Can Cats Eat Eggs? | A Comprehensive Cat Care Guide !!

Can cats eat eggs? Do eggs add any dietary benefits to a cat’s diet? Are eggs harmful or toxic to cats?

If as a cat owner you have the same questions, believe me you are not alone.

We have been continuously asking our readers to ask cat diet questions and tips.

We have previously answered can cats eat chocolates.

You can also watch this video if videos are your thing.

We also responded to can cats eat cheese and bananas.

Let’s now answer another most requested question,

Can Cats Eat Eggs?

If you wish to have a short answer, the answer is Yes.

Cats can eat eggs. But I don’t want you to be satisfied with this answer because like every other question in life, can cats eat eggs is also a subjective one.

Cats are inherently carnivores that must essentially have animal protein in their diet.

And since eggs are entirely animal proteins, eggs are safe for your cat to consume.

You might have often observed cat owners using egg-based treats or sometimes giving them an egg diet mixed with powdered shells (rich in calcium).

This is known to keep a cat’s coat rich and shiny.

You will also observe many cat foods using eggs as binders and protein boosters.

Do Eggs Offer Dietary Benefits To Cats?

Now that we have established that eggs are safe for cats to consume.

Do eggs provide dietary benefits to cats?.

As far as the nutritional benefits of eggs are concerned, eggs are rich in proteins.

But not just that eggs are carbohydrate-free sources of Vitamin B and Vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Eggs help in the development of strong claws and thick fur due to the presence of Biotic.

Other beneficial nutrients also include thiamine, iron, riboflavin, zinc, and selenium.

On top of all of this, since eggs are mostly water, eggs can be used as a hydrating agent if for some reason your cat is not consuming as much water as she should.

If your cat is sick or maybe if you have adopted a weak stray, in her nursing days eggs can be used as an excellent source of proteins and energy that she may require.

How Many Eggs Can Cats Eat?

Great question and here is the answer.

And incidentally, this is a life lesson as well, how about that.

Moderation is the key.

You need to be conscious of your cat’s demands. Most of the times cats are smarter than us and know what to eat when to eat.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Who wants food at 5 o’clock?

Well, just because it isn’t convenient for you doesn’t mean your cat is wrong mister!!.

Or missus.

Now just because eggs offer so many nutritional benefits doesn’t mean you can make your cat eat as many eggs you want.

Don’t feed eggs to your cat straight away.

If your cat has never had eggs before just give her a little bit of it just to see how she likes it and whether she is allergic to them.

The dietary elements that may possibly be harmful to your cats are fat and cholesterol.

Given that excessive proteins can also be converted into fats over intake may leave you with a fat kitty in your hands.

Cats that are already obese or suffering from kidney-related problems must not be allowed to eat eggs whatsoever.

All in all, eggs are not something that you should give your cat every day.

Egg-based treat or once per week should be the apt egg intake for your kitty.

There is a good chance that your cat won’t even eat the whole thing truth be told.

Can Cats Eat Raw Eggs?

No cats should not be made to eat raw eggs.

And here is the reason for that.

Raw eggs contain bacterias such as Salmonella and E. Coli which are very harmful for cats.

Apart from this raw egg whites also contain a protein called avidin.

Avidin in its raw form has a tendency to bind Vitamin B7(also known as Biotin).

So overconsumption of raw egg may lead to biotin deficiency.

Cooking an egg neutralizes Avidin and it’s harmful effect.

If Wild Cats Can Eat Raw Eggs Why Can’t Domesticated Felines?

One question I feel that may be simmering in your mind is when wild cats hunt out for raw eggs does it not affect them?

And if it doesn’t affect them how come they affect our domesticated feline members?

That’s a good question but here is the thing.

A wild cat is subjected to an entirely different ecosystem to what our cuddly fur babies are subjected to.

Their environment is different, their wild tendencies find free expression in the wild and as such their bodily system is well adjusted to raw food available in the wilderness.

In the course of evolution, cats have evolved out of their wild tendencies to adjust themselves in a domesticated environment.

We discussed this at length in our how to stop your cat from scratching guide.

There we talked about how cats have evolved themselves from the wilderness to our domesticated ecosystem.

And while they have dropped many of their wild tendencies they still retain some which need to be expressed in a controlled sense.

While you are at it go through this video to learn how cats use scratching as a way to give expression to their wild nature.

Is There A Right Way To Feed My Cats Eggs?

Why there is Karen!.

The thumb rule is don’t feed her anything you wouldn’t eat.

Old eggs or something that has been sitting on your shelf for too long.

Please don’t do that.

The perfect way would be to mix some boiled egg with some kibble.

This may also be the way you introduce your cat with eggs and see how she likes it.

Treats are probably the best way to feed your cats eggs and to get her to do stuff that you want.

There is a good chance that you may be unsuccessful.

You see it’s still a cat.

But worth a try, in my opinion, if you have established that your cat indeed likes eggs to a certain degree.

Frying eggs is also a way provided you are not using heavy oils or heavy butter.

So the whole point being to first test whether your cat likes eggs by mixing it with something that she likes.

And if she does giving her an piece now and then or as a treat must be the optimum way to feed your cat eggs.

In Conclusion.

Yes, eggs can be included in a cat’s diet but again moderation is the key here.

And the thing is moderation is a subjective action.

So by moderation, I don’t mean to feed your cat an egg every day.

Pay attention to how your cat is health-wise. If she is a fat kitty the amount should be significantly less than what you would feed an overactive slim and sleek cat.

To give you an estimate, one egg a day to a 10-pound cat translates to around 15 eggs a day in an average adult.

You see what I mean when I say one egg every day is not moderation.

So with that estimate mix some boiled egg with your cat’s regular food but tasty egg treats can also be a method that you can use if she likes it.

Having said that if you are trying to fatten up a stray kitty that you just adopted who chances are might rarely have had eggs an occasional egg might just be what she needs!!.

I hope you liked this comprehensive insight on can cats eat eggs?

Please don’t refrain from asking any questions that you might have.

Post a picture of your cat below or tell me how much she weighs if you want me to tell you how much egg she can have.

Share this with your friends, your Facebook and whatsapp cat groups or anywhere you feel this post will be relevant.

Take great care of yourselves and your kitty and I am going to see you again very soon.


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