Why Are Siamese Cats So Needy And Clingy?

So, for a while I have been answering many faqs about different cat breeds.

Most of these questions are being shot at me by my rabid readers Lol and therefore I cannot ignore them.

Additionally, when I answer cat related questions raised by my readers and of course cat owners, I feel more connected with them.

One cat breed about which I have been receiving a flurry of questions, is Siamese cat breed.

Of course, I am not at all surprised.

Siamese cats are one of the most popular cat breeds among cat owners.

They are so loved across the world that they have one of the biggest fan following among cat lovers.

I for one haven’t found a cat owner ever saying no to owning a Siamese cat.

Maybe that’s just me but because you are reading this post, I am fairly sure you are aware of how sweet, loving, playful, attention demanding and not to mention how chatty Siamese cats are.

While they are one of the sweetest cat breeds in the world, they also come with certain behavioral traits, their owners sometimes have certain issues dealing with.


In this article, let me explain to you one such very common behavior trait among Siamese cat breeds with respect to their general aura and personality, their neediness and clinginess.

So Why Are Siamese Cats So Needy?

I have seen many Siamese cat owners ask why are Siamese cats so needy and clingy.

Well, the answer to that question is, Siamese cats have a personality that enjoy companionship and engagement. They enjoy and demand it to an extent that they may be by some people described as needy or clingy, in a subjective sense.

However, not all Siamese cats are equally needy but if not paid proper attention to what Siamese cats demand most of them can get needy to an extent that isn’t healthy for them.

So, a Siamese cat may get very needy or clingy because the basic demands that her personality require aren’t being met.

The Demands of a Siamese cats are simple but very important.

Siamese cats are one of the most interactive, playful, loving, chatty and attention demanding cat breeds out there.

While there are a lot of desirable characteristics that make Siamese cats desirable including her beautiful looks, they do come with some caveats.

Well, I wouldn’t call them limitations or disadvantages of having a Siamese cat (I know some people refer it that way), they are more like necessary acts you need to do in order for the Siamese cat to evolve properly.

These demands or acts that Siamese cats need are active interaction and effective playtime.

Look at it this way, what if you had a lot of bubbling energy that you couldn’t get an outlet to express.

Well, that how it is with Siamese cats.

They come with a personality that has a bubble of energy that needs to be expended using interactive outlets like playtime, cat toys and giving her the desired attention.

Fail to do that and you render her open to certain behavioral problems like boredom, erratic and with respect to the context of this post, extreme neediness or clinginess.

How Affectionate Siamese Cats Really Are?

So now that I have answered why are Siamese cats so needy, I think I need to make you aware as to how affectionate Siamese cats really are.

This is important I feel because I want you have to have a kind of gauge, a metric if you will to know whether your cat is being needy or is being just her affectionate self.

Siamese cats are very affectionate cat breeds. They are among the handful of cat breeds that actually consciously demand and seek human companionship and in addition gel well with other cats, pets and kids too.

Now you see why these breeds appeal to people and families more specifically.

They are very trusting and loving towards their humans and are often known to choose a favorite person to bond deeply with.

This affectionate behavior needs to be carefully tended to and when not done, Siamese cats are known to develop separation anxiety, depression, insecure, aggressive behavior and neediness.

Male Vs Female Siamese Cats: Which One Is More Affectionate?

So, this question doesn’t necessarily have a black and white answer as I suppose you would know.

Because with cats it’s way too subjective you see.

So much depends upon the cat’s personality.

However, it is widely observed and accepted among cat owners that male Siamese cats are in general more affectionate than their female counterparts.

Males are known to cherish physical interactions like being a lap cat and cuddles but female Siamese cats too have their own way of expressing their affections that cat owners are aware of.

So because of this it is highly likely a male Siamese may be a bit more needy or clingy that its female counterpart.

Now once again I need to make it clear that this demarcation isn’t written in stone.

Some cat owners who own a female Siamese swear that female Siamese are more affectionate.

It really comes down to the cat’s individual personality and the ecosystem in which she has grown up in.

How Do Siamese Cats Show Affection?

Now what kinds of acts of affection are alright and what counts as borderline needy or clingy.

Here are the different ways through which a Siamese cat may express his or her affection.

1.Slow Blinking

I have covered this trait of cats in a separate post on why do cats slow blink at you.

I urge you to go through it to know deeper reasons as to why cats slow blink at you, but for the purpose of this post, you must know this is a sign of affection.

A Siamese cat that is slowly blinking at you in a relaxed way is indirectly saying she is very comfortable and feels secure in your presence.

