7 Best Gravity Water Bowls for Cats | 5 Gravity Bowl Benefits!

Cats don’t demand much. 

Alright, most cats don’t demand much, but what they do, demand they want you to be totally responsible for it.

Out of the different needs that come with a pet, namely, beds, litter boxes, toys, cat trees, perches, etc. food and water for obvious reasons are the most important.

Anyone who knows or better yet owns a cat knows cats are neat freaks.

Cats are creatures of routine and want the objects concerning them in a certain way.

This holds even more true for essentials like food, water, and toys.

You need to ensure that bare essentials like these are provided to pets in a timely fashion, in a neat, quiet space.

One thing most cat owners ignore, and I don’t blame them as it is easy to miss, is the bowls/utensils they use for food and water.

Granted you can use any bowl to serve water and food, but the problem is regular bowls can slip and slide on the floor, can create a mess, and they are most definitely not designed with a cat’s whiskers in mind.

For this reason, it is crucial that you get dedicated food and water bowls for your cats.

In this article, I will limit my discussion to water bowls, particularly, the best gravity water bowls for cats.

The big problem is there are just so many options in the market that anyone who goes out to purchase one will get utterly confused.

With this article, I am aiming at helping you at this pain point and helping you make the selection process easier.

By the end of this article, you will have the best gravity bowl for your cat that fits well for your and your cat’s needs.

If you are in a hurry, I surely hope not, here are the best gravity bowl for cats at a glance (decreasing order of overall assessment)

Benefits of Gravity Bowls

Before we take a deep dive into the different gravity bowl options, let’s look at why exactly should you get gravity bowls.

  • Stores Ample Amounts of Food/Water

One of the biggest benefits of having an automatic gravity-initiated water/food bowl is that it frees you from a lot of responsibility.

If you are a working pet parent, gravity water stations are nothing less than God send.

If you are away from your home a lot and house multiple pets, all you need to do is fill the gravity station with water and your cat will have a fresh supply of water if and when she needs it.

Most gravity water bowls that we are going to discuss below contain filters and control valves.

Because of that water is continuously replenished when your pet drinks out of it. Filters ensure that the water is bacteria and odor free.

  • Gravity Bowls Don’t Slip and Slide

 This may feel like a simple benefit. But it is a very important aspect of gravity bowls you see.

You see cats are sensitive creatures and have a strong sense of like and dislike.

And when they are eating or eliminating they want their environment to be quiet and startle-free.

If their system senses disturbance which may even happen from sounds of slipping, sliding utensils, or bowls getting knocked over, it will throw them off.

The best case is they may avoid eating from that particular bowl. 

The worst case is they develop negative mental patterns regarding food which isn’t good.

A gravity bowl is stable and sturdy as a consequence of its own weight.

  • Automatic Dispensing of Food/Water

With the most good gravity water bowls you don’t have to worry about replenishing water manually.

I mean that is actually the intended purpose of creating a gravity bowl in the first place.

Water must be easily accessible for pets at all times and you shouldn’t be for obvious reasons manually arrange for it all the time.

Cat water fountains are good options but the majority of cat parents are skeptical about them because it uses electricity to operate.

  • Easy to Clean

While a lot of it has to do with design and also depends on the individual product but most gravity bowls are easy to clean and service.

Another important aspect is how easily can you assemble and disassemble the bowl.

I have hand-picked gravity water bowls below that are good in this regard.

Still, with some, you may have to try a little harder than others. But more often than not there is a good reason for it like making the water bowl spill free.

  • Attention to Bowl Design and Safety

Whenever a product goes through iteration and update cycles, it sees improvements.

The same has happened with the majority of gravity bowls. 

You see gravity bowls are not new products. They have been around for a very long time now.

This means manufacturers have had time to take in the feedback and update products to the point where they are well-received by customers and their pets. 

For instance, good manufacturers use totally safe, BPA-free plastic to create the body, many even use stainless steel for the bowl.

The feeding point is kept spacious so that it doesn’t interfere with the cat’s whisker movements during eating.

The colors are kept neutral, filters are provided, the body is vibration free, the water flow is quiet, etc. 

All the products discussed below stand firm in all of those criteria thanks to a long product development cycle.

Best Gravity Bowl for Cats

Now that we know the benefits of choosing a gravity bowl over others, let’s look at the best gravity bowls that you can get for your cats.

