Top 5 Weird Cat Behaviors And What Do They Mean?

Cats and weirdness are synonymous. Weird cat behaviors are probably one very important reason one decides to get a cat.

But why do we love these weird cat behaviors?

I mean we don’t like people behaving weird do we?

The answer to that my dear friend is innocence.

Cat are weird without any specific purpose that’s why we love them don’t we.

Okay so in this post I am going to discuss top 5 weird cat behaviors that I know you are aware and curious about.

We will learn why do cats do what they do and what does it mean as a position of cat parent.

So sit well, have a coffee cup ready and read on.

Let’s start with the big one.

Why on Earth Does My Cat Put Her Butt On My Face?

Ah nothing like the smell of your cat bum in the morning at 5 o’clock.

There are a very few experience in life as fragrant as that.

Now why do they do that you might have often wondered?

Why do they feel this sudden urge to flash their butt right in your face particularly when you don’t want them to.

And have anyone of you noticed how precise cats are with their timings?

When you wish to play with them, they stare at you as if they are ready to kill you.

And when you are watching your favorite show on Netflix and the suspense is about to drop.

Bam all of a sudden yourcat wants to be cozy and slam her bum at your face.

Cats right?

Anyways, I think I answered why they do that.

Putting their bums to their face is one such weird cat behavior that lets you know they trust you and don’t see you as a threat.

A cat bum to the face is a human equivalent to to a hug or a kiss on the cheek as per cat expert Amy Shojai.


That’s so sweet.

Smelly yes.

But so sweet.

Another reason that scientists believe why cats turn their bums on us is to allow you to learn more about her.

As per some recent studies, cats through this behavior are trying to let you in on them by allowing you more access to her.

Cats are sensitive beings that learn and transmit through olfactory(scent based) actions.

So if she is turning her back to you, this directly means she is very comfortable around you and is expressing her feeling of security around you.

My dude, it simply means you cat is saying I love you.

Revert some love back by petting her near the base of her tail.

While we are at it you must be wondering why is the cat in this video making those weird noises while getting pet.

Well, because cats have a lot of sensitive nerve endings at the base of their spine.

And if you happen to tap or scratch this area of their body it releases happy endorphins in their minds making them feel that glee and playful.

Why Do My Cats Follow Me To the Bathroom?

Another very common weird cat behavior I am sure every cat owner must have observed.

And if you don’t have an open bathroom door policy whence living with your cats, you can feel them roaming just outside in curiosity.

So why do cats gleefully want to follow you into the bathroom?

There are a number of reasons why cats choose to follow you into the bathroom.

Let’s start with the one concerning you.

Cats are hunters and therefore inherently curious by nature.

They like to scape their domain all the time so to speak.

Whether that be your living room, your backyard or your bathroom.

So you might not be a potential prey for them but they want to know what is happening in their domain all the time.

And when you put a door between you and them their weird cat behavior goes into overdrive and you can find them swatting the doors and meowing loudly outside.

Another reason is a bathroom is virtually a beacon for cat fascination.

Your bathroom is probably the coolest room of your house.

There are taps of running water, clean sink to curl into and toilet paper.

Oh my God!, so much toilet paper.

So you see why these events in a collective form can trigger curiousity sensations of your cat into overdrive.

Another very interesting reasoning behind this behavior as per wildlife biologist Imogene Cancellare is their demand for attention.

With their humans being way to busy with the life they have.

Cats see this as a great opportunity to sit on your lap and find the warmest spot in the house for they have learned their human doesn’t have much of a choice when he or she is using the toilet.

It is also possible that your cat may feel vulnerable in your absence.

And knowing that you are there where they cannot reach you might be making them feel a bit anxious.

Which is why all the swatting and scratching happens.

Why Do Cats Like To Sleep On Your Head?

I actually created a whole post just dedicated on understanding why do cats sleep with us.

You can check it out for details.

But anyway let me jot down here why specifically they like to sleep on our heads of all places.

There are again a lot of reasoning and speculations surrounding this behavior.

One of the obvious reasons why they plop on your head like a crown is because of the warmth.

Yes sure, you have other body parts that are warm, but most of the heat from your body escapes from your head.

And your cat as sensitive as she is can perceive that.

Apart from that your head also happens to be the most convenient spot.

In your process of lying down, head is that part of your body which will see minimal motion.

We all know how we move our hands and torso when we sleep.

Here is a fun fact.

The average temperature of a cat body is 102 degree Fahrenheit.

And they need to constantly regulate their body temperature in such a sense so as to aid their basal metabolism.

For this reason cats tend to find places that have an elevated temperature like your window, in front of the water place or in this case your head.

Why Do Cats Like Boxes Or Why Do They Actively Find Tight Spaces To Hide/Rest In?

So why do cats like boxes?

Why do cats tend to find tight spaces to fit in.

Why do they have, “If I fits, I Sits” motto.

There are again a lot of speculations and resoning behind this weird cat behavior.

One of the top ones that stick out is there sense of survival and comfort.

Cat are predators and we all know that.

In their process of evolving besids us they may have toned down some of their wild tendencies but that doesn’t mean they have given it up altogether.

Wild cats use tight spaces and vantage points to measure their prey, attack and rest.

And their sleek and agile body is designed to aid in these tasks.

So over the process of evolution cats have retained this memory and associate it with tiny boxes and spaces they find in your house.

In other words, boxes and tiny spaces give them a familiar sense of security wherein they can rest without being worried about external attacks.

Why Do Cats Tend To Open Their Mouth After Smelling Something?

This is of the weird cat behaviors about which you may abe unaware as to why does a cat do that.

For example, your cat may have just smelled your grocery bag that you brought from the market and is making this strange face where her mouth is partially open as if she is panting.

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The first time you saw your cat doing this, did you freak out?

Mention in the comments section below.

So why do cats do that.

This response is commonly referred to as the Flehmen Response and interestingly enough cats are not the only mammals that do this.

Cats have a special organ called a Jacobson’s Organ or vomeronasal located at the top of their mouth behind their teeth.

So whenever your cat makes this face it means her sense of smell has encountered something she doesn’t completely understand yet.

And now she is in the process of delegating the smell to the Jacobson’s organ for more analysis.

In the process that is visible to you the tongue is actually trying to capture the scent and sending it to the Jacobson’s organ.

Hence the smelly cat face. Hello, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

The Flehmen Response as I pointed out isn’t limited to cats.

Other predatory and non predatory animals like elephants, horses, tigers, giraffes and goats are noted to express Flehmen response as well.

Okay then my crazy cat lovers.

Those were the top 5 weird cat behaviors your cats generally express of which you might be aware but ignorant of.

I hope I was able to provide the necessary knowledge base and insights in these weird cat behaviors and satisfied your curiosity.

It is these quirky cat behaviors that make cats, well Cats.

Once we adopt a cat it invariably becomes the center of all our attention and love.

And it is these weird cat behaviors that keep making us fall in love with them over and over again.

Are there other weird behavior that your cat expresses that might have not made the list.

Comment it down in the comments section below and I might just include it in the list if it is a common one.

Take great care of yourselves and your cat and I will see you in the next one.


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