Are Siamese Indoor Cats? | 5 Tips To Keep A Siamese Cat happy Indoors

There are so many incredible facets to Siamese cats that I never run out of ideas when it comes to writing about these felines.

Siamese cats are one of those cat breeds that thrive in an active and engaging ecosystem. This is one of the reasons in addition to their obvious beauty why they are one of the most sought out cats as family pets.

They do very well in the active environment of a family and not just that they want to be the center of attraction within the family.

Fail to do so, or play with them or actively engage with them and you will hear about your wrongdoings from them as they are also one of the chattiest cat breeds around.

All this love for activity makes Siamese cat owners ponder,

Are Siamese indoor cats? & can you let a Siamese cat go outside?

Primarily Siamese cats are indoor cats and they have no problem in developing as well-adjusted pets in a domesticated ecosystem. However, owing to their active and curious nature taking them outside can have a lot of benefits, provided you are taking her out in a secure environment and after proper vaccinations.

In this article, let me answer questions that I frequently receive around topics like a Siamese cat’s active personality, how can exposing your Siamese cat to the outside environment can enhance her development.

We will also discuss certain caveats that may need to be considered should you choose to take your cat outside for walks and such.

All in all, I think the article will answer many questions around these core topics that you didn’t know you had.

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Persona of A Siamese Cat

I am pretty sure everyone reading this article definitely has a certain degree of knowledge regarding what Siamese cats are like.

But in the context of the article on are Siamese indoor cats, it is important to put their temperament into consideration.

So, the precise reason why the question, are Siamese indoor cats finds root is because of the activity levels this particular breed of cat exudes.

Siamese cats are an affectionate, playful, loyal, energetic cat breed that craves human companionship and active involvement.

Owing to all this and curious nature, it is pretty natural for their owners to question, are Siamese indoor cats?

You see, the key thing to note here is that these cats require active involvement and engagement.

They need an ecosystem that allows them to express the energy that they carry within themselves.

They need toys, plenty of interaction, possibly another companion that they can play with, and copious amounts of love from humans they love.

As long as the domesticated environment provides them avenues that fulfill these needs of theirs, they will develop as well-adjusted family pets.

Should You Let Your Siamese Cat Go Outside?

Now that we have established the demand for activity and involvement is an inherent part of a Siamese cat’s temperament.

Should you take your Siamese cat outside to allow some more expression to her curious instincts?

Owing to the curiosity and the need for activity in their temperament, it won’t be a bad idea if they are taken outside.

But that has to happen in a protected environment, in a space that is secure and it needs to be ensured that she is properly vaccinated against any and all possible infection that she may catch.

There are a lot of factors that need to be addressed before you take your Siamese cat outside.

You see there is a good chance that you have gotten your Siamese cat from a breeder.

When you get your Siamese as a little kitten, at this tender stage of her life she shouldn’t be taken outside.

You need to give her sufficient time for her body to develop and get strong.

And additionally, she needs to get all the appropriate medications and vaccinations to help protect her against potential infections and diseases that she may catch outside.

When you take your pet outside the chances of interactions with other animals also increase. And apart from other animals being carriers of foreign infections, the chance of conflict and consequent injuries is always there.

So, the essence of it all is, if you can ensure a protected and secure space to your Siamese cat, I don’t see a problem taking her outside.

The kind of nature and temperament these cat breeds carry outside fresh air and area of exploration will do them a world of good.

Here are the exact benefits of taking your Siamese outside.

Benefits of Taking Your Siamese Cat Outside?

Now let me quickly list out the different benefits or advantages of taking and exposing your cat to the outside world.

And you will also see how having a framework of what Siamese cats are like complements the possible benefits that she may have in her time outside.

Here are the direct and indirect benefits of taking your Siamese outside for a walk.

  • Curiosity Finds Expression

As I said, Siamese cats are by nature very curious cat breeds. They find a special kind of joy in engaging with new things and people.

So, taking her out will give her endless options to smell, enquire and claim as her own.

In other words, she will be able to give her instincts the expression they crave, which in many ways will help her develop as a very healthy and joyful pet.

  • Mental Stimulation

In the absence of some kind of active mental simulation active cat breeds like Siamese can get bored very easily.