1. PetMate Replendish Gravity Water Bowl for Cats

Petmate Replendish Automatic Gravity Waterer for Cats and Dogs, BPA-Free, No Batteries Required, Includes Charcoal Filter, 2.5 Gallons, Made in USA,Silver
  • Gravity Waterer: This 2.5 Gallon cat and dog water bowl dispenser slowly dispenses filtered water to prolong time between refills. Perfect for pet parents with busy lifestyles. Use with replaceable Petmate Replendish charcoal filters
  • Automatic Water Bowl: For cats and dogs and ensures pets have easy access to an extended supply of fresh water. For convenient refills and cleaning, the bottle is easy to unscrew from the bowl base of the dog and cat waterer
  • Keep It Fresh: Each Replendish Waterer comes with a Charcoal Filter already installed for use; Waterer is made with BPA-Free PET plastic making it safe for your pets and is Made In The USA
  • Petmate: Delivering quality pet products and peace of mind to pet parents for over 60 years, Petmate is passionate about providing fun, trusted, quality products to enhance the lives of pets and their families
  • Just For Pets: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, birds, and other furry friends; Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit, and more

The gravity bowl from PetMate flaunts a one-gallon capacity. If you are someone who is away most of the time you will find this a handy thing to have.

Fill it once and your kitty will have fresh water at her disposal at all times encouraging her to stay hydrated.

I say fresh water because once your cat drinks water out of the bowl, the new supply passes through a filter of charcoal.

The bowl is made up of Microban Antimicrobial Material that helps inhibit the development of bacteria which leads to odor and stains.

A very important characteristic to consider with pet feeders is the ease of cleaning. 

Thankfully, the entire arrangement is easy to clean and the filter is easy to change.

It doesn’t end here the gravity bowl comes in a wide range of capacities and colors ranging from half a gallon to 4 gallons.

Take a pick depending on your needs.

  • Water flows in slowly and therefore doesn’t startle your cat
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Easy to clean
  • Instructions easy to follow
  • No spillage
  • If you want more than one cat to use it don’t pick the half-gallon version
  • The plastic strap can be a bit difficult to get over the reservoir

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2. PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station

PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station - Small, 64 oz Capacity, Gravity Cat & Dog Waterer, Removable Stainless Steel Bowl Resists Corrosion & Stains, Easy to Fill, Filter Compatible
  • WATER CAPACITY: Available in 1/2, 1 or 2 1/2 gallon water capacities
  • DRINK ANY TIME: This gravity water station allows you to keep your pet hydrated at all times of the day or night
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: The reservoir is made of durable plastic and locks in place to help from knock over and spills
  • HYGIENIC WATER BOWL: The bowl is stainless steel and more hygienic for your pet
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN: Disassembles for easy cleaning; stainless steel bowl is dishwasher safe

Made using BPA-free plastic, the gravity feeder station by PetSafe comes in three different sizes and provides clean water for your cat.

The gravity bowl also comes with a stainless steel bowl that is easy to take out clean and replace.

The way it works is when the pet is drinking from the bowl a flow control valve allows fresh water to replenish. The flow control valve also helps in preventing spillage. 

When you carry the reservoir the valve blocks water flow and releases it when the reservoir gets firmly placed in the bowl housing.

The gravity bowl also comes with an optional filter that you can use to prevent sedimentation and odor.

Cleaning and servicing are super easy. The reservoir entrance is wide and therefore you can use a cleaning tool to clean it.

  • Spillage-free design
  • Stainless steel bowl.
  • Durable
  • Simple but effective design
  • Need special care to handle spring mechanism

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3. CZPet 3L Gravity Water Bowl for Cats

CZPET 4L Pet Water Dispenser Unplugged Automatic Water Bowl Dispenser Gravity Water Dispenser for Cats Water Self Feeder Dog Fountain Dogs Bowl Bottles for Kitten Puppy
  • [Automatic water replenishment] This pet water dispenser uses gravity to replenish water automatically. This allows your pet to enjoy fresh and clean water anytime.
  • [Large Capacity] Storage: 3L/101oz, Size: 16 x 28 x 32cm. Lasts about 5-8 days for small and medium pets, 1-4 days for large pets. Recommended for busy pet owners.
  • [Safe] The water dispenser is made of healthy and environmentally friendly ABS material. It is sealed to prevent dust and unplugged. No need to worry about your pet's safety with this product.
  • [Convenient]The product is easy to install, disassemble and clean. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
  • [Warranty]The product comes with a 6 month warranty. If you have any complaints about the quality of this product, please use our return or replacement service for free.

I always like to keep my eyes open for products with good aesthetics.

And this gravity water bowl is as aesthetic as it is effective. 

Made from BPA-free plastic the capacity of the gravity bowl from CZPet is 3L.

The capacity should be good enough for cats and even medium-sized dogs.

When you get the water dispenser you will see that it comes as a disassembled unit containing two major parts.

The reservoir and the feeder unit connect together using a neat interlocking mechanism. 

The whole assembling process is easy and the gravity bowl comes with an easy-to-follow instruction guide.

So, if you are like me and care about product aesthetics the way I do, and also want something just as aesthetic, this gravity bowl is the perfect pick.

