Do Siberian Cats Like To Cuddle? | Siberian Cat Personality FAQs

Siberian cats are without any doubt are just as beautiful on the inside as your eyes find them from the outside.

This warm, gentle, and playful feline is sure to make you go aww the very first time you lay your eyes upon them.

It’s for nothing that Siberian cats amass a huge following among admirers and cat lovers across the world.

They are widely known to be very affectionate towards family, other pets and even strangers which makes them even sweeter.

True to their name, Siberian cats hail from the subarctic ecosystem of Siberia, Russia which obviously is why nature has gifted them with that beautiful coat that they carry with poise.

So why am I really writing this article on do Siberian cats like to cuddle?

Well, because you asked for it.

You see I am on an answer writing spree, for some of the most common cat related questions my readers are throwing at me left and right.

A lovely read, I really think you should go through it.

But I am happily surprised how so many readers of mine are interested in Siberian cats.

So, just like I have been doing with my other posts, I am going to answer many interesting Siberian cat personality related questions here on this article on do Siberian cats like to cuddle.

See, because here is the thing.

It’s basic human psychology that we are looking for more. We need comprehensive understanding and solution.

So, when you are asking do Siberian cats like to cuddle you are really wishing for a comprehensive grasp on what Siberian cats are really like, isn’t it?

Therefore, sit tight and full the article fully and I will leave you with a heart full of love and affection towards Siberian cats.

Now, let me not keep you waiting and quickly answer your primary query.

Do Siberian Cats Like To Cuddle?

The answer is yes, it makes me so happy to report that Siberian cats do enjoy cuddles and any affection their humans can provide them with. They are highly affectionate felines and gel well with families, cats, dogs and other pets. They are widely known to have an affinity towards water and don’t be surprised if she makes it a habit to follow you into the bathroom.

I know that aptly and precisely answer your question, but I also know that it wouldn’t be sufficient.

Because it’s very important that we look at the affectionate aspect of Siberian cats with respect to their overall personality.

Because you see if you already have a Siberian cat having more knowledge about her personality and behavior will give you more insights into how to give and receive more affection from her.

And if you are looking into adopting a Siberian cat, I am pretty sure after you have read the article you will know who you are about to form a lasting relationship with.

This will in turn leave you more aware and ready on how to deal the various aspects of a Siberian cat’s personality.

Talking about personality, I created a post on Siamese cats just prior to this and addressed why Siamese cats tend to be so needy.

I think this is the best point in the post to address whether Siberian cats too have any similar tendencies to get needy or clingy.

Well, the answer is no. You will not find Siberian cats to be very clingy or needy which is sometimes the case with breeds like Siamese. The best way to describe a Siberian cat’s love is that they are devoted to their humans in a non-needy way.

Siberians are cuddly, adventurous and intelligent cat breed.

 Siberian cats will meet you at the door when you return home, they will follow you around in your house and patiently wait for cuddle time.

So, in simple words, if you are someone who enjoys or wishes to be cuddled by a sweet fluffy cat, Siberian cats may just might be the right breed for you.

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Do Siberian Cats Like To Be Held?

Okay, let’s now discuss whether you can handle and hold your Siberian cat.

The answer, is again as I expect you know is, yes you can easily hold, handle and snuggle up to Siberian cats and they will happily allow you to do it. Because of their calm, laid back and quiet personality they are high on the list of being therapy cats.

Siberian cats have a very sweet disposition and demeanour about themselves. They enjoy and wish to be close to their favorite human in a way that’s not obsessive.

They carry themselves with poise and seem to just know their way around humans, kids, dogs, cats, and even strangers.

Many people who own Siberians often tend to compare them with owning a dog.

I often find them saying how their Siberian cat often exhibits dog like behaviour.

One such behaviour that Siberians are known to express is playing fetch with their favourite human.

You don’t need to believe me on that.

Just check out this hilarious video of a Siberian cat playing fetch with her human.

Funny isn’t it?

There are a few things that I am pretty sure you must have observed from the video.

They have an incredible initial acceleration as you must have observed when the owner threw the toy.

This is because their hind legs are large and muscular which in addition to giving them that initial thrust also enables them to jump higher and have high leaps.

From the first looks you may possibly think that Siberians must be a lazy cat breed.

