Balinese VS Ragdoll Cats: What Is the Difference? (With Pictures)

Balinese cats and Ragdoll cats are among the most adored cat breeds amongst cat owners and lovers.

I almost feel guilty comparing both of them and relaying how they differ in different aspects.

But in many ways, the question what is the difference between Balinese cats and ragdolls cats is very relevant.

For starters, they have a certain degree of similarity as far as physical traits are concerned that it is easy to confuse one breed with the other.

And also, when you are looking to adopt a cat you must know which breed you are getting so that you can build an ecosystem for her that revolves around the requirements of the breed.

Lastly, as much as we hate it there are people that will take advantage of your innocence sometimes. I have had many people complain to me that a breeder promised them the kitten they are adopting belongs to a particular breed only to realize later that she isn’t what she was promised to be.

Every single time these people were caring and loving to be okay with what they faced owing to their love for the cat irrespective of its breed.

But it sure feels bad when innocent people face things like that and they get falsely charged extra.

Well, truth be told that is why I started this blog to bring more awareness to people regarding cats, pets, and animals in general.

And I hope this article on Balinese vs ragdoll cats brings in the necessary awareness that helps you in one way or the other.

Now there are many ways in which I could have structured this post. So, I considered subtle factors like article length (I don’t want you to fall asleep), relevancy and discussion points and created it the way it is. I hope you enjoy reading it and just let me know how you liked it in the comments below.

I enjoy any and all feedback.

So, Balinese Vs Ragdoll cats. Here are the core differences between them at a glance.

Balinese cats and ragdoll cats both have semi-long hair coats, unlike Siamese cats. But physically Balinese are usually slim, slender, and svelte, with lengthy bodies, high muscular legs, and a wedge-shaped head with long ears. Ragdolls are more stocky, sturdy, and rounded structurally. While Balinese have a strict almost geometrical wedge-shaped head, ragdolls heads are analogous to a broad slightly modified wedge.

how are balinese cats different from ragdoll cats
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Balinese VS Ragdoll – Physical Differences

While I understand that this will give you a lot of clarity when it comes to the difference between Balinese and ragdoll cats.

I don’t want you to be satisfied with it because of the simple fact that we have literally just touched the surface with these cats.

Because the fact is and I am sure most of you know that there is much more to both these cats than what meets the eye.

Especially, if you have one or both of these cats or a looking to adopt them you most definitely need to know the intricate differences between both these breeds.

So, without wasting our precious time let’s get into it.

Here are a few more articles that should appeal to your liking.

Core Character Trait Difference Between Balinese And Ragdoll Cats

Now I know there are many different ways I can relay the differences between Balinese and ragdoll cats.

The perfect way that my limited intelligence tells me to approach this is by creating a broad framework in your minds regarding their core character traits.

You see, relaying the comparative difference between the two breeds of traits that matter to you the most will give you a good idea of how both these breeds are relative to each other.

So, observe this table carefully and see the difference between ragdolls and Balinese cats.

Characteristic TraitBalineseRagdolls
General FriendlinessHighHigh
Exercise RequirementsHighMedium
Playful ExpressionHighMedium
Intellectual Capacity/TrainabilityHighHigh

With the help of this table, you will now have a good idea of how similar and how different are these breeds on a comparative scale.

And now that we have a comparative knowledge basis let’s look at exactly how are Balinese cats different from ragdolls in specific areas.

Balinese Vs Ragdoll Cats: Historical Differences

While other differences like personality, physical and behavioral do matter a lot, I think having clarity regarding a cat’s origins makes the understanding a lot more comprehensive.

It’s almost like their origins speak about the story they carry.

So, in terms of history and origins how are Balinese and ragdoll cats different.

Let’s talk about Balinese cats first.

Taking the cue from their name you may think these cats may have something to do with Indonesia.

But that isn’t the case. Balinese was a name that was created by breeders who thought that the grace that Balinese cats exude is similar to what is expressed by the graceful dancers in the temples of Bali.

They don’t have a long or deep history. They came in light around the 1940s in the United States when long-haired Siamese cats started to appear in litters. Because people started to adore this long-haired Siamese so to speak giving them a place of their own or identification became an eventual consequence.

And it was in the 1950s when the first Balinese breeding program was introduced.

Contrasting that with the history of ragdolls, their origin story isn’t as colorful, but the same can’t be said about the breed of course for obvious reasons.

The ragdoll breed is relatively new and was introduced in the 1960s in California, USA.

The ragdoll was brought into existence using domestic medium-haired cats of unknown origins by one Ann Baker. The goal was to produce a cat that was both beautiful and had a loving personality.

The mother of the breed Josephine was predominantly white.

It didn’t happen immediately, but after a few generations, Baker successfully produced the first batch of ragdoll cats.

