Do Burmese Cats Get Along with Dogs? | 4 Training Tips

Many of you reading the article may already have a Burmese cat. 

Anyone who has ever owned a Burmese will affirm that they retain the happy-go-lucky and that kittenish charm for the better part of their life.

And for this reason, Burmese cats are often sought out as family pets.

They have a sweet, playful demeanor and are known to be highly loyal toward their butlers. Burmese cats are intelligent and can be easily trained to learn basic tricks using simple reward tactics.

As good as they get along with people, what about dogs?

Do Burmese Cats Get Along with Dogs?

Yes, besides being affectionate with family members(including children) and other cats, Burmese cats also get along well with dogs. So, if you are looking for a playmate for your Burmese getting a cat-friendly laid-back dog breed is a viable option.

Now there is a little more to just going out there and searching for a canine sibling for your feline.

Cats are a mysterious paradox of nature. On the one hand, they are simple creatures with simple needs; on the other hand, they are incredibly mysterious.

In the subsequent sections, I will explain the paradox by keeping Burmese cats in context.

By the end of the article, you will be well aware of the needs and personality of a Burmese cat and select the best canine companion for your feline.

I will also lay out the names of dog breeds known to get along well with Burmese cats.

Burmese Cat Personality and Temperament

Before you try to pair a Burmese with a sibling, it makes sense to have a good assessment of a Burmese cat’s personality type.

The thing is, reality is subjective. There are no absolute answers. So if you browse an article similar to this where there is a direct suggestion to your answer without context, it is likely that you are being misinformed.

So, once you know what Burmese cats are like, you will intuitively understand your cat’s needs and personality demands.

And based on this information, figure out what kind of companion to get for your cat. Keeping your options open is an excellent way to achieve this.

Sure, you came upon this article wondering if Burmese cats get along with dogs, but you may realize that a feline partner would be better.

Therefore, understanding a cat’s general personality and unique quirks is essential.

Burmese are natural brown cats whose coats are generally glossy and have a satin texture. 

While Burmese are predominantly brown with golden eyes but selective breeding has allowed Burmese cats to have hues like blue, red, lilac, cream, etc.

Burmese are muscular cats with a strong bone structure which explains why they are so athletic and heavy for their size.

This gives an insight into what kind of partners they may enjoy being with. An athletic build means expending energy in physical activity is essential to keep them playful and happy.

So, a calm large dog breed that will not get annoyed with her playfulness should be your line of thinking.

Temperament wise Burmese cats are known to be playful, loyal, and sweet.  Given how affectionate they are, it’s no surprise they are one of the most sought felines as family pets.

Burmese cats are also very intelligent. With some basic reward techniques, you can teach them to play fetch or retrieve a toy just like a dog would.

For this very dog-like demeanor, they are sometimes referred to by the community as ‘dog-cats‘.

While they are nowhere as talkative as Siamese cats, they love to talk. The good thing is their voice isn’t as raspy as Siamese cats.

Their tone is audibly softer, and most people enjoy the cat’s tendency to have long conversations with their favorite people.

Talking about favorite people, because these cats can develop strong loyalty bonds with certain family members, they have also been named ‘velcro cats’.

This again throws a shade as to why it is essential to not leave them alone for long hours and have a sibling if possible.

Best Dog Breeds for Burmese Cats

Now that we understand a Burmese cat’s temperament let me give you a list of dog breeds that will gel well with Burmese cats.

Now this isn’t a list written in stone. These are the dog breeds that, in general, get along well with cats.

As I said in the previous section of this post, given that each cat has its own unique personality, so much depends on the particular cat for who you are choosing the canine sibling.

That being said, these dog breeds are known to get along well with active, playful cats like Burmese.

As Burmese cats are high on energy and athletic, we need to look at dog breeds that are relaxed and laid back by temperament.

You don’t want to get a dog historically bred to hunt and is a natural chaser. You do not want a dog whose predatory impulse may kick in seeing a running cat.

Therefore, we must seek a quiet, calm, laid-back dog breed that won’t mind a few cat slaps.

  • Golden Retriever

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, Golden retrievers are the perfect dogs as companions for a Burmese cat.

golden retriever one of the best dogs for a Burmese cat as companion
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Golden retrievers are absolute love bugs, and they have this unique character trait to befriend everyone, and I mean everyone.

Your Burmese is going to be no different. They are gentle giants and can take all the playful jabs that the Burmese will throw at them. They are also excellent cuddle buddies and will provide a warm space for your cat to nap occasionally. 

  • Shetland Sheepdog

Popularly known as ‘shelties’, the shetland sheepdogs belong to the herding group. Even though they belong to the herding group of canines, their mild nature, openness to trainability, and welcoming nature make them ideal companions for a Burmese cat.

shetland sheepdog best companion dog for a Burmese cat
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Shelties are very obedient, so once you have gotten them used to the presence of a cat, they form excellent companions.

The best part is the relationship won’t be one-sided. Shelties tend to start barking when bored. A feline presence means he will never get bored and thus will help curb this behavior.

