Do Sphynx Cats Get Cold? | 5 Important Tips For Sphynx Cat Care

do sphynx cats get cold

I am pretty sure in your quest for searching funny cat images many a times you must have seen Sphynx cats fashionably dressed. So, do Sphynx cats need clothes or do Sphynx cats get cold or is it just because of the ridiculously good vibes they exude when dressed is the reason behind seeing so … Continue Reading

Do Birman Cats Like To Be Held? | 3 Things Birmans Demand

do birman cats like to be held

Let’s be real. One of top reasons why we are so readily ready to give our hearts to cats is because of the undeniable cuteness they smack our faces with. If cuteness is the adjective that you define cats with. You will really have a hard time finding an adjective to what Birman cats are. … Continue Reading

Do Siamese Cats Like To Cuddle? | Siamese Cats Personality And Traits

Siamese cats are known to have a huge following among cat lovers. And that isn’t without reason. Siamese cats are adorable with their luxurious looking coat and a personality to match that. They have beautiful piercing eyes, a fine gradient distribution of coloration and a mysterious elegance that has awarded them a huge fanbase across … Continue Reading

Top 10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Balinese Cats

balinese cats

If getting a furry little feline friend is what your heart is aching for,the Balinese Cats just might be the right fit for you. While the Balinese Cats are popularly known for their noble outlook and queen like demeanor, they don’t fall short of presenting their love to their human by their unbridled involvement and … Continue Reading

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