Never Say These 8 Things To Cat Owners!

Cat owners and people who love cats are a very different kind of people.

From what I have seen and experienced and you can definitely disagree with me on this.

But cat owners and lovers are people who are more inviting to a tough kind of love.

With cat owners, you may find that they may not be as expressive about it as people who don’t own cats.

But deep down you will know that they care.

And some of it if not all, can be attributed to how they understood love by being around a cat.

You know how cats are.

Yes, yes, yes. I love you and all is fine. But please keep your distance and feed me at the right time.

I am not saying cat can’t be affectionate, they can be very very affectionate.

But feline babes also know how to keep it real.

Some of these attributes and tendencies are bound to rub off on cat owners as well.

And I don’t know why it is, but because of these tendencies cat owners have this antenna within themselves that can spot cat owners and lovers.

That is precisely why you see such big cat groups all over the internet.

And whenever there is a group there are principles, there are rules that you don’t cross.

Because you see there are cat derived sentiments in question.

So here are 5 things you better not say to a cat owner.

Read at your own risk.

1. I Hate Cats!!

I mean do I even need to tell this to you?

When you are with friends that are cat owners or if you are around someone you know loves cats.

Please don’t say this.

It will be the easiest method that you might have discovered to be kicked out of their good books.

Cat owners don’t have a problem if you love dogs but hating a cat.

You are walking on a thin ice mister.

So among cat owners and cat lovers never say I Hat Cats. NEVER.

You know what, never say it anyways with or without cat owners.


2. It’s Only A Cat

No, it isn’t you…

I am sorry this is a professional blog. I need to control myself.

But you get why this should never be said.

For us, cats are like our children. We treat their tendencies as our own we treat their behavior as if they are coming out of our own kids.

So a statement like, “It’s Just A Cat“.

That’s a red card without warning.

I know some people tend to express maturity by somehow feeling they are above cats while saying this.

To that cat owners will say, “Please take your maturity elsewhere“.

To us, our cats are family members with cute furs and deadly ready to kill stare.

And we like it.

Talking about family and relationships, check out how to establish an incredible relationship with your cat.

3. Either I Go Or The Cat Goes

You know I suddenly remember a joke I read somewhere.

He asked me to chose between the cat or her.

I miss him sometimes.

Now if you somehow you find yourself in a relationship where this kind of conversation happens, understand that it isn’t the cat that is the problem.

Its something else. 😉

More often than if your cat expresses a behavior she should not for example, being overly aggressive and given that she is healthy.

There is a good chance that there is something we are not doing right which the cat is catching and emulating it.

This happens with dogs all the time.

If you express an insecure aura around your dog, you will observe that your dog becomes overly defensive around you.

To an extent that he starts biting other dogs if he finds them in your vicinity.

Check out some videos of Cesar Millan and you will know what I am talking about.

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4. Cats Don’t Care

I know you may have seen cat owners wearing t-shirts like these that portray an aura that cat’s don’t care.

As I mentioned in my first point, cat people are special people.

These are those people who understand cats do care, just not in a way can’t hearted ones would want.

Yes, cat owners are strong-hearted people. There’s no doubt about it.

Not that dog owners are faint-hearted.

It’s just that cat owners are unequivocally strong-hearted.


So cats do care. Mostly is an aloof kind of way.

But don’t think that is the only flavor cats come in.

5. Why Did You Spay Your Cat?

Here is the thing.

Actions don’t happen the way you think they should happen.

They happen as is needed.

If you have decided that you are going to own a cat and be responsible for it.

Spaying or neutering is a responsible action.

When it comes to wild it is nature that decides how many offsprings will be born and how many of them will live.

Please don’t think the ones who don’t get to live, there is something cruel happening to them. It’s natural selection.

You don’t want just rats in a forest do you?

There has to be an apt amount of snakes too.

An apt amount of eagles at needed too. See natural selection.

So when we decide to own a cat are we going against nature and is it wrong?


Since we are deciding to make a part of nature to come into our lives.

It is we who at a certain level need to see that the cat population stays in balance.

Again I am not propagating acting God. I am propagating balance and harmony.

Spaying or neutering with that perspective is a responsible action.

If we don’t do that the number of strays will increase.

You can’t even count how many kittens and cats will get injured by the vehicles that “WE” created.

So if a cat owner is spaying a cat, it is a responsible act.

Let’s say if tomorrow cats population suddenly starts decreasing, then spaying will NOT be a responsible act.

6. You Own Cats Because You Are Lonely

Yup, somehow people have that perception that if you own cats you must be lonely.

Let me tell you something.

You can be surrounded by thousands of people yet you can be very lonely.

And you may consciously choose to live alone but will not be lonely.

Aloneness and Loneliness Are Very Very Different Things.

So cat owners own a cat because they can’t contain their compassion and love and wish to share it with a cat.

And if you own a number of cats doesn’t make you “a crazy cat lady“.

It just makes you a human being overflowing with compassion.

Truth be told, there are more than a few ways one can use that phrase.

Within cat lovers group it’s a badge. Something to be even proud of.

But again you need to be a cat lover to say it lovingly.

Otherwise don’t say it.

7. Get Rid Of The Cat!

How about I get rid of you?

There are many occasions when some so-called “responsible intellectuals” will spit this statement out.

Occasions such as,

  • When cats wake up early and wreak havoc across the house.
  • Your distant uncle is allergic.
  • When the veterinary expenses are too much.
  • When there is a baby on the way and your “caring relatives” don’t want the baby to be around a pet.

I mean what’s up with that. I know why they say it?

But what makes you think getting rid of the cat is the only way to be protective and cautious?

Getting rid of the cat is not the solution.

But yes, living with your cat with absolute awareness, sense and caution is of paramount importance.

And rest assured all cat owners know how to do that.

8. Dogs Are Better

Dude listen up!.

We don’t have a problem with you loving dogs or dogs being your personal preference.

Hell, even we love dogs. Dogs are incredible we may even adopt one tomorrow.

But don’t make a sweeping general statement on the basis of your opinion.

Yes yes, I know.

Everyone can have their own opinion.

But nobody said everyone has to care about your opinion.

We love cats, we love dogs.

No one is better or worse than the other.

When cat owners see someone saying dogs are better or even cats are better.

They know they have just been invited into the company of a fool.

Alright, cat owners, those were the top 8 things that I know for fact cat owners don’t like to hear.

That doesn’t mean these are the only ones.

Don’t shy away and let me know more stuff that you sell cat owners don’t like to hear in the comments section.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and get your FREE cat behavior training guide.

Take great care of yourselves your cat and I will see you in the next one!.

Tada !!.

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