What do Cats do all Day? | 7 Sneaky Things Cats do Secretly!

If you ask a cat lover or a cat owner or even a cat admirer, why do you fancy cats, let me tell you, they will have a hard time answering.

And that is precisely why they love cats.

You see, how can something so simple, be so mysterious?

See, a dog’s love is something that everyone understands and acknowledges. 

There is no way you can comprehend whether your cat loves you or is just pretending, yet you still want them.

With dogs, you can almost always know how they will love you.

With cats, it’s a lucky draw of sorts. 

Either he or she will be the most lovey-dovey on-your-face kind, or serve me you buffoon and leave me alone for my nap kind or something in between.

Or here is the best part.

She may start with one kind of behavior and on one fine day, she will metamorphose into a totally different cat.

The point is, you don’t know, nobody knows and that’s the adventure that draws people to cats.

And the cuteness helps of course.

Now given you already have one or many of these creatures at home, you may ponder, what do cats do all day?

The question is of special significance for someone looking to get a cat, who already has a cat and can’t spend a lot of time with her, or maybe you are just curious.

In this article let me share with you what cats think and do all day, what is life like when you are a cat, or what would a daily vlog of a cat will look like.

1. Cats Sleep a Lot

Big surprise, right?

Well, anyone who has had the pleasure of owning a feline tends to report big nap times.

But very soon they get used to the fact that cats just sleep a lot.

Now, why cats sleep so much is a separate topic in its own right but roughly cats like to sleep 12-16 hours on any given day.

So, if you are out of your house and pondering what your furry friend is doing, more often than not she might be taking a nap.

She is more like you in the sleeping department, she will have a nap if and when she can manage it.

2. Cats are Hoarders and Explorers

Cats are inquisitive creatures.

They want to learn about everything in their ecosystem.

Cats thrive on familiarity. They are a creature of routine. That’s probably a reason why they are so curious.

So, you can be well assured of knowing that in your absence they are trying to develop a sense of familiarity with the ecosystem they are in.

This is even more true for cats that you have recently adopted.

The other thing that drives cats is their instinct to explore.

Once they have ensured through their sense of smell and hearing that you are truly gone, the exploration begins.

They move around the house sniffing for new, out-of-the-ordinary stuff like that bottlecap you carelessly left on the floor.

There is a good chance that you won’t find it when you return.

Some cats like to hoard stuff.

They create a stash of stuff they like and make it a point to update it with new things if and when they find the time.

Where is this stash usually? Well, that is the mystery and the reason for owning a cat.

3. Cats Hunt When They Can.

While we have done a good job at domesticating them, cats hold onto some of their predatory attributes.

Hunting is one of those activities via which they express their natural instincts.

If you have trained your cat to be outside, there is a good chance she is out hunting anything she moves. Cats are obligate carnivores and opportunistic hunters.

As a matter of fact, reports suggest that outdoor cats are responsible for killing around 2.4 billion cats in the United States alone.

In order for you to prevent your cat from hunting when she doesn’t need to you need to give her an alternate avenue to express her energy.

Toys that emulate animals like a toy mouse or feather toys are perfect for this. 

You need to provide her with a way through which she can express the pent-up energy generated as a result of napping and resting.

This will keep her healthy and happy.

4. Cats Actually Do Wait for their Owners

This is an ongoing discussion among cat owners and lovers.

It is a known fact that cats develop a special bond with specific people.

Owing to that behavior, it can be safely stated that your cat will miss you when you are gone.

At this point, it is important to state here that not all cats do well when left alone.

Certain breeds like the siamese thrive on company and can even develop behavioral problems when left alone for a long time.

So, you need to be aware of the requirements of your cat and act accordingly.

If you find your cat wrapping herself around your legs when you return, meowing sweetly on seeing you, showing your belly, or a similar friendly gesture, that is her indirect way of saying she missed you.

5. Cats tend to get Bored

Now cats need a lot of physical and mental stimulation.

For this reason, a cat needs to have toys and puzzles in its ecosystem to develop as a well-adjusted pet.

I have covered this in a lot of different places on this blog that cats do really well when they have a sibling.

They can play, rest and learn together meaning it frees you from most if not all responsibilities that come along with raising cats.

So, if your cat does indeed have a partner, when you are away, they are always plotting.

I am just kidding, well in your absence, they are either resting together, playing together, or taking it all out on that toilet paper roll.

And as you can imagine in the absence of any partner, the chances of your cat getting bored are always there.

While yes, there are cat breeds that manage well alone too, in general, a feline partner is always a good thing.

6. They are Eating in Peace.

Now you may think, duh.

But hear me out, here is the thing, it is entirely possible that if your going out is a routine, your cat may enjoy eating more when you are not around.

You see cats don’t like to be disturbed when they are eating and eliminating.

I am not saying your presence always keeps her on her toes but when she knows she is alone, there is a good chance she enjoys her feast more.

The reason again can be extrapolated to her times in the wild, where she was always on guard for potential competitors.

Knowing that the space is totally hers, she may enjoy her meals more.

7. Cats Love Welcoming their Favorite Human

Well, we have already established that cats tend to choose their favorite person.

So, if indeed your cat has chosen you as her favorite human, rest assured she will welcome you when you are back in her own unique ways.

She will sense you are coming and gets ready to give you a warm welcome.

And as I said, showing her belly, wrapping herself around you, coming right in front of you risking to tip you over are just some of her ways.

Now you may say, that would be nice to experience, but my cat just sits there, and stares as if saying, ‘ugh you again’.

Well, all cats are different. Some are over-the-top affectionate. Some keep a balance between affection and aloofness and some are so exclusive that you may think they have no love at all.

The thing is not all cats express affection in similar ways, and it depends on so many factors like breed, conditioning, and past experiences.

But what can be said for certain is that they will have their unique ways of expressing their love and gratitude.

Some of them may not keep their butts on your face but I guarantee that your cat will have a way of expressing her affection, different from all other cats in the world.

That’s what makes them special.

In Conclusion,

Well, what goes on in a cat’s head the whole day, nobody really knows.

But looking at their action in relation to us, some concrete inferences can be made.

I have tried to relay some of those expressions in the article.

I hope you had a wonderful time going through each one of those.

To sum up, it can be said that throughout the whole day, a cat is either resting, hunting, exploring, or eating.

Acts like purring, soft meowing, rubbing against you, wrapping their tails around you tell us they love and actually miss us when we are gone.

And if your cat does express some or all of these affection signals, always reciprocate it in ways she enjoys.

So, eating sleeping, playing, and hunting han?

I gotta say, that’s a pretty sweet life eh?

So your cat is living a life that a part of you, albeit a small one craves. Am I right?

Take care of yourselves. I will see you around 🙂

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