5 DIY Cat Toys Every Cat Parent Needs To Create Now !!

Cats have evolved themselves from being out there into the wild to our domesticated environments over time. But that doesn’t mean all of it’s inherent wild aspects and needs have disappeared. Cats essentially needs to be agile, sleek and responsive. DIY Cat Toys can play a great role in that.

Every cat owner understands that cat toys play an important task in evolving their cats.

Cat needs to be stimulated a lot more for their bodies to mature properly and for them to remain playful.

Or else cats may face problems such as obesity very easily in domesticated environments.

DIY Cat Toys are a great way to give an expression to your artsy nature and to also create something for your furry friend.

Here is a quick and complete guide to top DIY cat toys that you can gift your fur baby today.

Why DIY Cat Toys? Why Can’t I just Buy Them ?.

It’s a great question. When everything can be obtained on amazon.

Why go an extra mile to create one. Here are some reasons why.

Understanding Your Cat’s Nature

Cat have very strong personalities. They are very picky as to what they like and what they don’t.

Especially in the beginning when you are still looking to explore what are you cat’s like and dislike.

DIY cat toys are an excellent way to discover that.

Maybe you cat likes catnip toys or maybe feather toys gets her active.

DIY Cat Toys Enhances Your Relationship With Your Cats.

We spend with an open heart for our cats. And that’s good. We treat them like our own kids.

But isn’t it better that sometimes we gift them something that we created with our own hands.

It’s little things like these that enhance your relationship with your cats.

And slowly over time when you understand what your cat really wants they start sensing that bond.

Previously we created a post on how to properly communicate with your cat, and beginning to understand them is the first step.

Unleashing Your Creativity By Using Easily Available Materials.

DIY cat toys are easy to create and you have full control to customize them according to what your kitty may like.

These require very little resources and your creativity is the limit here rather then being stuck with what a manufacturer offers.

In the DIY cat toys you will see below I will make sure that all the materials that you are going to use are either easily available or are very cheap.

Because yes cat toys may not cost that much but cats do get bored with their toys.

So in that case amount spent on cat essentials pile up very quickly as I am sure you are aware of.

So now let’s go ahead and see how to make DIY cat toys for your cats

Top 5 DIY Cat Toys

1. Classic feather string toy

diy cat toys feather string toy
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Figure out the what feather and string length will work for your cat.

Use factors as to how big or small your cat’s body is. And whether you are creating the toy for a kitten or an adult cat.

Tie feathers on one end of the string.

Once you tie the knot apply glue on it to make knot stronger or it may wither if your cat pulls it hard.

Tie a knot on opposite end too to avoid fraying.

To make it more interactive you could add jingle bells too.

Among all the variety of DIY cat toys you can possibly create, feather toys are more likely to be appealing for your cats.

Because their instincts see them as a potential bird or a quick mouse and the stimulation thus caused simulates to them chasing an animal in the wild.

This keeps them happy, health and agile by giving a controlled expression to their wild nature.

2. Classic Catnip Sock Cat Toy

diy cat toys sock toy
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Sock filled with filling.

One of the easiest DIY cat toy you can make.

We all have that one sock lying around that can’t find its partner for some mysterious reasons. let’s give it a purpose now shall we ?.

Here is what to do.

You Will Need

An Unused Sock

Cotton Filling for your sock.


Get an unused sock and get something to fill it cotton balls or small pieces of cloth.

Do not forget to to add dry catnip to the mix for that extra crazy cat effect.

Do not over fill. be mindful of your cat’s size. But make them big enough so that your cat can grab it properly and kick it using her hind legs.

Yeah, that’s what catnip does to them.

Tie it, once it is filled.

You can draw little x`s on it if you are feeling extra creative and for people to know what it is.

Tada!!. The toy is ready.

3. Cat Palace

diy cat toys cat sitting on cardboard palace
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I know before you throw those shopping boxes out you wonder can you do something about them.

Well, if you have a cat in your house you definitely can.

They can be very easily used to create a cat palace for your furry queen?.

Here is what you will need to do so.



Creativity is the key here. You need to arrange your boxes in a creative sense such that.

  • It allows for sufficient space for your cat to hide in.
  • Is strong enough so that it can sustain your cat’s weight if it has multiple floors.

Depending on the number of floors you want to add to the palace,work on all boxes in a similar way.

Draw windows and door on the box using pencil.

Choose dimensions appropriately according to your kitty`s body so that she has sufficient space to easily go in and come out of.

Carefully cut out marked doors and windows and place piece of cloth/mattress on it to keep her war,.

Use glue to join multiple boxes,if any.

And the Palace is ready!!

4. Toilet Paper Roll Ring Toy

diy cat toys toilet paper ring
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Is it time to throw old toilet paper roll and get a new one?.

Wait wait !! You may just be able to re-purpose toilet rolls into cat toy.

Cats don’t play fetch like dogs.

Cats find it more amusing to chase anything that rolls or may slide over floor randomly.

All diy cat toys that we have discussed till now take into account that behavior.

Why do you think most cats annihilate your toilet by scratching and rolling out your toilet paper all over the place.

These DIY TP rings appeal to most cats.



Make 4 marks on TP roll by placing your finger on roll(finger width marks).

Cut them with scissors.

And that’s it. It’s that easy. We mentioned it earlier that things don’t need to be that complex. These DIY toilet paper ring rolls work very well to keep your cat entertained.

Now you are ready to roll with your furry friends with the help of these DIY TP rings.

5. Catnip Yarn Balls

diy cat toys
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Cats and catnip are a hilarious combination.

I don’t need to tell you anything about that of course.

But if you are still curious as to what does catnip do to cats read this post.

Now if you want to create something fun for you and “transcendental” for your cat, if you catch my drift.

This is just what you need to do:



Apply some glue on the Styrofoam ball and roll it over dried catnip.

Wrap yarn piece over the ball.

Lock the ends of yarn by applying glue and your catnip infused DIY cat toy is ready.

Simple, effective and not to mention absolutely cheap.

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide on DIY cat toys. What breed of cat do you have and what kind of toys does he/she likes ?.

Have you ever made any DIY cat toys for her. If yes, comment it out in the comment section below.

And if we like it we will feature it on the blog.

Do take good care of yourselves and your kitty. 🙂 See ya soon. 🙂 .

Happy DIYing 🙂

easy DIY cat toys
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