Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Japanese Bobtail Cats | Kitty County

Japanese Bobtail Cats

An unusual little bobtail, cute equilateral face, round bright eyes, an active affectionate personality, and an overall playful nature makes owning a Japanese Bobtail cat every cat lover’s dream. But that is not all that is there to know about these precious felines. In this post, I am going to layout 10 fascinating facts about … Continue Reading

Pallas Cats: Top 10 Pallas’s Cat Facts That Will Leave You Amazed!!

pallas cats

The moment cat lovers lay their eyes on Pallas cats their immediate response is, “I want 40 of those“. Well, one has to understand the sentiment behind the response because Pallas cats or Otocolobus manul are adorable unusual and super fluffy. Now because of their elusive existence and habitat far into the grasslands and steppes … Continue Reading

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