Best Companion For Siamese Cats | Do Siamese Cats Need A Companion?

There is a reason why Siamese cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the United States and the world.

They are loving, playful, intelligent, loyal, chatty and thrive on their human’s attention.

All of these qualities in addition to obvious royal beauty and demeanour Siamese cats relay make them an ideal pet to have.

But as is the case with all things in life there are a few caveats that come associated with all the good things that Siamese cats offer.

Don’t worry most of these caveats can be taken care of with a little involvement and attention.

One of those, I don’t want to say, problem, rather a demand, is a Siamese cat’s need for companionship.

You see Siamese cats are a very sociable breed.

They love attention and company. For this reason, I don’t recommend getting Siamese cats for people who remain outdoors for elongated amounts of time.

Siamese cats like to rule and they need someone to rule over and play with.

If you don’t give them that kind of ecosystem, it can lead to the development of certain behavioural problems which we will discuss in a while.

So, let’s begin by first addressing the pertinent question,

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Do Siamese Cats Need A Companion?

Yes, Siamese cats in most cases will do really well with having a companion to engage and involve with. Siamese cats develop as well-adjusted pets in a social, active and playful environment. Lack of engagement and attention can render them to develop behavioural problems. Therefore, its always good to provide your Siamese with a companion to engage with.

Now the next question is what kind of companions are best for Siamese cats.

Truth be told, if you can ensure that you will be available with your Siamese cat most of the time during the day, you probably won’t need a companion for her.

Having said that, there are obvious benefits to letting your Siamese cat have a companion to play with.

First and the most obvious one being that a companion will help share the big responsibility of playing and engaging with your Siamese cat.

And secondly, you will be surprised to know that as far as the expenditure is concerned it isn’t, having two cats doesn’t translate to double the cost of raising them.

Having a companion for your Siamese cat will do away with your worry of ensuring they develop as finely adjusted cats.

And its not that people are unaware of a Siamese cat’s demand for attention.

The moment you decide to get a Siamese cat, somewhere along the process, someone will recommend getting them in pairs.

They require a loving, engaging, playful and social ecosystem and therefore, getting a companion for your Siamese cat is one of the best things that you can do for her.

Now as far as the question of what kind of companions will do well with Siamese cats is concerned, Siamese cats are known to gel well with most engagement loving companions.

Siamese cats get very well along with kids, other cats that can match their energies, puppies, non-aggressive dogs, children and of course other Siamese cats.

Now this topic of the best companion for Siamese cats needs a little more attention and subjective approach so let’s look at the different companions that you can look forward to having for your Siamese cats and which will suit them the best.

Siamese Cats Behavioural Traits

So, in a relative sense what are the best companions for Siamese cats?

Truth be told, I can directly give you a list of companions that will gel well with a Siamese cat, but I think giving you a comprehensive outlook of what a Siamese cat’s personality is like will help you put things into perspective.

Looking at the different traits you will have more holistic understanding of what Siamese cats are like.

You can then see what unique traits your particular Siamese cat possesses.

Putting everything into perspective, you can choose any of the companions that I relay below.

Because here is the thing, for some Siamese cat owners getting a dog would be good, for some others having a cat would be much more fruitful.

So, here are the most common traits exuded by Siamese cats


Siamese cats are well known for their intelligence.

These are one of those cat breeds that you can easily train using basic reward tactics.

Want a cat that can play fetch, Siamese cats are what you need.

They are very perceptive and are known for being very chatty.

Because they are very intelligent they will over time learn how to get you to do things for them and not always in the best ways.

They will need special interactive puzzle toys to keep them thoroughly engaged, active and playful.


Siamese cats are like these bubbles of energies that constantly need playful expression.

There are a lot of reasons why people want to own a Siamese cat, but their playful nature is one of the top reasons.

They love playing and engaging with toys, other pets, and their favorite humans.

And as such if you are looking to get a companion for your Siamese cat ensure that the companion has the necessary playful energy to match your Siamese cat’s playfulness.


When you think of cats and look at them in comparison to dogs the dominant image that pops up is that of an aloof, and independent pet that comes to you only when its feeding time.

To a certain degree that’s true of course.

In comparison to dogs, cats are much more independent and aloof.

However, owning a Siamese cat will tell you that isn’t the case with all cat breeds.

In the cat lover community, Siamese cats are often compared to dogs in their demeanour.

These are some of the most affectionate cat breeds that you can think of having.

They love snuggles, cuddles and sleeping cosily with their humans.

Therefore, when choosing companions you need to be aware of the fact that whatever companion you choose should be more inclusive rather than competitive.

Attention Loving

Want a cat that revolves around you? Wanting you to acknowledge her presence?