They were different from other cats for they had non-matting fur and a very bold outgoing type of persona.

Physical Differences Between Balinese And Ragdoll Cats

So that was how these breeds found their roots in the world and our hearts.

Now let’s go ahead and objectively analyze their physical differences.

I discussed the core physical differences between them in the beginning section of this article but that’s fine. Let’s take it a little further here.

Starting from Balinese cats, because these cats are so closely related to Siamese cats they borrow a lot of traits from them.

They are slender very svelte breeds that have an acrobatic, muscular body that definitely adds to their bubbly nature.

Their color patterns for obvious reasons are very similar to Siamese cats but their distinguishing feature from Siamese is their longer coats.

Balinese cats are very geometric in shape in the sense that their head and ears combine to give a strict wedge-shaped look as should be clear from the image below.

balinese vs ragdoll cats - physical differences
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Balinese Cat – Physical Build Analysis

Let’s contrast that to the physical characteristics of ragdolls.

So, how do I put it?

Well, I guess the best way to describe what ragdolls are like is that when you come across one you will know you have found a very unique cat.

One of the first things that you will notice about them apart from them being drop-dead gorgeous is their stocky build.

Ragdoll cats are usually chunky and have a large size. She is visibly bigger than many similar and closely related cat breeds. She is fairly muscular as well just like Balinese cats, and couple that with the big size, they give off a vibe that they are excellent mousers.

It won’t be wrong to declare that the primary reason for a ragdoll’s beauty can be attributed to its luxurious silky coat.

And combine that with their sparkling blue eyes and you would find that using the phrase drop-dead gorgeous isn’t enough.

how are ragdoll cats different from balinese cats
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Ragdoll Cat – Physical Build

Ragdoll cat is a pointed cat breed which basically means that the color of her extremities like her face, ears, feet and tail can have different colors depending on the type.

It is possible that you may have only seen white ragdolls as that seems to be their most common coloration.

However, you must know that isn’t the case all the time. Ragdolls may or may not have white coloration on their bodies. They come in a lot of variations and with patterns that involve mitted, van or bi-color.

Even though they are relatively newer when compared to Balinese, just looking at them will take away the surprise that may be generated when you see the following they have.

Balinese Vs Ragdoll Cats: Personality Difference

So, how are ragdolls and Balinese cats are like temperament wise and how do they differ from each other from the context of their personality.

Probably the most important segment of the article if you are looking to adopt either of these cats. I would love it if you can adopt both of them, to be honest with you.

But hey there are so many factors associated with adoption and you may want to know the differences between their personality for some other reasons. So here it goes.

Personality-wise Balinese cats are like these playful bundles of energy that love goofing around for the sake of it and also sometimes to garner your attention.

They are exceptionally intelligent and allow you to train them using simple positive reinforcements.

Because these cats are muscular and high on energy, they need active involvement and playtime. So, if you are looking to adopt one of these better have a sense of humor and lots of energy as they will make you dance a bit.

Very loyal towards the humans they love and would want to be a part of all the chores you run within the house. They like to exercise their right to supervision and will love you if you can place cat perches and shelves in strategic location from where they can judge you and your petty ways.

Balinese cats are very affectionate and tend to gel really well with other cats, cat-friendly dogs, and kids.

They form an excellent family pet and do well to develop as well adjusted around an active family environment.

Oh, yeah, and they like to be vocal. So, if you want a cat that wants to know how your day has been, Balinese cats are the ones for you.

Because they love being with and around their owners, expect them to be around your feet a lot of times but that’s just their expression of love for you.

Now the caveat is because they enjoy interaction and involvement so much, they don’t do so well when left alone. And therefore, getting them in pairs or finding a sibling like a ragdoll for them will do them loads of good if for some reason you need to be away from them.

Now, what about ragdolls? How does their temperament fare when compared to that of Balinese?

Everyone that I talk to who has had the pleasure of being around a ragdoll report without failure that a ragdoll is the sweetest cat.

If you create a university where cats are trained to be sweet and civil, the graduation certificate has to have a logo of ragdolls essentially.

Yeah, that’s how sweet they are in majority of the cases.

They are laid-back cats that offer no resistance in spending time with the humans they love.

One big difference between a Balinese and a ragdoll is vocalization.

A ragdoll is an excellent choice if you are looking for a cat that loves quiet interaction, unlike Siamese who is on your face with her words all the time.

One common feeling that everyone who sees a ragdoll for the first time has is this urge to pick them up.

Thankfully, most ragdolls won’t resist you from doing that. They are these easy-going almost surrendered cat breeds who gel well with a domesticated ecosystem without a lot of fuss.

Needless to say, they are excellent family pets and get very well along with other cats, cat-friendly dogs, and kids.

And yes, they are excellent lap cats in case you were wondering.

Two qualities about ragdolls that make them stand apart from other similar cat breeds are their curiosity and observant nature.

