Can Cat Eat Banana ? The Answer Will Surprise You !!

Can Cat Eat Banana ?. Believe it or not it is one of the most asked questions among cat owners and lovers.

So I created a post on are essential oils safe for cats a while ago and cat lovers who read the post loved it. Because the post answered a question they never thought they had.

In continuation of that post I asked them if they had similar questions about their cats. And you won’t believe how many of them asked me can cat eat banana ?.

And I can understand why are cat owners asking that question.

Because it’s relevant and something that they have to face on a regular basis. For anyone who owns a cat, one thing is entirely true. Once you have a cat they are like managers whose approval you need to take on everything.

Cat owners will catch my drift. If you are in the kitchen, you essentially have to allow them to smell and feel the apple you just cut.

Same thing with the packed cheese you just bought from the grocery store. Submit it for approval. And if you don’t you will pay for it in subtle ways.

It’s like having a wife !!.

Can Cat Eat Banana ?. The Cat Owner’s Predicament

So bananas are something that every house will invariably have. And when you are eating one and if you happen to be a cat owner.

You know how they stare at you.

It seems like they are saying, how can you put that thing in your mouth before letting me know what it is.

Now you can say it’s out of love you may extend everything that you eat to them. But that is not how it should be.

In a previous post we discussed how cat’s stomach environment isn’t evolved enough to break down phenols like human and which is why you must be conscious of using phenol based essential oils around them.

In a similar way, in the process of evolving from wilderness into our domestics there are still some changes that have not found place in cat’s anatomy.

So while I understand a cat owner’s predicament of giving into those eyes and giving them anything that “YOU” think they should eat.

I want you to be conscious and have the discretion of what it is that your cat should eat.

Now the next question is.

Does Cat Not Know Whether She Should Eat A Banana Or Not ?

That’s actually a very good question again.

After all nobody is telling the stray cats what to eat. Or the jungle cats also know what to eat. And my cat is living in a well educated English household.

She must know what to eat right. Then can cat eat banana should not even be a question.

Well, that’s because we have confused our cats. An animal that is out there in the wild is accustomed to a very different environment than our domesticated cats.

They in a way are very clear as to what they want and need. They are born and they evolve in an environment very suitable expression of their wild nature.

Domesticated cats are going through a shift still. Outside nature selects the best for evolution. Insides our houses we are dictating terms where our pets are evolving.

So this shift sometimes confuses there memory system and they although are very good with the basics of eating and procreation, get confused with the complicated food items we smilingly subject them to.

I hope I made the point very clear.

The very reason I am explaining you all of this in details because I want to comprehensive knowledge on the subject.

While Yes No answer are good. They are very objective and because of the lack of knowledge tomorrow you may not ask can cat eat a banana ?, you may start asking can cats eat chocolate.

Have a comprehensive knowledge will make you conscious and will not intellectually overload and confuse you.

Now then. Let’s Go Ahead and see

Can Cats Eat Bananas ?

Well, let me contradict myself and first give you the straight answer.

Yes, there’s nothing wrong or bad in feeding your cat a banana, but you probably shouldn’t do it.

Alright, now that I have subdued your curiosity don’t leave just yet. Understand holistically the entire matter so that you have an insight into your cat’s diet and how it is different from yours.

So yes the cats can eat bananas. As per ASPCA, bananas are not harmful for cats.

So if you are eating a banana and your cat is gawking at you for a bite there is nothing wrong in letting her have some bites.

Now let’s look into this with some details and find.

What Is The Problem With Feeding Bananas To Your Cat

So bananas are very high in sugar, which is an unnecessary element in a cat’s diet.

Too much sugar may cause can cause diabetes and feline obesity in cats. Both of which are very dangerous to cats.

Cat are agile and sleek creatures and it’s very important that we are responsible towards that nature.

So while feeding your cat bananas occasionally might be okay don’t in any case overdo it just because you like it or maybe even if she likes it.

Consciousness is key here.

And if your cat does in fact seems to like bananas, frozen banana treats can be a very good option to have.

A Simple Insight Into A Cat’s Nutritional Requirements

I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise but cat’s nutritional requirements are quite different than you.

So don’t feed your cat something just because you are feeling a little emotional.

A cat that nature has chosen to be in the wild automatically finds what it needs depending on what situation she is existing in.

Cat’s that are domesticated now live in a comfortable and constraint environment.

Which means we need to be responsible to provide appropriate nutrition for her physical well being keeping in mind her environment.

Domestic cats needs to be getting extra nourishment in the form of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, protein, taurine, amino acids and fats.

So can cats get all of that from bananas ?. Human beings yes. But cats need to be given this nourishment from their cat food.

Cat tongues don’t have sweet receptors on their taste buds. Nature wants to keep them sleek and agile and not fat.

For this reason cat foods don’t have artificial sweeteners.

So if your cat is taking those rich cat food diet and is happy and healthy come on don’t let that stare go empty share that banana.

Talking About Cat’s Vitamin Requirements Should Human Foods Be Used ?

By default the digestion mechanism and how human body breaks down food is vastly different than cats.

So food that ensures vitamin for you will not necessarily provide it to cats as well.

Cat’s body and can’t break down sugar the way human body does.

And because of this the sugar build up in a cat’s body through foods such as bananas can lead to body fat and diabetes.

So while bananas may not be toxic to your cat it still won’t do any good to her. Except for the fiber content if you count that.

Having said that cat’s body doesn’t need that much fiber content anyway when compared with humans or dogs too.

Frozen banana treats are a great way though as I mentioned it previously, but bulk foods containing bananas are a big no no.

Alright guys, I hope I was able to provide your query can cat eat banana clarity that you were looking for.

As always go ahead and comment below if you have any other doubts or if you wish to learn something else regarding cat diet.

I will be more than happy to cover it in a separate post if the comments section is too small for the answer.

Having said that I request you to take great care of yourselves and your kitty, and I will see you in the next one.

Namaskaram _/\_ 🙂

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