Are Siamese Cats Destructive? 5 Tips for New Siamese Cat Owners!

are siamese cats destructive

Siamese cats are known as the Divas of the cat kingdom. All those who didn’t know this will probably wonder why. Historically, Siamese cats hold the record of being one of the oldest recognized breeds of what are referred to as oriental cats. The unique contrasting coat pattern and those striking blue eyes are enough … Continue Reading

Are Siamese Cats Dominant? | 6 Socialization Tips!

are siamese cats dominant

When it comes to Siamese cats, the knowledge base around them is kind of a paradox. Being as popular as they are there is just so much to know about them yet queries, questions and doubts pop up every day. I actively follow many pet forums across the internet and questions regarding the personality specifics … Continue Reading

Best Dogs for a Ragdoll Cat as Companions! | Ragdoll Friendly Dog Breed

Best dog for a ragdoll cat

They say don’t judge the book by its cover. That’s a pretty solid statement that will do you good in life. But when it comes to ragdoll cats, that statement gets seriously challenged. Ragdoll cats are large, beautiful, muscular cats with gorgeous long hair and a silky coat. They are one of the largest domesticated … Continue Reading

Are Siamese Indoor Cats? | 5 Tips To Keep A Siamese Cat happy Indoors

are siamese indoor cats

There are so many incredible facets to Siamese cats that I never run out of ideas when it comes to writing about these felines. Siamese cats are one of those cat breeds that thrive in an active and engaging ecosystem. This is one of the reasons in addition to their obvious beauty why they are … Continue Reading

Balinese VS Ragdoll Cats: What Is the Difference? (With Pictures)

balinese vs ragdoll

Balinese cats and Ragdoll cats are among the most adored cat breeds amongst cat owners and lovers. I almost feel guilty comparing both of them and relaying how they differ in different aspects. But in many ways, the question what is the difference between Balinese cats and ragdolls cats is very relevant. For starters, they … Continue Reading

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