Top Pros And Cons Of Getting Two Kittens | 5 Multiple Cat Household Tips

Before we go ahead and discuss what are the pros and cons of two kittens let me ask you what do you think of when I say cats?

Here are the main adjectives you will probably think of cute, mysterious, beautiful, aloof, independent, lazy, playful.

With the perspective of benefits and drawbacks of having two cats in mind the key adjectives here are aloof, independent and lazy.

While yes, cats may evolve eventually into being an independent personality as they mature into adulthood but not all cats are like that.

We have seen through various posts on this blog like do Siamese cats like to cuddle, do Birman cats like to be held etc., that there are so many factors that depict what personality traits a particular cat will exude.

However, when they are little kittens there are certain facts that are invariably true.

In this post on what are the pros and cons of getting two kittens let us together look at those essential facts you will have to face if you choose to adopt more than one kitten.

Looking at the benefits and drawbacks of having two or more cats, I am pretty sure you will have an educated understanding to whatever doubts you might have in your mind.

I will also cover certain FAQs around getting two kittens at once like will two kittens bond with you?, is it beneficial to have two kittens from the same litter? etc.

Too much to learn isn’t it, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Should You Get One Or Two Kittens?

The answer is it depends. Getting two kittens at once has benefits that are hard to ignore. In nature two a cat litter comprises of two or more kittens. A kitten can be understood as a little bubble of energy and playfulness unsure of where to take her energy and playfulness out upon. With two kittens they have a partner they can engage with and express their energy and playfulness. A compatible companionship may also mean for development of well-adjusted pets.

In addition, it is usually easier to care for two kittens given the fact that most of their needs are taken care of by each other.

They will engage with each other, bond with each other express their excess energies with each other playfully and not to forget they will sleep in the warmth of each other.

A beautiful thing to see and I have been fortunate to be on the witnessing end of it.

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And in addition, they are just too much fun.

Jumping around, biting each other’s ears, rushing randomly after each other and of course certain quirks which only your pair will have.

And it is wonderful to see two cats grow together from being kittens to cat teenage years and into adulthood

Of course, there are a few caveats too with having two kittens at once too like increased expense, twice the maintenance, vet bills etc.

Something we are going to discuss in details in this post on pros and cons of getting two kittens.

I will say this if you are not an experienced cat owner, and if you can take the extra expense and maintenance that comes along with it, I would recommend getting two kittens.

Because this is what I have seen, people who get a cat and get comfortable with it don’t usually end up with having just one.

They aren’t even aware of how quickly they get used to the presence of a cat in their home that they want more of it.

Plus, this way you will learn about your cat(s) much more easily and quickly because of the simple fact that the contrast and similarities between your two kittens will just be too clear.

Anyways, let’s go ahead and learn exactly what are the benefits and drawbacks you are going to attract if you choose to get two kittens.

Pros Of Getting Two Kittens

Alright, so let’s objectively look at the various pros and cons of getting two kittens in your home and in your life.

To a great extent you will experience the same pros and cons when getting a second young adult cat as well.

The difference being that two adult cats have a fully-fledged personality and getting them to mingle with each other will take some patience and conscious effort.

But don’t worry, I have a separate section where I tell you the pros and cons of getting a second cat before the end.

And so, if you are trying to get a second cat when your home already has one, just check out these posts:

Here are the pros of getting two kittens,

  • Quick Evolution As Pets: As I mentioned this in a previous part of this post that kittens are like these bubble of energy and curiosity. A kitten that has another kitten or a cat to look forward to will learn quickly by observing him or her. This will eventually lead both of them to develop as well-adjusted pets. Skills like using the litter box and scratching posts will develop naturally without you having to consciously teach them to do it.
  • Two Kittens Will Keep Each other Company: Yes, cats may eventually develop into being strong, independent and aloof personalities but it depends on a lot of different factors. However, when they are kittens, they most definitely do and develop well in the company of a fellow feline. This is also the case of course in nature, where every litter has two or more kittens. Gives you also the freedom to do your human stuff while they keep each other busy.
  • They Have A Playmate On The Go: An all-round physiological and psychological development of a cat demands that your cat has an active playtime, puzzle and exercise sessions. Having another kitten to a great extent fulfils all of these demands. Having a furry friend will mean both of your kittens will have an outlet where they can focus their play aggression. And in the process, this will also teach them the limits they need to have on their biting and scratching instincts.
  • Reduces Destructive Behavioral Tendencies: It is observed that households with multiple cats are less likely to be on the receiving end of cat-made destruction. Kittens and cats that interact and play with each other are less likely to be bored. And because they have an active partner to involve and react to, they don’t take their excess energy out on you or your home. Adopting two kittens will also reduce the chances of cats developing separation anxiety which is a big issue with houses having just one cat.
  • Twice The Entertainment: Yes, we adopt cats because we love them. But let’s be honest we also adopt them because they are just too fun to be around. When your kitten has a partner like her they will not only be entertained, active and playful but will also give us a lot of laughs and memories in the process. And most cat owners agree, what’s better than having a cat is having two cats. Twice the love, twice the cuddles, snuggles and just general cat things. It’s way too hard saying no to that.
  • Grooming takes Care Of Itself For The Most Part: Cats are neat freaks and we know that. If in your home you have more than one cats you will observe that they take care of each other’s subtle grooming. Those hard-to-reach knots will be dealt with relative ease if your cat has a grooming companion. The only things that you are then left with are simple needs like that occasional bath and trimming their nails if and when needed.

