How Much Do Persian Cats Cost? | 5 Reasons Why They Are Expensive

Persian cats have a special place in the hearts of everyone who have or has had the pleasure of owning them. Persian cats are sweet, playful, quiet, gentle and docile cat breeds who don’t take much time to win the hearts of anyone and everyone who lay their eyes on them. In this article, let me answer and resolve many queries that surround this core query of how much do Persian cats cost.

Although, there is a direct answer to the question, but I think this question of how much do Persian cats cost deserve a more comprehensive answer. The reason is simple, the cost that you will incur with Persian cats won’t just be limited to buying them but also in taking care and maintain them.

So, while I can give you a straight answer and I will, I think you should go through the entire post to know in entirety how much cost you will incur in properly raising a Persian cat.

We will discuss, Persian cat temperament and personality from an angle that is relevant to potential owners and various other facets around the topic that I think you should be knowing.

Anyways, let me quickly give you an idea as to how much do Persian cats cost.

Known for their beauty and gentle nature, Persian cats are also widely known for being expensive. While how much they will actually cost you is subjective but what can be said with some degree of certainty is that on an average they will cost anywhere around $1200 to $1500 for kittens and around $500 to $2000 for adult Persian cats.

Once again, the cost you will incur will depend upon a variety of reasons which we will discuss below but in essence getting a Persian cat can cost you anywhere between $500 all the way up to $5000.

Here is the general lay down of the price you probably will have to pay in order to get a Persian cat in comparison to what getting a cat in general will cost you.

Other Breeds Average Price PointPersian Cat Usual price Point

This should give you a fair bit of idea as to how different the pricing of Persian cats is relative to your average house cat.

However, the prices are shown to give a relative idea and the cost that you incur can be different depending upon different reasons explained in the next section.

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Why Are Persian Cats So Expensive?

Now if you are hearing about Persian cats for the first time, a natural question that must germinate in your mind is why are Persian cats so expensive.

Not only are they expensive my dear friend they also tend to demand a lot of maintenance costs.

So, let’s now get a little deeper into the context of this post and understand it in a wholesome manner.

One big reason why Persian cats are so expensive is because they are purebred. While being purebred can be regarded as one of the top reasons for them being expensive but the relative modulation that you may see in their cost will depend upon reasons ranging from location, genetics, gender, coat quality, breeder etc.

Let’s now look at each of these factors independently to have a greater understanding as to why are Persian cats as expensive as they are.

Price Based On Location

Price that you will have to incur in getting a Persian cat will depend a lot in where you are getting it from.

Persian cats have a huge fanbase and therefore there is a whole market dedicated for them. If you live in a location where there are less breeders the price of course will be high.

In a location where there are a lot of Persian cat breeders, the price should be relatively low given the fact that breeders will compete with each other.

So always keep a factor in mind as to where you are getting your cat from.

I read somewhere on a forum how one Persian cat owner was able to save some bucks because she got her Persian from a different zip code.

So, ask around and see if you can get a better deal.

On similar grounds the price of a Persian cat may also depend on demand.

An urban location may cause the price to be high given the demand is high similarly a rural area may set a small price point even if other factors like genetics, fur and coat quality remaining same.


One other big factor that may lead to making a Persian cat even more expensive is its genetics.

If you are getting a cat that has a clear line of healthy lineage, the breeder may demand more.

A Persian cat with certified and registered parents come with a lot of assurance especially health wise which by the way is a big concern in Persian cats.

And therefore, a breeder may demand an extra premium for it.

Similarly, if the parents of the Persian cat under consideration have proven marks of rare quality, then the price can go even high.

Price Based On Type Of Persian Cats

In addition to price fluctuations based upon location and genetics, you may also see price modulations depending upon what kind of Persian cat are you looking to get.

While there is just one breed standard when it comes to Persian cats, they are broadly classified into two types.

Peke Face and Doll Face. There are other categorisations like Chinchilla Persian, Exotic Shorthair and Teacup Persians. And of course, price will again see difference between each of these breeds.

But most owners will have to choose from either of the two broad categories and should give you an idea how Persian cat price varies with type.

I am pretty sure you must be aware of the Peke Faced Persians or Show Faced Persians.

Probably they are the first Persian cats that pop up when you google them.

They have a flat kind of like a squished in face with small ears and big eyes. This unique look invites more price and they are generally more expensive than doll faced cats.

Doll faced cats on the other hand have a round head, round ears and big bold eyes. They tend to have pointier features.