  • Basset Hound

Basset hounds are another exception. Although they belong to the hunting domain of dogs, in social groups, basset hounds are friendly and affectionate. 

basset hound best dog for a Burmese cat as companion
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They have short legs, stocked bodies, and move slowly. This is perfect because it gives a space for a cat like Burmese to express itself in his presence. 

They will never be spooked or intimidated by a basset hound, and given how patient they are, basset hounds are perfect for an active breed like the Burmese.

  • Beagle

Beagles are exceptional, affectionate dogs that do well in a family environment. And it makes sense, given the breed was bred to hunt in packs. 

beagle as best dog for a Burmese cat
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This means a beagle sees everyone in the family, including a cat, as a member of its pack. 

Traditionally beagles hunted in large packs accompanying hunters on foot or horseback. This explains why they are pack dogs and comfortable in the company of other animals.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, similar to Burmese cats, is a loyal, affectionate dog breed. If one of the reasons why you got a Burmese cat is because of how sweet they are, the cavalier is as sweet as they come.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel best dog for a Burmese cat
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They get along very well with people, children, and other pets(including cats) in a family environment.

They are gentle, adaptable, and harmoniously match a Burmese cat’s energy.

  • Newfoundland

Newfoundlands are aptly named gentle giants of the dog world. And that is what they are, cuddly giant whose heart is big enough to accommodate a Burmese cat.

newfoundland dog for a Burmese cat
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They are gentle, intelligent, laid back, calm, affectionate, and protective dog breeds. They are great with people of all ages and are very accommodating of other pets, including cats.

At the beginning of this section, I said, looking at the temperament of  a Burmese, you need a giant doll of a cat that is laid back and has a calm demeanor.  

The Newfie fits that requirement perfectly. The big size is coupled with a relatively low activity level, so he will never spook your active Burmese.

Tips on Introducing a Dog to Your Burmese Cat

Those were the best dogs you could consider for a Burmese cat. But let me tell you, work still needs to be done.

You see, while these dogs are the best-suited breeds for a Burmese cat but when it comes to animals, the responsibility of caution depends on you as an owner.

As incredible as it is to be in the company of animals, they are a direct expression of nature. 

If you are not careful with the introductions, it doesn’t matter how laid back the animal is; their predatory/survival instincts may take over and even lead to injury to the animals or even you.

So you need to consider your pet’s personality and follow these steps to introduce your Burmese cat to your new dog or vice versa.

  • Give them Separate Rooms.

Patience is the key. Never and I repeat, take your time with the introductions. This holds even more true when introducing two different animal species.

So, give them both two separate rooms to make them comfortable. And yes, even if one of the pets has been living in your home till now, you need to take caution and create one layer of the border between the animals to have zero physical access to each other in the beginning days.

  • Introducing Scents.

Just because the cat and the dog can’t see each other, don’t think they don’t know there is a disturbance in the force.

The primary sense of perception for animals like cats and dogs is their noses. That needs to be the cue on how you need to proceed. 

You can introduce something like a blanket used by the pets in each other’s room so they can get even more accustomed to each other’s presence.

The bonus tip is to place the used blanket near their feeding stations. If they get accustomed to each other’s scent when eating, their neurons associate it with a positive experience. 

  • Take off the border but maintain the distance

Now you need to take the above step to the next level.

You want to let them see each other when eating while maintaining a healthy distance between them. 

After introducing each other to smells, this stage aims to make them realize that the other pet is not a threat to his/her boundary by making them see each other during feed times.

This will make them even more comfortable with each other’s presence.

  • Introduce Closely But Cautiously

This step will be followed only if the above three steps have succeeded. If you see either of them being aggressive, defensive, spooked, or anxious, you need to repeat the above steps by creating a safe distance between them once again.

As I said, this is a game of patience; nothing can be said for certain. For some pets, a harmonious relationship can be established in a couple of days; sometimes, it may take weeks.

But if you follow these steps, a harmonious relationship will likely ensue.

If you observe that both of them are responding in a friendly, amicable manner, bring them closer and see the change in the energy.

If it is calm and playful (gentle tail wagging for the dog and relaxed, inquisitive body movement for the cat), reduce the distance. If not, increase the distance again.

Repeat the procedure if you experience the resistance between the pets isn’t dissolved.


As I said in the beginning, cats are simple yet mysterious creatures. It takes a couple of weeks to understand them, and yet everyone who owns one knows you can’t totally get them.

Burmese cats, in particular, are no different. They are active, happy-go-lucky cats that develop well with a sibling.

A sibling doesn’t necessarily need to be a cat, but here is my personal recommendation. Get Burmese cats in pairs, preferably from the same litter.

If you do, you won’t have to go through the process of systematically introducing them. They will bond with each other and learn how to be in the company of each other from the nascent stage.

They will develop as full-fledged happy cats by learning and playing with each other and never getting bored.

However, Burmese cats also get along well with dogs. So, if you want to fill your home with that loving dog energy, know that Burmese cats and laid-back, friendly dogs are an excellent combination.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

Take care of yourselves, and let me know how it goes.

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