Cons Of Getting Two Kittens

Alright we have seen the pros of getting two kittens and my dear they are incredible, aren’t they?

But as is the case with everything else in life, getting two kittens does come with certain drawbacks or cons if you will.

While I will argue that you can always work around the cons but I think it’s important to relay them here for objective thinking.

Here are the cons of having getting two kittens,

  • Extra Expenditure: First most obvious one is of course the increased expenditure. While most essential and subtle needs of kittens get taken care of by the other kitten but the added expense is going to be there. But understand that having two cats doesn’t equate to having twice the expenditure. That’s not how it is. The core areas of investments will of course be food, extra dishes, litter box and a few extra perches and scratching posts. And added attention also needs to be put into your cat’s preference. Both of them may not like the same food. And extra bit of research may be needed to hunt for grain free foods that is aptly nourishing for your cats.
  • Added Responsibility: Cats have strong personalities and it will be visible right from when they are little kittens. And as such they need an ecosystem that supports it. This includes and the list isn’t exclusive, things like devoting the essential time to pets, putting food out at the right time in clean containers, litter box cleaning, timely vet visits and other subtle but important things that come along with owning cats. The good thing with cats is the fact that they are creatures of habit and routine, and therefore developing a regime isn’t too difficult with them and can be handled with relative ease.
  • Personality Clashes: Usually when they are kittens you won’t face the problems of them not liking each other but it’s possible. Mostly this problem, if it exists, can be side stepped if you choose kittens from the same litter or if you get an adoptable pair from an experienced breeder who have lived together for some time.  Kittens may take some time to get used to the new surroundings and if they have a partner kitten (preferably her sibling) the process will become quicker and easier.
  • Vet Bills: Of course, this is an extension of my first point on added expenditure. But just to highlight the importance of your cat’s well-being, I am relaying it here. Two kittens or cats will mean more vet bills which includes vaccinations and routine checks. If you are fiscally comfortable, I don’t think this is going to be a big issue, but worth a mention.
  • Attention Demands: Yes, cats are known for being aloof and independent. But not all breeds are like that plus cats are not always like that. For domestic cats especially active playtime and involvement from their favourite human is a must. Giving the right amount of attention becomes even more pronounced if you have kittens. You have to nurture them, feed them rightly and provide the necessary attention to each of them equally. I have seen many cases wherein a cat develops jealousy when more attention is being given to the other cat. Simply put both or your cats are independent personalities (or will develop eventually) that needs to be addressed in their own separate ways.

Tips For Homes With Multiple Cats

So those were the pros and cons of getting two kittens.

I am pretty sure I have covered everything. Any extra pro or con of getting two kittens that you will experience or think of will just be an offset of the points I have discussed above I am pretty sure.

Now, you are in a place where you can weigh in as to whether you are comfortable getting two kittens.

And if you do, I think it will be very beneficial to leave you with certain tips that will help you in dealing with the presence of two or more kittens more effectively and aptly.