Usually, doll faced Persians are relatively cheaper than the Show faced Persians because their unique looks and the fact that they are rarer.

Type Of Coat

Needless to say, that thick, soft fur is a big aspect of what makes a Persian cat unique.

Therefore, price will also see difference depending upon how rare a Persian cat’s coat is.

For example, Persian cats with glistening white coat are some of the most highly prized cats that you will ever come across.

Similarly, black Persian are also highly desired and thus demand a high prize as well.

Other subtle factors like coat quality and even eye color can cause the Persian cat to have extravagant prices.

Persian Cat Age

I have already shown you the kind of prices you can expect depending upon whether you are picking up a kitten, young adult, adult or a female Persian cat.

Let me just show you the table once again.

Other Breeds Average Price PointPersian Cat Usual price Point

Clearly, you will have to pay more if you decide to get a Persian kitten for yourselves.

The reason is pretty clear, all potential cat owners wish to raise their cats like their own child.

And therefore, a derive a deep satisfaction to raise their cats right from kittenhood.

In addition, it is relatively easier to train and mould cats when they are young relative to when they are adult and behaviourally developed.

This is why the demand for kittens is more and with high demand high price follows.

Price May Also Depend Upon The Breeder

Persian cats are inherently prone to certain respiratory problems.

And as such it becomes important that the cat you are looking to have has a healthy lineage.

Registered and certified breeders maintain rearing healthy litters can demand a premium in lieu of the care they took to breed healthy kittens.

This therefore comes with a health assurance and certification that your Persian cat is indeed everything it is promised to be.

This is very important especially with Persian cats given that they are expensive, rare and not to mention susceptible to hereditary health issues.

Maintenance Costs Of Owing A Persian Cats

Now, buying and getting a cat is one thing.

Another factor that you can’t overlook especially with Persian cats that demand an initial high cost is the general maintenance costs.

Persian cats are known to be high maintenance cats among people who know and understand cats or have had the pleasure of owning one.

Two most obvious maintenance costs that you will incur are veterinary and general things like scratchers, perches and toys.

But that isn’t all the investment that Persian cats invite.

Let’s go ahead and actually see briefly what are the possible maintenance costs you will have to incur if you choose to get a Persian cat.

Food Expenditure

There are a variety of factors which will decide what food you will get for your Persian cat.

Factors such as your cat’s likes and dislikes, weight of your cat and after a series of trials and vet advise what brand and variety you decide to go with.

Cat food prices do see a lot of variations depending upon type, brand, time etc. but in general terms you will incur around $300 to $800 per year.

Talking about cat food, check out this healthy homemade cat food recipe that is especially beneficial for senior cats.

Veterinary Expenditure

Both these expenses, food and vet, can be collectively categorized under health and well-being.

A Persian if she is healthy will generally be gentle, quiet and bubbly.

But Persian cats are known to have respiratory health concerns. So frequent and timely vet visits will be a thing with Persian cats.

In addition, Persian cats are also known for hereditary health issues.

Most if not all can be side stepped if you are getting your Persian from a certified breeder who maintains a healthy lineage.

So, in general, you must be ready for routine check-ups and occasional illness your Persian may catch.

In general, one vet visit will set you back anywhere around $300 but don’t be surprised if it gets ramped up to $1000+ if your cat requires some complicated procedure.

Grooming Expenses

If a Persian cat coat are a reason for their beauty, they are a reason for high maintenance as well.

Persian cat coat is this thick, soft, fur that is prone to mattes, tangles and not to mention dust.

Therefore, unlike certain other cat breeds, Persian cats do require regular bathing and brushing.

You don’t need to visit a professional every time your cat needs grooming.

In fact, with little patience, practice and understanding of your cat you can groom her timely yourself.

For example, here is how you can trim her nails if her temperament is a little on the angry side, rare with Persians but definitely possible.

Similarly, you can also learn how to bathe your Persian cat again with some care, patience and love.

Now if for some reason you would occasionally want to take your Persian to a professional, it may set you back around $80-$100 per visit.

So, you can work out how much cost you will have to incur if you make professional grooming a regular ordeal for your Persian cat.

Cat Accessories

I have mentioned this in so many places throughout this blog, that cats are like little bubbles of energy that need expression.

Even if your Persian cat is an adult, she will still have a kitten like demeanour to her.

One moment you will see her sound asleep on her perch, the very next moment she would be racing down the room chasing imaginary mouse.

Yep, that’s right. Persian cats are a character.

Anyone of you who owns them should confirm down in the comments section below.

