DIY Homemade Cat Deterrent Spray – Enough With The Scratching My Kitty Love

cat deterrent spray
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Yeah, We Cat Owners and Cat Lovers Get It.

There is a satisfaction in seeing our cats scratch. It is one of those indications that indicate our cat is happy, healthy and playful.

But let’s be honest we don’t always want our precious kitty to scratch through our home decor now do we.

Only if there was a handy DIY frugal way to tell our kitty that. Though we have our doubts that our cats would listen.

Still there is no harm in trying is there. So here is how you

Make A DIY Cat Deterrent Spray

So before I go ahead and tell you how to make a cat deterrent spray I feel its way more important to let you know how to not make a cat deterrent spray.

I have seen many blogs suggesting to use lemon and eucalyptus essential oils.

Yeah, that’s a bad idea because although these solutions may seem to work but some of these essential oils are not good for your cat.

Therefore, after thorough research I searched for the perfect combination for you to use.

I choose one that was safe to use and would be annoying enough so that the scratching post sees some kindness.

And my living room would not be an active litter box anymore.

And yes all of items involved are easily available.

Items You Will Need For Cat Deterrent Spray

How To Go About Making Cat Deterrent Spray ?

  • First off, fill the clear spray bottle 3/4 way up the water
  • Add a few drops of dish liquid.
  • Next, add 10 drops of rosemary essential oil into the spray bottle.
  • Close the lid and shake well till all the ingredients are mixed well.

Spray Your Cat Away

Just kidding. We just want her to not mess everything.

Chances are when you make this solution your cat is gonna wanna check it out.

It will be fun to see her reaction. She may even not talk to you for a bit.

So there you go, your very own cat deterrent spray made using simple items of daily use.

We suggest to use it on the corners of your sofa and chairs.

And other specific places ofcourse where you don’t want your cat to linger too long.

You will see that your cat or cats won’t be bothered by the spray but will avoid areas marked by it.

Go ahead try it and let us know the results that you receive in the comments section below.

Want Your Cat To Be More Disciplined?
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  1. In my view, if all website owners and bloggers made good content
    as you did, the internet will be much more useful than ever

  2. Please never use essential oils on your car. They are very toxic and can kill them if ingested (which is what will happen if you use a spray and they scratch anyway and then lick their paws). I tried a similar “recipe” for my cat and had to take her to an emergency vet when she started foaming at the mouth. They told me most essential oils are very poisonous to cats and should not be diffused or sprayed anywhere near them as it can kill them.


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