Top 8 Purrfect Cat Apps To Enhance Your Cat’s Playfulness


Cat apps are a sure shot way to enhance your cat’s agility and playfulness. In this post let’s discuss 8 purrfect cat apps that do just that. In a previous post on how to choose the perfect scratching post for your cat. We discussed how cats have evolved from a wild environment to our domesticated … Continue Reading

Definitive Guide On How To Choose Best Scratch Post For Cats 2021

Choosing the best scratch post for cats is easy, but the problem is which one to choose ?. What parameters make a scratch post for cats ideal on all levels. How do you know whether the scratching post that you decide to go with is what your cats will also like. So a while ago … Continue Reading

DIY Homemade Cat Deterrent Spray – Enough With The Scratching My Kitty Love

Yeah, We Cat Owners and Cat Lovers Get It. There is a satisfaction in seeing our cats scratch. It is one of those indications that indicate our cat is happy, healthy and playful. But let’s be honest we don’t always want our precious kitty to scratch through our home decor now do we. Only if … Continue Reading

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