Anyways, a cat’s ecosystem demands accessories like toys, cat scratchers, cat perches, carriers, cat beds, grooming tools, scratching posts, food/water dishes, etc.

The collective cost will vary again of course but it will cost you somewhere under $400-$500.

Good thing is most of these expenses are one-time investments (with obvious exceptions) but nevertheless very important accessories given the fact that cat’s need them in their ecosystem.

Miscellaneous Expenditure

Now, even if your Persian cat doesn’t have any inherent respiratory problems, they are still sensitive to heat.

I discussed the impact of modulating weather on Persian cats in this post, do Persian cats feel cold.

There I explained how keeping the right temperature in the domestic ecosystem of a Persian cat is utmost essential.

And therefore, if you live in a country where the temps get high, an air conditioner is a must.

Apart from the general or occasional need that you may require, there are certain other recurring and non-recurring expenses that you will incur like spaying ($100-$150), vaccinations, flea treatments, deworming etc.

So, those were most of the expenses you will observe if you decide to get a Persian cat.

Once again, all these expenses are subjective and will depend and vary from situation to situation, but collectively everything that I have shared above should aptly answer how much do Persian cats cost.

So now that you know why Persian cats are so expensive and how much do Persian cats cost, the next obvious question you may have is,

Are Persian Cats The Right Breed For You?

If you are getting your Persian cat from a reputable breeder to ensure she doesn’t carry any hereditary ailments, and given the fact that they are quiet, gentle, undemanding, beautiful and loving cat breed, I think you will find an excellent partner which will share her love with you for at least 15 long years.

So, yeah if you take care of certain factors which I will discuss now Persian cats are an excellent breed to own.

Ranging from personality and certain health concerns apart from the finances here are the certain factors you need to be aware of to see if Persian cats are the right cat breed for you.

  • Health Concerns

Persian cats are known to be susceptible to hereditary diseases and respiratory issues.

The flat face which gives a unique look to Persian cats also makes them receptive to problems such as eye drainage and nasal problems.

Additionally, they are also at the receiving end of these common ailments – Polycystic Kidney Diseases, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

As already mentioned, if you approach a reputed and certified breeder who develops and maintains litters with the right lineage to get your Persian cat, most of these issues can be side-stepped.

  • Temperament

Persian cats are known among people who love and understand cats as quiet, gentle and docile cat breeds. They are not known to be jumpy given the fact that they have short stocked legs (unlike Japanese Bobtail Cats) which is a good thing because you now don’t have to worry about them knocking your stuff from high places.

They are great company for other cats, dogs and family members and will mostly lounge around the house without bothering to much about how much attention she gets.

So, if you are okay with the finances, enjoy the personality they come with and ensure you get them from the right breeder I think Persian cats are excellent cat breeds to have and will bring lots of joy in your home for years to come.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Persian Cats,

Now that we have seen how much do Persian cats cost, what is the overall expense in raising persian cats and why are Persian cats so expensive, let’s see some more questions that I think you as a potential Persian cat owner would have.

What Is The Cost Of A Persian Cat In India?

Once again how much will a Persian cat cost will depend upon different factors like type, color, age and the breeder you are going to get her from. In general, you can expect Persian cats to cost anywhere around ₹8000 to ₹25,000.

Similar to every other place you can get a Persian cat from prices may vary depending on various factors all of which we have discussed above like whether the Persian cat is a kitten, adult, female or male, whether they are easily or rarely available in the local market etc.

Are Persian Cats Friendly With Other Pets?

While Persian cats are known to be discriminating in their affection, they generally tend to get well along with other cats, dogs and even children in the family. They are not known for getting into trouble with other pets in the family given their sweet, docile and quiet demeanour unless of course they are provoked which is going to be the case with any cat in general.

But in general, Persian cats gel well with cats, dogs and other pets you may have in your home.

 Are Persian Cats lap Cats?

Persian cats are what you can easily refer to as an epitome of lap cats. They love to cuddle, snuggle, and sleep close to their owners at the same time having an undemanding personality. They usually prefer an ecosystem that is quiet and predictable matching their own behavior, but won’t mind the general cackle of family given all their needs are met.

With that said we are at the end of this post where we discussed how much do Persian cats cost, why are Persian cats so expensive and other queries revolving around the topic.

If you have any other queries around any topic we have discussed or regarding owning and raising Persian cats, do not hesitate in asking them in the comments section below.

Also do not forget to subscribe to the blog to get your FREE goodies and our YouTube channel where we bring out awesome content like this for you regularly.

I will see you in the next one!


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