% of the responsibility of engagement of a siamese cat, get them in pairs, preferably from the same litter.

With a sibling, she will play, engage, chase, snuggle, and sleep. 

With a feline partner in crime in place, you won’t have to engage as much as you would if she was alone. She will always have someone to play with and engage with when needed.

With a partner in place, it will also be possible to leave them alone for a while, but not too long.

Once again, a second cat doesn’t free you from all responsibility, but yes, it reduces them significantly.

In addition to being each other’s company, both cats will also teach each other and you how to be a cat.

This article should help in that direction.

Be aware of Potential Health Issues.

While, in general, siamese cats are a healthy breed, there are certain health conditions to which siamese cats are susceptible.

These health issues include asthma, amyloidosis, hip dysplasia, and progressive retinal atrophy.

Siamese cats can also develop boredom, biting habits, and depression if the basic needs of love, care, activity, and engagement are not appropriately met.

Make it a point to visit the vet regularly for routine checkups and anytime you see your cat is not behaving her usual self.

And don’t worry; you will start perceiving her usual self as soon as you start living with her.

Other Breeds Ideal for First-Time Owners

At this point, I don’t see why you would shy away from getting a siamese cat. 

Especially if you are going to adopt one and it happens to be a siamese, don’t give up on her from having a forever home.

As I said in the beginning, cat character varies from breed to breed, but regardless of the breed, all cats more or less have the same base character. 

And on top of everything, every cat is unique. It’s the most beautiful thing about them. They all have their persona, and no two cats will be alike. 

It all comes down to making space in your home and your heart with your unique feline partner.

And people who already own pets know how much their pets change them emotionally and how much their energy changes their pets.

We, as pet parents, desire a good relationship, and it can happen with any cat you choose to adopt. 

The feeling of giving a pet that needs it a wonderful, comfortable home is second to none.

But if, for some reason, you can’t get a siamese, here are some other cat breed options that are good for first-time owners.

  • Maine Coons

Maine coons are one of the largest domestic cat breeds. They are very affectionate but not as dependent as the Siamese cat. So, for people who think siamese cats are too clingy, Maine coons should be perfect. But they do need regular grooming since they have long hair.

  • Ragdoll Cats

 Beauty is the first word that comes to mind when you see a ragdoll cat with sparkling blue eyes. They love cuddles and being around people. They are gentle, polite, laid back, and have a sweet voices. Perfect pets for a family environment. They have fluffy hair that needs regular grooming.

  • Scottish Folds

Scottish folds are characterized by their curious, active, and outgoing nature. If you want a cat that follows you around(even in the toilet), a Scottish fold cat is what you need. They have adorable ears and are very affectionate towards children.

  • Russian Blues

Russian blues are lovely, loyal, and mild-tempered cats. Their silky coats and green eyes instantly make you fall in love with them. While they are very affectionate within the family, they can be shy among strangers. But they are known to perceive human moods and will provide their human with comfort when needed. Very sweet cats indeed.

  • Sphynx Cats

I am pretty sure you know what sphynx cats are like. But did you also know they are just the perfect cats for first-time owners? They are energetic and acrobatic and have a unique capacity to make you laugh by doing silly cat things. Because they are hairless cats, they search for warm areas like under the sheets, on laptops, and on your lap.


I hope I was able to relay all the necessary knowledge that you, as a first-time siamese cat owner, will need.

To be honest with you, that is as much as I or anyone else can give you.

Getting a cat, siamese or otherwise is about developing a relationship, a living situation.

And given how every cat is unique, the relationship develops in real-time with continuous learning.

Yes, everything you read here gives you the right basis, but let me tell you, this is just the start.

With time you will learn about their unique characteristics, likes and dislikes, and organically a very loving relationship will manifest if you properly take care of their essential needs.

And I hope this article was able to really what those needs are and how to address them as a first-time owner.

That being said, all knowledge is limited. If you have any other queries, just let me know in the comments below, and I will resolve them to the best of my abilities.

You can even shoot me an email for the same.

I hope all goes well with your new feline family member. Trust me its going to be a wonderful experience.

I am always here if and when you need me.

Take care of yourselves, and I will see you at the next one!

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