  • Neat aesthetically pleasing design
  • Good capacity (3L)
  • Easy installation and disassembly
  • Very good interlocking mechanism
  • The bottom part holds water so you need to be a little careful when handling it.

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4. PetMate Mason Inspired Replendish Gravity Waterer

Petmate Mason Inspired Replendish Gravity Waterer, Water Dispenser for Dogs and Cats, 1 Gallon Silver, Made in USA
  • Gravity Waterer: This cat and dog water bowl dispenser slowly dispenses filtered water to prolong time between refills; Perfect for pet parents with busy lifestyles; Use with Petmate Replendish charcoal filters
  • With Charcoal Filter: This BPA-free plastic pet water bowl includes one charcoal filter to encourage pets to drink fresher water; Base and bottle screw together for easy assembly and cleaning
  • Food and Water: Maintain fresh pet food and water with a variety of our products including airtight dry food storage containers, bowls for kennels, gravity water bowls, automated food bowls and travel accessories
  • Petmate: Since introducing the first dog kennel over 50 years ago, Petmate has been improving the lives of dogs, cats, and pet owners with a diverse range of leashes, collars, toys, carriers and more
  • Just For Pets: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and other furry friends Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit, and more

This is the second gravity bowl that I am recommending from Petmate. 

And for good reason as PetMate products are received very well among the users. The working mechanics are very similar to the first PetMate product that we discussed.

The entire construction is made out of BPA-free plastic and a charcoal filter ensures that the replenished water is odorless and bacteria-free.

The difference as you can see is very stark when it comes to the design. And that is one big reason I am recommending this product as I feel the mason jar-inspired design will appeal to many.

  • Built using BPA-free plastic
  • Contains a charcoal filter to remove odor and bacteria
  • Startle-free quiet flow of water into the bowl
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble
  • Good instruction manual
  • Pick a larger capacity version for multiple and large cats

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5. Amazon Basics Gravity Feeder & Waterer Combo

Amazon Basics Gravity Pet Waterer for Cat, Dog, Small, 1 Gallons Capacity, Gray
  • Small water dispenser for dog or cat; uses gravity to ensure a consistent supply of drinking water
  • 1-gallon water capacity; transparent PET container allows for checking water levels at a glance
  • Anti-skid rubber feet on durable plastic base help ensure secure placement
  • Side cut-out handles along the base for convenient lifting; easy to clean design; hand wash only
  • Extra-wide mouth for effortless filling

Amazon has been doing a really good job in creating everyday use products via their amazon basics lineup.

That said I always carry an eye of skepticism when it comes to products doesn’t matter who creates them.

But this gravity waterer from amazon basics checks all boxes for being a good gravity bowl for cats bar a few.

The first thing that will appeal to many is the fact that if you wish you can get both a feeder and waterer together.

The first benefit is if you choose to get both, you will get a discount.

Secondly, having two similar feeder units kept side to side just looks good when compared with having two dissimilar units.

So, if you already don’t have a feeder I highly recommend getting both the waterer and feeder together.

Now coming to the product itself, the design is simple which is actually a very good thing.

When it comes to sensitive things like feeding accessories, they must be neutral and ordinary in a sense. 

It doesn’t take a lot to scare pets, especially cats from feeders. 

When they are eating all their attention is focused on the food and even simple things can startle and break their attention.

If the disturbance continues, a negative mind will develop because of which she will avoid the feeder and will stop eating from it altogether.

So, the design here is simple, and the water dispensing is quiet which is excellent.

The food hopper and the bottle are made of clear transparent PET which helps keep track of food and water quantity.

Another simple yet potent feature is the non-skid rubber base that prevents the waterer and feeder from slipping and sliding and more importantly making noise.

Cleaning and servicing again are very easy and the side cut-outs along the base act as a side handle for easy lifting.

  • Simple, neutral sturdy, and lightweight design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy handling and cleaning.
  • The feeder and waterer combo looks good together
  • Created using food-grade plastic
  • Big enough to serve multiple relatively large cats(pets)
  • Water quantity may be too much for small cats
  • The slope could have been steeper to let water/food in more easily

Buy on Amazon

6. Aspen Lebistra Gravity Cat Water Station

Petmate Aspen Pet Lebistro Gravity Waterer, 2.5 Gallon, Made in USA
  • AUTOMATIC REFILL: The cat dog water bowl dispenser slowly dispenses water to prolong time between refills Perfect for pet parents with busy lifestyles Holds 4 gallons to accommodate large pets
  • SPILL FREE WATER STATION: Stable, twist-lock base prevents tipping and the dog and cat water bowl features a spill-resistant lip to keep floors safe Unscrew the bowl bottle for easy washing
  • FOOD WATER: Keep pets fed with fresh food water with a variety of our products Check out our airtight dry food storage containers, bowls for kennels, gravity water bowls, automated food bowls travel accessories
  • ASPEN PET: Aspen Pet provides every day essentials for pet parents, dogs cats Check out Aspen Pets for leash cable tie-outs, litter box accessories, pet toys, gravity water/food bowls, pet beds, dog houses, carriers more
  • JUST FOR PETS: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens other small furry friends Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm Hammer, Booda, Chuckit, Jackson Galaxy more

Seeing that the capacity is 4 gallons, it’s pretty clear that the manufacturer is targeting working pet parents.