  • You Don’t Need A Big House: Many new owners have this misconception that multiple cats need massive houses to dwell well. This isn’t true. While having big spaces for cats to ponder will most definitely have its advantages but that isn’t a necessity. What is a necessity is each cat having her own resting and sleeping spot, peeking and hiding points, toys, dishes, and perches. Cat are territorial beings and therefore their inherent nature appreciates demarcated space they can call their own.
  • With Cats Sharing Isn’t Caring: As mentioned, cats are territorial beings and therefore are very sensitive to resources such as food, food bowls and litter boxes. One of the biggest factors that is responsible for problems in homes housing multiple cats is sharing of food bowls and litter boxes. NEVER DO THAT. I can’t recommend you enough to get a separate food bowl, water bowl and litter box for each of your cats. If you see any kind of bullying or clashes while eating, you may also want to keep the feeding stations for different cats in different locations.
  • Get Plenty Of Cat Scratchers And Trees: An extension of my previous point, a cat with multiple cats needs to essentially have multiple cat trees, condos or at least scratchers in multiple locations. Cat trees not only provide a resting and playing spot for your cats but their absence will render your furniture to be on the receiving end of cat scratching. I have discussed this in great details on my separate posts on 10-day guide to stop cats from scratching furniture and how to choose the best scratching post for cats.
  • No. Of Litter Boxes = No. Of Cats + 1: Always have this expert recommended formula for no. of litter boxes for houses with multiple cats. Once again, this is because of the deeply rooted territorial behaviour of the cats. Having multiple litter boxes surely will avoid litter box bullying and territorial spraying. Litter box don’t get dirty too quickly and thus will ensure that your cats don’t eliminate outside of it.
  • Ensure An Active Ecosystem: Cats are these bubbles of energy that like to express themselves in wild ways. Your house must have the necessary outlets where they can express their wild nature in controlled ways. Toys, scratching posts, scratchers, puzzles and perches will fulfil those criteria. Additionally, escape spots like high vantage points, empty cat carriers, cardboard boxes provide excellent escape havens when cats feel overwhelmed.


I think I have covered almost everything I wanted to cover in this post on pros and cons of getting two kittens.

Yet, somehow, I feel it isn’t enough. I never do.

Of course, all the important points associated with getting two cats are covered above, but let me quickly answer some frequently asked questions I receive from my readers.

What are pros and cons of getting a second cat?

The pros and cons of getting a second cat are very similar to what we learnt about getting two kittens with certain obvious offsets.

Here are the pros of getting a second cat.

  • Company. If the two cats get well along with each other, they will take care of a lot of needs of the other cat which otherwise you would have to do. They will be a good company for each other during times you aren’t home.
  • Active Playtime. With a second cat your cat will have an active playmate on the go and thus will be physically and psychologically stimulated as and when needed.
  • Grooming takes care of itself. Cats need grooming, we all know that. Two cats will groom each other when needed leaving you with reduced responsibility of grooming only that which you can do.
  • Better development as a domesticated cat.  Cats learn from each other. When she will have another cat to look up to you will observe that they evolve together as well-adjusted domestic cats.
  • Focussed Play Aggression. When your cat has a partner into which she can express her energy into, your home and household stuff won’t be at the receiving end of her naughty acts too much.

Here are the cons you may face when getting a second cat.

  • Conflict. When getting an adult or young adult cat the possibility of your original cat not liking her is always a possibility which needs to be handled with patience.
  • Territorial Problems. Cats are territorial beings with strong personalities. Separate accessories like bowls, food, litter box must be in place at a distance at least in the beginning.
  • Individual Attention Demands. While having two cats will redeem you of many active acts of responsibility, you will still have to attend to their individual attention demands. This is very crucial.
  • More Vet Bills. I am pretty sure, if you are even thinking of getting two cats this will be an issue for you but worth mentioning. Two cats mean more vet visits and medical and vaccination costs.
  • Insecure Behavior. Sometimes introducing a second cat may be perceived by your original cat as a threat or punishment. Again patience and attention is going to be the key here.

Will Two Kittens Bond With Me?

So, will two kittens bond with you given the fact that they will have each other for most of their cat needs?

The answer is yes, even though they have a relatable feline member in the house to whom they bond with in their own ways, this doesn’t mean they will bond any less with you. Cats especially when they are kittens can develop a very affectionate bond with each other and at the same time will not restrict their love for you. Cats are well aware of their environment being the territorial beings they are and see the human who takes care of them in their territory as their family.

I understand where the question is coming from and assure you, both of your kittens as they grow up will each develop a unique relationship with you.

Also, you have to keep their growth cycle and needs in mind too. At a tender age, kittens have some very unique and special needs which tend to take care of themselves when they have a fellow kitten in their vicinity.

And just because at this age they are showing relatively more affection towards each other doesn’t mean you are out of the equation.

Their relationship with each other will mature and their relationship will mature with you too in unique ways.

Be patient 😊.

Is it better to have two cats of the same gender?

If you are picking litter mates or kittens who were introduced when they were young it wouldn’t really matter. Any combination of the kittens be it one male, one female or two males or two females will be fine. However, what you need to remember is if you choose to get one of either gender they will need to be spayed and neutered or you will end up with more kittens.

With that answer we are at the end of this post on the pros and cons of getting two kittens.

I hope the post was elaborate enough and answered most of your doubts and queries.

If you have more don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section below.

Also don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and our YouTube channel for awesome content similar to this and not to forget your free goodies.

Take great care of yourselves and your kittens and I will see you in the next one.


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