Siamese cats are just hungry for all the attention you can give them.

And once you are convinced you have given them enough, you will find them around the corner wanting more.

They want attention to the extent that if you don’t acknowledge this demand of theirs they can get depressed and develop behavioural problems.

For this reason, whoever asks me consultation about picking Siamese cats the first question I ask them is how often are you away from home during the day.

It’s never a good idea to leave a sociable breed like Siamese along at home for long hours.

And if you can’t avoid it, getting a companion for your Siamese cat is always a good move.

Siamese Cats Are Chatty

Some find the trait adorable, some eventually get irritated by it and for some it’s a deal breaker.

But Siamese cats are some of the chattiest breeds you can find.

She is going to be the one who will receive you on the door when you come back and will ask you about your day.

And won’t shy away in reciprocating by telling you all about hers.

And because Siamese cats are also intelligent they will slowly over time learn what does it need to do to get attention, food, treats or love from you.

Combine that with their capacity of being talkative and they can use it to get their way in ways that won’t appeal to you.

Therefore, ensuring that they have a good routine where they get plenty of exercise, playtime and attention is absolutely crucial with Siamese cats.

Best Companion For Siamese Cats?

Alright, so now that we have charted out what Siamese cats are really like let’s have a look at what can be the best companion for Siamese cats depending on their nature.

Because of their sociable nature, they will probably get well along with any of the companions listed below but consider the temperament of your particular Siamese cat before finalizing your decision.

Here are a few companions that Siamese cats are known to get along nicely with.

  • Other Siamese Cats: Keeping the activeness and playfulness of a Siamese cat in mind, getting another Siamese cat is probably the best option. They will obviously match your Siamese cat trait for trait. If you already have a Siamese cat, look for one that is used to the presence of other cats. If you are getting a Siamese kitten, see if you can adopt them in pairs. When two Siamese kittens will grow together, they will take care of each other’s needs and develop as well-adjusted pets together.
  • Kids:  If you already have kids in the family, Siamese cats are probably the best cat breed for you. Kids are full of bubbly energy that Siamese cats love and cherish. Your kids can dress her up, keep her in a toy car and drag her along the house or conduct a party with her as a queen. For their affectionate, loving and sociable character traits, Siamese cats form great family pets.
  • Puppies: I am saying puppies not dogs because it is going to be relatively easy in most cases to get your Siamese cat get used to puppies rather than adult dogs. Puppies are full of exploratory and bubbly energy that Siamese cats like around them. So, getting a puppy as a companion for your Siamese cat can be a good move but ensure that the general temperament of the puppy’s breed is that of calm playfulness.
  •  Other cat breeds: If you can’t get another Siamese cat for some reason, you can even look into getting other cats that share the same temperament as your Siamese cat. That is why I dedicated a whole section of the post to make you understand a Siamese cat personality. If you choose to go ahead with getting another cat as your Siamese’s companion ensure that her temperament complements that of your Siamese cat.

Best Cat Companions For Siamese Cats

Now, I know most of you looking to get a companion for your Siamese cat would arrive at a decision of getting another cat only.

Unless, of course you have an explicit reason for getting a dog or some other pet.

And therefore, let me quickly share with you some cat breeds apart from Siamese cats of course that are known to get well along with Siamese cats.

  • Maine Coons: Maine coon cats known for their loving, playful, active and obedient nature. All of these traits complement that of Siamese cats and thus they can form excellent companions for Siamese cats.
  • Siberian Cats: Siberians are laidback, easy going, adventurous and love engagement. With a Siberian cat in the house your Siamese cat will always have an outlet wherein she can expend her playful energy and develop a good bond in the process.
  • Oriental Shorthair: Just the other day, someone sent me a picture where a Siamese cat was sleeping cosily in the warmth of an oriental shorthair. Oriental shorthairs are in the same family as that of the Siamese. They are chatty, affectionate and playful. All necessary qualities that are necessary to make them an ideal companion for Siamese cats.
  • Ragdoll Cats: Ragdoll cats are sweet, beautiful, playful and don’t demand a lot and are known to form an excellent companion cat.
  • Abyssinian cats: I love Abyssinian cats. They are smart, great climbers, love an engaging environment and are very curious. Abyssinian cats have the capacity to form a great companionship with Siamese cats.
  • Birman
  • Cats: Birman cats are also capable of giving good company to Siamese cats. They are an affectionate, curious, quiet and intelligent cat breed who will tend to match your Siamese cat well.

These were the cat breeds that are known to gel well along with Siamese cats.

That being said, so much depends on the individual personality of your cat.

It is entirely possible that your cat may get very well along with some cat breeds that I haven’t listed above.

