Do Siberian Cats Get Along With Dogs?

One look at the Siberian cats and you will say, “these are the cats carefully designed by nature to survive”.

Siberians are a medium sized cat breed which with their semi-long hair are wondrous to behold and equally worthy as a pet.

True to their name the Siberian cats hail from mother Russia and evolved their beautiful coats to protect against the snowy ecosystem.

They have a strong muscular body and substantial skeletal framework that aids them to survive extreme climatic conditions.

The precise reason why they have such an active following among cat lovers is their affectionate and playful personality not to mention the inherent beauty.

I have received so many questions about the Siberian cat breeds that I decide to create a separate post to cover all the important questions I received.

I am fairly sure that most of these queries and the topics that I will relay here will clarify so many doubts you may have about Siberian cats and their personality.

Alright then, let’s begin.

Do Siberian Cats Get Along With Dogs?

One of the most frequently asked questions and the answer is,

Yes, owing to the adventurous, playful and active personality of the Siberian cats they indeed tend to gel very well and enjoy the company of dogs.

The Siberian cats in general love company. And in addition to being affectionate, they are attentive and like being active and playful.

Therefore, you will find them playing and actively enjoying the company of cat friendly and well-trained dogs.

If you already have a Siberian cat in your home and are looking to get a dog to complete your family, it will be a very good decision.

Because in addition to incorporating the love of a dog in your home you will also give a partner to your cat to play and engage with.

Leaving you free to not worry about playtime too much or when you have to leave your Siberian alone at home for a chore.

One additional bonus is going to be the fact that owing to their curious nature they are known to often instigate a game of fetch with their favorite soft toy.

It would really be a sight to see two pets competing for a game of fetch in the same house.

And given the potential to being playful and the rugged build, I daresay your Siberian will give your dog a run for his money.

In addition to slaps of course.

Do Siberian Cats Get Along With Cats?

Absolutely, Siberian cats do tend to get along great with other cats as well.

The Siberian cats are known to be one of the most adventurous cat breeds.

And sharing the common traits of curiosity, inquisitiveness and mutual love for playtime with other cat breeds, they can be an excellent company to the other cats you have or may have in the future.

Because Siberian cats are inherently smart, couple that with their adventure loving personality they tend to enjoy puzzle games and any toy that gives them a good chase.

The company of other cats thus appeals to their playful and curious side of their personality and thus form excellent bonds with other cats.

One other reason why Siberian cats form great company to other active cats like Bengals and Balinese is their calm demeanor.

A lot of activity or noise in the house doesn’t bother Siberians one bit.

And as such they have this incredible potential to be a therapy cat and balancing out the energy of other high energy cat you may possibly be having in your home.

In conclusion, when introduced properly the Siberian cats form excellent partners to other pets you may have in your household.

Are Siberian Cats Friendly And Cuddly?

Yes, the Siberian cats are very people oriented and love cuddles and lap times.

The Siberian cats are an incredible combination of energy, playfulness and affection.

Each of these attributes mixed perfectly to create a cuddle loving friendly cat.

These cats love being around their owners. They love following you around and will meet you at the door when you arrive back from work.

They will lend you their ears wanting to hear all about your day and won’t shy away in telling you all about theirs.

As far as their talkative nature is concerned, they aren’t as chatty as some other oriental breeds but they do enjoy expressing themselves with slow meows, trills, chirps and of course the healing purrs.

They absolutely love sitting on your lap and getting groomed and find it particularly enjoyable.

While their favorite toys are ones that challenge them physically and mentally (I will list some of them below) but they have this this inherent talent of turning anything into a toy as long as it challenges them.

This means you can make DIY toys using easily available materials at home as shown here and you are set.

Well, this also means you need to keep your personal items like jewelry, purse and other intriguing items out of their reach.

Because you will have a hard time finding them if they decide to hoard and hide it.

Some of the toys I know for a fact that cats enjoy(on the basis of reviews I have received from my readers) are as follows:

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Automated Laser Chaser Toy For Siberian Cats

Are Siberian Cats Aggressive?

In general, the Siberian cats are sweet and affectionate cat breeds that love and adore the company of other cats, dogs and respectful children.

They are not usually aggressive but the Siberians do like to be treated with respect and dignity.

Which as a matter of fact is something you need to take care with almost all cats despite of what breed they belong to.

When not given proper care of allowing her to express her pent-up energy with proper playtime and toys that keep her physically and mentally active, she may develop aggressive patterns.

Well, truth be told this isn’t necessarily the case with Siberian cats only.

Cats in general need active exercise and playtime.

They like to express their energy in bursts and rest after that.

As long as that is ensured in addition to giving her the company of people, dogs, cats or children to keep her busy she is going to one of the sweetest cat you can possibly own.

Do Siberian Cats Shed?

I know what you must be thinking.

The Siberians are blessed with such beautiful long coat should mean they will shed a lot, right?

Well, contrary to this logical conclusion despite their long and plentiful coat the Siberians tend to shed very less hair when compared with many other long-haired cat breeds and are known to be hypoallergenic.

Their shed contributes a lot in making them large and despite their large build they thanks to their muscular build and strong skeletal framework are very agile and can jump long distances.

As far as the grooming needs are concerned their thick triple coat must be combed or brushed couple of times a week to avoid tangles and mats.

The coat does tend to shed seasonally during spring and fall which means you may need to groom her more frequently during these periods.

Bath is rarely necessary with the Siberian cats and that’s a good thing too because their coat is highly water resistant.

Talking about water, the Siberian cats are known to have an affinity towards playing with water.

Don’t eb surprised if you find her enjoying water splashing on a bathtub, drinking from a faucet or water fountain and making puddles in water by batting her paw in her clean drinking water dish.

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A trait that is believed to have transcended from her time as a forest dweller.

As a matter of fact, I highly recommend this water fountain if you have or are thinking to own a Siberian cat.

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How To Introduce A Siberian Cat To Other Cats & Dogs In Your House

Okay, I guess you now have a fair idea about the Siberian cat’s personality, temperament and her tendency to get along with other dogs and cats.

However, there are certain pointers I want to leave you with if you are looking to introduce a Siberian cat into your home that already house other pets.

  • Be Patient

This is very important. Because you are introducing a new cat into an established territory of your other cat or dog, you need to take it slow.

Allow them to get accustomed to each other’s scent while maintaining physical distance between them.

  • Limit Her Exploration

For the first few days give her a separate space away from your other cat or dog to become familiar and comfortable.

A barrier between the two spaces owned by each of your cat or dog is a good way to do that.

Let them become familiar to each other’s smell.

  • Make Them Eat On The Opposite Side Of The Barrier

This will without any doubt increase the familiarity between them at a rapid state.

For the simple reason that when a cat understands that there is no immediate threat to her survival in the presence of the other cat/dog does she lets her guard down.

  • Remove The Barrier Gradually

Now when you see that the tension is gradually lifting and comfort and security is in the air.

Slowly remove the barrier bit by bit each day.

For example, for the first day when you know they have made themselves comfortable in each other’s smell.

Lift the barrier while eating just a little bit so that they can see each other while eating and when the sense of comfort pervades continue the process.

It will take some time to get there, but when it happens you will have so much fun seeing the siblings play and enjoy each other’s and not to mention your company.

I hope you found this post on Siberian cats informative, educational and interesting.

I had a lot of fun writing it and I sure do hope you had athe same fun reading it.

If you did, please do subscribe to this blog. You will find the subscription box just below this post.

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See ya in the next one.

Take it easy guys!

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