5 Cat Cafes That Every Cat Lover Must Visit

Cat cafes are rapidly gaining popularity, especially in the United States.

And no these aren’t just cafes that have menus that pertain to cat life but actual cat cafes where you get to play and snuggle with furry friends.

And one of the great things about some of these cafes is they collaborate with local cat rescue centers to bring in cats that can have a forever home potentially in their customers.

What this invariably does is help make more space at the rescue center to accommodate more felines and at the same time provide cats visibility in the cat cafe for adoption.

And not just that your presence in the cat cafe will help these kitties with some socialization and playtime.

And think about this may be the next time you visit one of these cafes, you may fall in love with one of these furry felines and even decide to get her home.

You might be thinking are these cat cafes suitable to serve eatables ?.

These cat cafes need to essentially confirm to local health codes, for example if the Cat Cafe serves food and drink it is required to adhere to strict health guidelines.

And most likely the area where all the eating happens is usually separated by glass so that you can watch these cats do their thing while enjoying your coffee and snacks.

There are also Cat Cafe that do not serve food or drink but allow you to bring your cat into the cafe and enjoy your meal.

There are new cat cafes popping up which allow special events such as birthdays, yoga classes and shower parties.

So if are planning to visit a cafe this weekend why not give your love for cats a chance.

Check out these 5 cool cat cafes in the United States that you must definitely try out.

Le Cat Cafe` Philedelphia

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Le cat Cafe was founded by Kathy Jordan who also happened to lay the foundations of green Street rescue.

Green Street rescue is a non-profit organisation that provides shelter to homeless cats from the streets of Philadelphia.

The Green Street Rescue follows a procedure called TNRM. TNRM stands for Trap, Neuter, Return, Manage. And that is the operating procedure for the rescue shelter for feral communities in Philadelphia.

They also take in homeless cats which are friendly nature and bring them to Le Cat Cafe, so that they can find a forever home for them.

The Cafe started in 2016 and has helped adopt 600 felines ever since.

Jordan says “the prime objective of the cat Cafe is to provide sufficient exposure to the cat in the cafe so that they can have a home and a comfortable place to lounge in.”

If you are someone that loves a Paris ambiance especially you are going to love Le Cat Cafe because it is built in Paris style to the extent that there is actually a 7 foot replica of the Eiffel Tower near the front window.
As soon as you will enter the cafe you will see a lot of feline residents jumping across the cafe and running across the raftors.

And who knows if you are lucky you may even have the opportunity to play with this cats by using some of their favorite toys lying around.

KitTea Cat Cafe in San Francisco

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Kitti cat Cafe in San Francisco is one of the oldest cat cafes in United States.

It was established in 2013 but were only able to open their doors officially to public in June 2015.

The owner of the cafe Courtney Hatt says at the time when they started the cat cafe in USA there were no cat cafes around to go and look for some advice.”

But Courtney with her Cafe now has come a long way and provides as she puts it, “an experience which is very then light and airy with the touch of a cat’s playfulness” through her cafe.

Once they properly figured out how to run a cat Cafe they went ahead and advised some other cat cafes in United States as to what to do to make a good cat cafe work.

The KitTea cafe is the forever home for about 13 cats but they have also collaborated with many cat rescue organisation including wonder cat rescue to help adopt cats.

In addition to that, the Cafe has also product provided sanctuary to cats that many people considered to be unadoptable.

People and their conclusions, SMH.

The cafe has special provisions to people who are allergic to cats.

They can enjoy the cats from a distance and get something to eat in the dedicated Cafe section.

Courtney puts it, “the cafe is like a monastery for Cats but is also a favorite past time for anyone who loves the company of cats”.

Mauhaus Cat Café and Lounge in Maplewood, Missouri

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Source : Cattime

The Mauhaus Cat Cafe and launch is located Near St. Lois,Missouri.

The cafe has collaborated with spray heaven rescue,a rescue unit that takes in cats from high kill shelters in the area.

The cafe is home to resident cats viz. Taylor and Lorelei but in addition to the two residents there are always 18 cats which are up for adoption in the cafe at any given time.

The cafe was founded in 2016 when the owners of the cat Cafe Ben Triola and Dana Huth visited a cat Cafe during a trip to Thailand in 2015.

The owners say that they try to create a magical experience in the cafe and want the cafe to be a place where people can come in from a busy day and relax.

The owners prodly comment “Many people say they’re ‘dog people,’ and 15 minutes later, they have multiple cats on them; it’s like the cats know who they need to win over”.

The Mauhaus cafe charges a small fee to play with the cats.

There are even packages available for one hour reservations that include food and drink purchased in the cafe.

If space allows Mauhaus Cat Cafe accepts walk ins as well.

Denver cat company

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Source : Denver Cat Company

Denver company has a special place in the cat Cafe community.

They have helped over 700 felines find forever homes since the four years it has opened.

The owner of the cafe Leila Qari claims that the Denver cat cafe has a different twist then the other cat cafe’s that you must have seen.

What is different is that in DCC, you can either pay a one time fee for the day or you can even get one of the membership options of the cafe that will then allow you to visit the cafe unlimited times monthly or annually.

 if you decide it to be to subscribe yourself for the cat Cafe membership you will also enjoy other parts like the ability to bring in a guest for invitations to the events

If you are to visit the cafe for a day, there is no limit on the amount of time you spend with the kitties.

It’s a walk in cafe that doesn’t accept any reservations.

Lila says “they wish to create a nice, warm, cozy and colorful atmosphere for people where in they can come in after a busy day and have a great time“.

Koneko Cat Cafe in NYC

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Source : Koneko Cat Cafe

The founder of Koneko Cafe is Mr. Benjamin Kalb says he started the cafe after being very inspired by cat cafes in Japan.

He says that he visited at least 30 cat cafes in Japan to finally come up with his own plan of creating a Cat Cafe in New York City.

At any given time there are at least 20 cats that are wondering about in the cafe.

All the cat residents in the cat Cafe come from their cat rescue partner Anjellicle Cats Rescue

The cafe has a special place in every cat lovers heart because this cafe has helped 400 cats find a forever home.

The Koneko cat cafe has a special separate arena where people may order coffee, tea, beer, wine and even some Japanese inspired food.

People may take the food into the cattery portion but they will have to pay a small fee to play with the cats and see them wreaking havoc in their play area.

Koneko Cafe was designed with cats in mind and at the same time to also create a space where people can have fun and can also interact with the cats in the cafe.

Alright cat lovers I hope you enjoyed the cat cafes we discussed here and I dearly hope you are going to visit one of these in the near future.

These aren’t the only cafes that you can visit of course but these are definitely some very popular ones.

Go ahead visit the cafes and don’t forget to come back and review how your experience was.

I will feature the best comment on the next blog post.

See ya soon.

Take care.

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