But I have created the above list keeping in mind the general characteristics of a Siamese cat.

Taking the understanding further there are some cat breeds that I am going to enlist here that I think won’t be a good match for Siamese cats.

Once again, the world is full of exceptions, so its possible that you may find somewhere in some home one of these cat breeds getting well along with a Siamese.

So, don’t hold it against me for exceptions like that.

However, keeping in mind the personality and behaviour traits of Siamese cats, these are companions and cat breeds that I wouldn’t recommend getting as a companion for your Siamese cat.

  • Laid Back Pets with Low Energy: I mentioned this in a previous part of this post that Siamese cats are like bubbles of energy that need an active ecosystem to expend their energy into. A pet companion that doesn’t match a Siamese on her energy front isn’t going to cut it. Old cats or pets won’t be able to run around with her or keep up with her constant animated existence. Similarly, pets that are used to living in a cage like rabbits and guinea pigs don’t form good Siamese cat companions.
  • Cats with Calm Temperament: Cats that have a deep inclination towards being calm, laid back, aloof, and quiet usually don’t form a good companionship with Siamese cats. Its not written on stone but try and avoid getting British Shorthair, Persian, Himalayan, Chartreux etc.

How To Introduce Siamese Cat To A New Companion

In most cases, because of their loving, inclusive and sociable nature a Siamese cat won’t pose a lot of resistance in including a new companion in their ecosystem and their life.

However, we have to acknowledge the basic territorial and routine oriented behaviour of cats and take the necessary step to ensure there is no conflict.

Here is exactly how you can ensure that your Siamese cat and her new companion gets along.

I will use the example of having another cat as the companion, but the core process remains the same for any companion you choose to have for your cat.

  • Initially, ensure that the new cat and your Siamese have a separate place of their own fully furnished with toys, food and water. The idea is to get them used to their scents first.
  • Observe if the new cat is comfortable in the introduced environment. If she is, go ahead and shift her into to your Siamese cat’s room and shift your Siamese cat into your new cat’s room to make them acclimatize to each other’s smell even further.
  • Once you see that both of them are acclimatized to the smells of each other its time to introduce them by maintaining a partition between them. The idea here is to introduce them visually while ensuring there is no conflict while at the same time help them relate the visual perception to the smells that they are already comfortable with.
  • The next thing to do would be to feed them on the opposite side of partition to make them realize that the presence of the other cat isn’t a threat to her basic needs.
  • After you have done all this successfully, chances are they will show signs of comfort in each other’s presence. In other words, you will be able to sense that they aren’t on guard in each other’s presence. If that’s so, bring them together in one room while maintaining some distance between them. A good way to do this would be to keep one cat in her carrier while you play with the other cat. Repeat the process with the other cat and reward their playfulness with treats.
  • Next you can gradually allow the cats to interact with each other under cautious supervision. But ensure that the initial days these play sessions are short because even though the chances or conflicts are minimal they are still there. Increase play times in succession each coming days once the level of comfort increases.
  • If you still see some subtle signs of aggression, move them apart and repeat the above steps again till they become totally comfortable in each other’s presence.


I hope I was able to comprehensively cover the topic of the best companion for Siamese cats.

As thorough and engaging I have ensured the post to be, I understand there will be some topics that I may have overlooked.

And therefore, for situations like these I am creating a frequently asked questions section here.

Just let me know what additional questions you have in the comments section.

If I feel the question will address the queries of cat owners at large, I will answer them here in this FAQ section.

Here are some questions that I have received till date, I hope it gives you further insights on Siamese cats.

Are Siamese Cats Good With Other Animals?

In general, owing their sociable, active, playful, affectionate and inviting attributes, Siamese cats tend to get very well along with dogs, other cats, and other gentle inclusive animals. Because they love and grown better in company, it is always a good move to get a companion for your Siamese cat.

Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

Yes, Siamese cats are known for having an affinity towards water. Although they aren’t a big fan of getting wet, but won’t miss an opportunity of splashing and playing with water. The reason why they like water can be to a great extent attributed to their curious and fun-loving nature.

Do Siamese Cats Get Along With Dogs?

Siamese cat is an active, playful, sociable and energetic cat breed and therefore, they cherish the company of animals with whom they can share the energy with. And as such Siamese cats are really good with dogs, cats with similar temperament and children. For qualities like these Siamese cats form great family pets.

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this article on the best companion for Siamese cats.

If you have any suggestions, comments or queries regarding the topic or any topic related to cats, do let me know in the comments section below.

Don’t leave without subscribing to the blog so that I can make the relationship between you and me personal.

Take great care of yourselves and I will see you in the next one!


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