They are excellent at learning patterns and will with time learn the patterns in the house. Like what time you get back from work, what time is feeding time, what is the sound of your car etc.

Oh, and do you work from home? Yeah, then you better plan ahead and get everything you need close to you because your lap is going to be invaded. And for some weird reason, you won’t be able to shake the invader off even if you wanted to.

So, beware, you have been warned.

Maintenance Comparison for Balinese and Ragdoll Cats

So, we have seen the difference between Balinese and ragdolls on grounds of physical characteristics, their origins, and their temperaments.

Now, how do these breeds differ in terms of the requirements that they have?

Because while it’s fun owning a pet and seeing them grow with you, there is a certain sense of responsibility and duty that comes along with it.

So how do Balinese and ragdolls differ in terms of their daily food, exercise, training, and grooming departments?

Let’s find that out.

Food & Diet

With Balinese cats, it’s important to be cautious of what and how much you are feeding her.

The reason is Balinese cats are more prone to being obese than some other similar cat breeds. While of course it applies to almost any cat breed but Balinese cats are known to get obese easily if you don’t monitor their diet.

Apart from this Balinese don’t have any strict diet regimen that to need to follow.

The same may not be said for ragdolls though. You see ragdolls do not respond well to sudden diet changes. For that reason, oftentimes it’s better to keep your ragdoll on the same diet that her breeder gave her.

This helps to prevent any potential GI problems. This is very important as ragdolls have an inherent tendency to vomit.

It is important to keep her diet regimen in tune with her age. When the ragdoll is developing gradually in her early stage, the diet and nutrition must be such that it aids her proper development.

For instance, you can put her on a four-small meal diet when she is 12 weeks old. As she grows older, you can put her on a two-meal diet when she is 12 months old.

And similar to Balinese, owing to the energy they carry, if it’s not expended with playful activity or monitored diet they too tend to get obese.

Exercise & Training

Balinese cats are an active cat breed that thrives on involvement and interaction. They are highly intelligent energetic cat breeds that require ample amounts of exercise or playtime.

You will have to take out time to engage and play with them and choose toys that help aid in their active expression of energy.

Ragdolls on the other hand aren’t as active as Balinese cats but they definitely are very playful. They have sufficient energy in them to keep you or your kids entertained for hours.

But these aren’t hyperactive cat breeds like Siamese or Balinese they need their restfulness hours. They love cuddles and laying on the laps of their favorite human for hours. When she has gotten up from her beauty sleep you will have to coax her and be patient if you want her to play with you.

Another important thing to note with ragdolls is that they get bored pretty easily.

This is usually the case with all intelligent cat breeds. She may seem to be enjoying a toy and a couple of days later she may even not want to look at it.

So, interactive toys are the solution for her, and if you can try getting her a new toy every couple of weeks.

If that’s too much for you that’s okay, here is how you can easily create toys for your cat using easily available materials at home.

Grooming Needs

Now, what are the grooming requirements for both these breeds?

Because Balinese cats don’t have an undercoat, grooming them is pretty straightforward. Combing once or twice a week should be enough to remove any dirt and dead hair.

Balinese cats shed very little too and therefore they are preferred by people who have allergies or those who want a cat that doesn’t create a lot of mess.

This is in stark contrast to the grooming requirement of ragdolls.

Grooming is an important part of ragdoll maintenance so to speak. You need to get her used to regular brushing and combing. This is important to prevent mats and tangles.

And while you are at it, it is also advisable to check her ears and nails for maintenance that she may need.

Health Requirements

Last but not least health needs.

Balinese in general are healthy cat breeds but they have been reported to develop periodontal disease, feline acromelanism, and lysosomal storage disease.

Similarly, ragdolls too have a good body that has a nice resistance to health issues. But as tiny the possibility is they are known to develop issues like obesity, ear infections, UTI, renal disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and restricted cardiomyopathy.

Final Thoughts

I hope I was able to give sufficient justice to the topic of Balinese Vs ragdolls: a comparative analysis.

Now as much as I want the article to be perfect, I humbly accept that my knowledge is limited.

And so, if you have any questions, comments, or feedback regarding anything that you have read here, do share it with me in the comments section below.

As far as the breeds are concerned, see if you are looking to adopt any one of either Balinese or ragdolls, just go ahead.

These are exceptional cats with excellent track records when it comes to being in a domesticated ecosystem.

And if I were you I would choose the first one that I can get without really bothering about what breed I am picking. But I understand you must most definitely be aware of what different cat breeds are and how are they similar or different from each other.

I hope I was able to quench your thirst for knowledge in that context comprehensively.

Before you leave don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, and my YouTube channel so that I can make you a part of my family.

Your FREE gifts are waiting.

Take great care of yourselves and your family and I will see you in the next one!


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