Well, to a certain extent that’s true.

Siberians are these visibly large, heavy, cuddly cat breeds that tend to have a very laid back, mellow and a quiet attribute.

But that doesn’t take away anything from their inherent acrobatic qualities that Siberians possess which I am sure you have seen in the video.

Hailing from the working and hunting ecosystem offered by Siberia, Siberians are highly acrobatic and athletic and don’t be surprised if you find this big bulky cat sitting atop the highest point in the room.

As far as the question of do Siberian cats like to be held is concerned, you don’t have to worry about them being overly attached to you if you love holding them.

Yes, you will often find them following you everywhere around the house but they have the patience to wait for you when you are ready to devote your time for her.

Pretty sweet cats, aren’t they?  

Are Siberian Cat Males Or Females More Friendly?

Well, its really a subjective question and mostly it really depends upon the cat’s personality and what kind of ecosystem he or she is brought up in.

However, from what I have learnt from Siberian cat owners and the cat breeders I usually talk to, male Siberians are observed to be more docile than their female counterparts.

Male Siberians tend towards being more social and open towards giving and receiving affection without a lot of demands.

They are also known to be more open towards strangers as well.

I found a Siberian cat owner in one of the forums who jokingly said their male Siberian will probably go with a stranger if he rubs his belly.

Lol 😀

Female Siberian cats on the other hand are known to be more independent, aloof and routine oriented.

They tend to get more involved in stand-offs and to are known to provide affection, cuddles and snuggles when they feel like it or on their own terms.

But hey, this isn’t something written on stone and as I mentioned so much depends on so many different factors.

Exceptions may and usually are always there.

But on the whole when looked at with an impartial eye, Siberian cat breeds are some of the most cuddly, snuggly, friendly and affectionate cat breeds that you will find.

Siberian cats tend to demand less attention and care when looked at with comparison to other cat breeds.

And if those simple needs of love, play, attention and grooming are met, both male and female Siberians will give you ample love in their own unique ways.

Siberian Vs Maine Coon Cats: How Do They Differ?

One other very frequently asked question is how do Siberian cats differ from Maine coon cats.

And I hope you appreciate why people tend to ask this question.

Both Siberian and Maine coon cats are big, bulky, fluffy gentle giants that have a great capacity for affection towards their humans.

Therefore, it is only logical to ask what is the real difference between Maine coons and Siberians.

So here are the significant differences between the two cat breeds.


We now know that Siberian cats hail from the frosty ecosystems of Siberia, Russia.

The Maine coon cats too give us an indication via their name about where exactly they hail from.

The breed reportedly originates from the state of Maine in USA.

There are many theories about how Maine coon cats came to be. One most prominent among them that their ancestors arrived in the States with Vikings around the 11th century.

Physical Differences Between Siberian Cats And Maine Coons

Another important reason why Siberians and Maine coon’s attract comparison is because the similarity in their looks.

Both are big, bulky, cuddly and fluffy cats who to inexperienced eyes may be difficult to discern.

However, there are certain differences that easily demarcate the two species.

Their heads for example.

The Maine coons have square and stark facial features whereas Siberians tend to have an edgeless rounded head with a short muzzle.

Siberian Vs Maine Coon Cats: How Do They Differ
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Siberian Cats Vs Maine Coons: Difference In Physical Characteristics

 When comparing sizes, the Maine coons are without any doubt are the larger of the two cat breeds.

Although, you cannot call the Siberian as a small cat breed by a long shot.

Maine coon males weigh around 7-12 kg and females weigh about 5 to 8 kgs.

Siberian cats on the other hand weigh anywhere from 5 to 8 kgs if they are males and females weigh between 3.5 to 5.5 kgs.

Maine coons obviously are the larger of the two cat breeds by a significant margin.

Coats obviously are also a point of discussion and comparison among cat lovers.

Both breeds have thick, water resistant, semi-longhaired coats.

The Siberians sport triple layers of fur which is composed of a very tight undercoat, a water-resistant overcoat and an intermediate middle coat.

The Maine coon have a shaggy, medium to long fur that grows thicker in winter and goes a tad bit thinner during summers.

Their upper coat is soft and silky and its texture usually varies with coat color.

And in addition, they have a subtle undercoat which is soft, fine and evenly textured.