The endless options to get wrapped into in the outside world are a very good way for cats to get some mental stimulation.

Engagement with the world outside has proven to do wonders with a cat’s mental health for obvious reasons.

So, training to walk on a leash, which by the way is very much possible with Siamese cats, is a very good way to provide some mental stimulation to her using the outside world.

  • Exercise

If you want your Siamese to keep her talking to acceptable levels and sleep like a log at sleeping times, you need to give her avenues where she can tire herself.

Taking her outside can help you do that. Many cat owners that own breeds like Bengals and Siamese also look into creating a backyard exercise zone for their cats.

It doesn’t need to be a complicated process filled with expensive stuff. Just regular stuff arranged in a strategic way that gives the cats room to climb, run around and rest is good enough.

But yeah, if you find your cat getting a bit bored using her normal toys and tools, taking her outside is a good way to help her move around and get some exercise.

  • Expression of Wild Instincts

Over the process of evolution, cats have learned how to tone down their natural instincts in order to cohabitate with humans.

But that in no way means they have given them all up. The instinct of self-preservation is and always will be very active in cats and pets in general.

And they need outlets where they can express it. Toys, scratching posts, puzzle toys, are all great ways to give your cat’s wild instincts some expression.

But nothing beats the fulness and wonder provided by the wild or a part of it in the form of a garden.

Logs, leaves, bushes, chasing, squirrels, paying attention to natural sounds are all fantastic ways to give a cat’s instincts some much-needed exercise.

  • A Big Territory to Claim

Cats are territorial beings and like to claim, borders, objects, and people. But what to do when they have claimed all that you have to offer.

Taking her outside in a protected environment will give her ample space to claim, roll around if she fancies or use it as one giant litter box.

Dangers of Taking Your Siamese Cat Outside?

Now those were the obvious benefits of taking your cart outside. But like everything in life taking and exposing your cat to the outside world has some caveats too.

Here are some of the factors you need to be wary of if you decide to take your cat outside.

  • Potential Accidents

First and foremost, the most obvious threat when taking your pet outdoors is that of speeding cars and other vehicles.

Especially when you are taking your cat out for the first time, they aren’t used to outside noises and disturbances.

You see cats are very sensitive creatures. They get alerted in the slightest of noises as I am sure you know.

Sudden noises can trigger the survival responses in them and they may run straight to the roads in panic.

This can cause serious injury to them or worse.

Therefore, never take your cat out to places such as the side of the roads or where the traffic is too high.

If you have to give them a taste of the outside environment take them to a protected space like your backyard or a secluded protected park that has a lot of trees and other natural elements.

  • Risk of Getting Stolen

Now, this is one thing that I never want to come to terms with but is an unfortunate reality of society.

You see breeds like Persians and Siamese are very beautiful and not to mention expensive. And there are some people who out of their twisted attitudes can try to steal them.

Of course, not all people are like that but we have to acknowledge that some are.

So, never leave your pet unattended, never get entangled in personal stuff when you have a pet with you.

Your pet deserves the most serious attention when you are out with him or her.

  • Diseases

 Siamese cats or in general any cat that is outside, runs the risk of catching some disease or infection. That is why I have reiterated again and again that in her tender age avoid taking your kitten outside.

Only when she is thoroughly vaccinated and medicated should you take her out in a protected environment.

The potential diseases or infections your Siamese may catch may include and are not limited to feline AIDS, feline Leukemia, abscesses etc.

  • Infections and Toxic Surfaces

 Apart from diseases and infections, it is also possible that your cat may come in contact with man-made protective chemicals like fertilizers, rodent poison, slug pellets, etc. and chemicals like these can very well prove to be lethal to our pets.

So, you need to be vary of them, too.

  • Losing their Way

Now the outside world for someone as curious as Siamese can be wonderful but at the same time can be too much. And the risk of the cat getting lost in basically unlimited avenues of wonder and exploration is possible.

As a consequence, it is likely that your cat may wander off, roam too far, and get lost.

Therefore, you need to be very conscious, aware, and careful if you start seeing that your cat has had a taste for the outside.

How to Keep a Siamese Cat Happy When Indoors?