Therefore, one reason to pick this up over another is if you have multiple cats and stay away from home for long hours.

But options with different capacities and colors are available too so that you can choose what suits you.

The base design is really cool and symmetric because of which the gravity bowl doesn’t slip, slide, or get knocked over by the pets themselves.

The bottle is very easy to unscrew from the base and its mouth is wide enough to allow for easy access and cleaning.

I don’t know how important it is for you but the gravity bowl comes in a wide variety of colors. You can choose one that complements your wall and general decor.

  • Good variety of sizes and capacities
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Very snappy lock feature
  • The symmetric design prevents toppling, slipping, and sliding
  • Filter missing
  • Refilling can feel a bit clunky

Buy on Amazon

7. SubClap Gravity Water Station

SubClap Dog Water Dispenser, 2.8L Pet Water Dispenser, Automatic Gravity Cat Water Bowl Inside, Without Electricity Cat Water Dispenser for Cat Dog, Detachable Spherical Water Dish Feeder, Grey
  • Automatic Refill Water: Our automatic pet water dispensers use gravity to replenish water. Siphon principle automatic water supply, feed your dogs and cats.
  • Unplugged & Safe: This automatic water dispenser is safe for pets and does not require electricity. The material is made of blend plastic, safe, non-toxic and odorless, anti-fall durable.
  • 2.8 Liter Large Capacity: You only need to replenish water for your cat or puppy once a week; 0.74 Gallon/2.8L of water, available for a small dog or a cat for 5~7 days, Lasts about 2~3 days for medium pets.
  • Modern Design: 2.8L/98oz capacity is better for your cat and dog; large removable round spherical bottle for easy refilling; large water bowl attaches and locks in place for added security; clear bottle and white-grey base blend in with your home.
  • Easy to Clean: Water Dispenser and Base easily separate for cleaning. Soap and warm water can help customers to clean easily. Hand wash and soft towel wash.

By now I am pretty sure you know how much I value good aesthetic designs.

Going by the parameter of design as you can see, this gravity water station from SubClap takes the cake.

The water reservoir is in the shape of an orb that sits firmly on a semi-cylindrical base.

The transparent orb, the grey base, and an even darker grey bowl blend together so beautifully.

Let me tell you if you choose to get this one, it will be a head-turner.

It checks all the features needed for making it a genuinely good gravity water bowl as well.

It can hold 2.8L of water which should be good enough for multiple cats and small dogs.

It’s created using safe BPA-free food-grade plastic and the entire construction feels stable and sturdy.

Refilling is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is take the orb apart, unscrew the top knob, fill it with water, tighten the knob again, and invert and install the orb.

The only downside that I have seen is that, well it’s not really a downside but something that needs to be considered.

The only issue is that it is a relatively new product. 

Granted every customer that has chosen to get it has been nothing but happy. But yes, all the options that I have discussed above are time and consumer-tested.

But the early results of this new iteration of gravity waterer are really good and positive.

Do check it out.

  • Very attractive design
  • Very compact
  • Surprisingly easy to refill
  • Good sturdy design
  • Created using safe BPA-free food-grade plastic
  • Relatively new product
  • Best for small and medium-sized cats and dogs

Buy on Amazon


So, here is what we have learned thus far.

Gravity water bowls offer certain very distinctive advantages over regular water bowls.

  • They dispense water as and when needed automatically.
  • Gravity water bowls are stable and don’t slip and slide owing to their own weight.
  • They free you from a lot of responsibility especially if you are someone who is out of home a lot.
  • All the options discussed here adhere to pet safety standards.
  • Gravity bowls have seen a long product development cycle because of which they usually feature all essential features.

Taking into account all features that make a good gravity water bowl, we looked at some of the best gravity water bowls for cats you can look into investing in.

Here is the list once again for you to choose from.

It is very important that we remain responsible for the bare necessities of our pets. One part of that concern can definitely be fulfilled using gravity water bowls as we have seen in this article.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article as much as I enjoyed creating it.

If you have any other queries concerning gravity feeders for pets just let me know in the comments and I will answer them for you.

Also, let me know which one you decided to go with.

Take care of yourselves and your pet and I will see you at the next one!


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