Personality Differences Between Maine Coons And Siberians

So how do Siberian cats and Maine coons differ in terms of personality?

Probably a very important question to all would be and potential Siberian or Maine coon owners.

Well, both of these breeds can rightly be regarded as “gentle giants”.

Both these breeds tend to express their affection freely towards their human by wanting to be around them as much as possible.

I will relay how Siberian cats express their affection in a bit, but how exactly these cats will exude their affection can greatly vary depending on their personality.

Maine coons in relative terms tend to be slightly more independent and aloof where they are happy to observe you from a distance, instead to demanding to be the centre of attention.

They will also be happy to sit beside you instead of demanding your lap to rest.

Siberian cats among the cat lover community are compared to dogs and rightly so.

While you can regard Maine coons as relatively independent cats but with Siberians more often than not if you call them, they are there.

They are open enjoyers of snuggles, cuddle, being held and following you down into the bathroom where they will find pleasure in splashing the water in your bathtub.

In addition to loving playing with water, you can easily train the Siberians to play fetch with you as is clear in the video above.

You see Siberians are basically dogs in a cat’s body. Pretty good pets for people who wish to have the aura of a cat and the playfulness of a dog.

Both of these big felines are goofy, playful, intelligent, get along incredibly well with dogs, cats, pets, kids and even strangers.

Should Siberian Cats Be Kept Indoors?

I was actually very surprised looking at the frequency with which this question was being asked.

But slowly I realized why that must be the case.

The very fact that Siberians are so playful and intelligent and given that they can be trained to play fetch, its only natural the owner might want to stretch it a bit and want to walk his or her cat on a leash.

So, is it necessary that Siberian cats should be kept indoors?

Well, the answer to this question is it’s not that you can’t take Siberian cats outdoors, it’s just that you need to be very cautious and always accompany your cat if you wish to take her outdoors.

And there is a good chance that if you are seeing a breeder to get a Siberian cat, he may ask you to sign a contract that asking you to raise your Siberian as an indoor cat only.

There are a few reasons behind this,

Firstly, you need to put into perspective that outdoor and indoor cats face a polar opposite ecosystem.

Cats that survive outside or in the wild, face challenges of diseases, attacks, territorial aggression and accidents.

And so, the wild and feral cats have adopted to a drastically different environment than our well sheltered domesticated cats.

So, from that perspective it’s never recommended that you leave your Siberian cat or any cat for that matter outside alone for long intervals of time.

Secondly, I have been seeing increasing complaints about cat owners getting their cat stolen while they were just enjoying the outside environment and had a lapse of attention.

Now never that this issue lightly.

Siberian cats have an exotic, rare look about themselves, they are super friendly even to strangers and not to mention they are pricey as well.

P.S. – I don’t want to mention the price thing because the emotional connection that you have with your cat cannot be put in a price bracket. But I need to relay the point in context to the discussion on hand.

So, these qualities attract a lot of attention from people and unfortunately, we are not living in a society that has just adoration in their eyes.

Here is my advice.

Observe your cat. Because so much depends on her personality.

If she truly likes being outside, train her to walk on a leash if you want to take her outside.

Backyard gardens and porches should be no problem however, I very strongly recommend never ever leave your cat unattended.

More often than not she will give you an indication that she has had her fill of the outside and will nudge you that she wants to go back inside.

Another thing that you need to do with Siberians is give ample playtime and highly climbing and adventurous spaces withing the house so that she gets expression to her wild tendencies in a controlled environment.

If that is done rightly, you will find that her urge to go outside remains checked and she will also be very content indoors.

I created separate posts on best scratching post for cats and how to create toys for Siberian cats using household materials here, that I am sure will help.

Alright, with that we are at the end of this little QnA session about the Siberian cats.

I have I think covered almost entire spectrum of a Siberian cat’s personality in this detailed post and answered questions like do Siberian cats like to cuddle, do Siberian cats like to be held, how Siberian cats differ from Maine coon cats and so on.

I hope I answered all your queries.

However, if you still have more go ahead and post them down below in the comments section and if it is a popular question, I will include it in this post itself.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and our YouTube channel and become a part of this awesome cat loving community.

Take care of yourselves and your cat and I will see you in the next one.


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