So right about now, we have seen all the facets of how the outside can have varied effects on your Siamese cat.

While the disadvantage of taking your Siamese cat outside exists, it seems when done properly it can have a lot of benefits too.

Which must bring you to the logical question, is it possible to keep a Siamese cat happy indoors?

Yes, absolutely. You see cats are simple beings which many might argue. But ultimately it all comes down to fulfilling their basic instinctual needs. As long as their simple needs of attention, affection, food, intense activity, and engagement are taken care of, they will develop properly.

 That is why I discussed the personality of a Siamese cat above everything. Siamese cats do whatever they do because their temperament forces them to.

If you can create an ecosystem indoors that gives an expression to their basic instincts they will develop healthily and as well-adjusted pets.

Here are a few tips to keep your Siamese cat happy indoors

  • Have a lot of toys.

Siamese cats get bored easily so you may need to provide her with a lot of toys that enable her to get active and stimulated. Catnip and puzzle toys work really well with them.

You don’t have to buy her toys all the time, you can create some yourselves using household stuff as explained here.

  • Use Trees & Perches

Having tall cat trees and perches in strategic places go a long way in keeping your cat happy and entertained indoors.

You see Siamese cats like all other cats like to supervise things. So, high trees, perches, and shelves in high places will be perfect for it.

And you heard something about cat grace? Yeah, it’s what you get when you put a perch on a sunlit window. Do it and see how your Siamese will thank you.

A great place to jump around, supervise and take some much-needed rest. Having a place to scratch will be required too as they don’t like having useless husk around their claws.

  • Have an Active Playtime

Siamese cats are known for their loyalty towards the humans they love. You see the way you bond with them and in the process exercise them is by playing with them.

Exercise and play are very crucial for their physical and mental health. It’s always a good idea to have a routine or a fixed time when you can play with them if you usually are too busy.

But taking some time out to play with your Siamese when she wants to will give you rewards in terms of her affection, playfulness, and loyalty.

  • Getting Her a Sibling

Oh, and did I mention Siamese cats get very well along with other cats, cat-friendly dogs, similar friendly pets, children, and even strangers.

As a matter of fact, if you can get Siamese cats in pairs you will be freed from a lot of playtimes and exercising responsibility which you otherwise will have to fulfill.

With a sibling, your Siamese will have someone to play, cuddle, chase and groom.

That is why if someone picks up a Siamese cat, usually it isn’t long when they get another companion for her. It just multiplies theirs and their cat’s joy by two.

  • Spend time with her

Last but not the least, involvement is what Siamese cats crave above all else. Yes, toys, perches go a long way but above all Siamese cats understand their bond with their humans.

They are the sweetest things. You see not for nothing do people regard them as a cat breed that is similar to dogs.

Just talk with them, engage with them and let them sit on your lap or your laptop sometimes and they will love you back and reward you in their own unique ways.

Siamese Cat FAQs

Alright, hopefully, I did justice to this article on are Siamese indoor cats. The topic really needed a lot of comprehension and I hope I was able to provide it.

Before, I leave here are a few more questions that I received regarding Siamese cats.

Are Siamese Cats Expensive?

While the cost of Siamese cats varies depending on many factors like color, breeding, and age, but yes, in general, they can be called expensive. Getting a Siamese cat can cost anywhere between $250 to $2500.

Do Siamese Cats Attach to One Person?

Siamese cats are some of the most affectionate cats you will have the pleasure of owning. And yes, their affection can sometimes find expression by getting attached to a particular person. That being said, Siamese cats love engaging with all people including strangers that they perceive aren’t threats.

Do Siamese Cats Smart?

In addition to being beautiful, Siamese cats are exceptionally intelligent. If you want to take your Siamese cat outside you can even train her to walk on a leash. That being said, you can’t force her to do everything that you like and that which is against her instincts. But in a holistic way, Siamese cats are pretty smart.

I hope you enjoyed this article on are Siamese indoor cats as much as I cherished writing it.

If you have anything you would like to ask, comment or share, please feel free to do so in the comments below.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to receive FREE goodies and my YouTube channel so that I can make this relationship personal 😊.

Take great care of yourselves and I will see you at the next one!

Or maybe you would like to stay a bit longer 🙂


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