Do Burmese Cats Get Along with Dogs? | 4 Training Tips

do burmese cats get along with dogs

Many of you reading the article may already have a Burmese cat.  Anyone who has ever owned a Burmese will affirm that they retain the happy-go-lucky and that kittenish charm for the better part of their life. And for this reason, Burmese cats are often sought out as family pets. They have a sweet, playful … Continue Reading

Are Siamese Cats Good for First-Time Owners?|6 New Owner Tips!

are siamese cats good for first time owners

Planning to get a cat for the first time is very special. Eventually, getting one is an even better experience. In no time will you realize cats are nothing less than our kids, and they make their place in our hearts so quickly. Now preparing yourself and your home for your new feline family member … Continue Reading

Do Cats Like Small Apartments? | 6 Small Apartment Tips for Cats

do cats like small apartments

When it comes to owning cats, a prevalent question among prospective cat owners is apartment size. Now we know cats like small spaces. But does that translate to small apartments as well? Are cats comfortable and happy in studio apartments? How small is too small for a cat, or is there such a thing? When … Continue Reading

Are Ragdoll Cats Nocturnal? | Ragdoll Sleeping Patterns Explained!

are ragdoll cats nocturnal

Everyone knows cats sleep a lot. A lot.  And this results in interesting relationship dynamics between a cat parent and the cat herself. I am sure you must have seen cats waking their mom or dad up at 5 AM for food, water, and love. Some like that but many potential owners look to find … Continue Reading

7 Best Gravity Water Bowls for Cats | 5 Gravity Bowl Benefits!

best gravity water bowls for cats

Cats don’t demand much.  Alright, most cats don’t demand much, but what they do, demand they want you to be totally responsible for it. Out of the different needs that come with a pet, namely, beds, litter boxes, toys, cat trees, perches, etc. food and water for obvious reasons are the most important. Anyone who … Continue Reading

Can Ragamuffin Cats be Left Alone? | 5 Single Cat Management Tips!

can ragamuffin cats be left alone

It’s such a funny thing. Every time I browse YouTube hardly does my feed not feature a cat video. Cats are one species that garner as much love in the virtual world as they do in the real one. For the affection, love, quirkiness, and mystery they bring with them, felines have been the partner … Continue Reading

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