Experts say it is the cat’s way of saying ‘I Love You’.

2. Tail Movements

Once again, I have covered cat’s tail language in a separate post by the name what is your cat’s tail trying to tell you.

I loved creating this post and I hope you will love it while reading too.

But in summary looking at a cat’s tail and with respect to her mannerisms you can easily say how she is feeling in your company.

Usually, there are other signs too, but if your Siamese is weaving and twirling her cat around your leg.

Believe me when I say this, you know how to handle your cat. It isn’t easy, but when it happens it’s worth it.

3.Face Rubbing

This is something that I don’t think will need a lot of explicit explanation.

If you Siamese is rubbing her cheeks and her face on your body, they are inviting you to socialize.

Cats are known to have certain secretary glands on their cheeks that produce pheromones.

Cats tend to rub their faces or cheeks on their owners as a way of expressing their ownership over you.

Of course, in the most loving way.

4.Head Butts

Head buntings usually follow head rubbings and I don’t think you need me to tell you what they mean.

Subtle head butts are one of the biggest signs of a cat’s affection.

Siamese cats in particular owing to their loving nature are known to give a lot of head buntings to their favorite human.

If your cat head butts you, know that you are now being permanently claimed by your cat.

5. When A Cat Follows You Around

I think this tendency or gesture of a cat deserves special mention particularly with respect to Siamese cats.

Siamese cats are widely known to follow their human around in the house wherever they go and yes that includes bathroom as well.

In their own subtle ways, they are almost like dogs.

We know and have discussed cat breeds that tend to have an aloof personality and may seem to not care about a thing in the world.

But that isn’t the case with Siamese cats at all.

That is one of the biggest reasons why Siamese cats are so cherished over the world.

They are like a living contradiction to what the general perception about cats have been about them being aloof and indifferent to humans.

Now, because we are discussing this in context to why are Siamese cats so needy, I think if your cat follows you around in addition to being happy, you must also be a little cautious.

A cat that follows you everywhere is obviously an attention demanding cat and can feel insecure in your absence.

And because she misses you while you are away, she may develop anxiety, needy, clingy, or sometime aggressive behavior.

Solutions For A Needy Or Clingy Siamese Cat

So now that we have understood the personality of a Siamese cat in hindsight, I want you to first establish is your Siamese cat really needy or is she just being a Siamese cat.

And a good way to gauge this is by putting her latest behaviors in contrast.

For example, just compare how needy has she gone in recent weeks with respect to what she was.

If you see a stark contrast in her developed behavior follow some of the methods that I am going to show you below and most probably she will get back to her joyful self in no time.

However, if you are new to owning a Siamese cat, I just want you to accept the fact that Siamese cats are chatty and kinda needy cat breeds.

There is not a whole lot you can do with them except understanding their nature and caring for them the way they deserve.

So here are some simple things you can do to reduce her newly developed overly needy behavior.

1.Find Time To Play With Her

This is without any doubt the most relevant action that you can take.

As explained in a previous section of this post, Siamese cats are almost like dogs.

They have this bubble of energy they don’t know what to do with.

So, the best thing you can do is give them an outlet where they can express their energy and playing with her is the best thing you can do for her.

It will keep here energies balanced and consequently help keep her needy behavior in check when she gets the necessary engagement her personality demands.

2.Spend More Time With Her

Obviously, an extension to what we just discussed.

Siamese cats demand attention and when she doesn’t get it

Make it a point to spend more time with her by engaging her with her in a way she likes.

It can be toys, engagement activities, playing fetch (yes Siamese do tend to learn how to play fetch), or maybe just letting her sleep on your lap if that is what she likes.

Just ensure that she doesn’t feel left out. It won’t be good for her.

3.Get Another Pet or Cat

I know this may not be feasible for all of you.

But I want you to know that it isn’t for nothing that people who already have a cat tend to get another cat.

Cats do very well in pairs or more.

And this is especially true and not mention very relevant for Siamese cats.

Siamese cats do very well in pairs.

They always have one partner to engage in when you aren’t available to engage with them.

If you are someone who won’t be able to spend a lot of time with your Siamese because of work, I highly recommend getting another cat.

Having said that their bubbly, joyful, active, loving and playful personality tends to gel well with other pets like dogs as well.

Families with kids are again an ideal ecosystem for Siamese cat.

Simply put Siamese cats like active companionship.

Give her that and she will evolve in a healthy sense.

4. Don’t Leave Her Alone For Long Hours At A Stretch

There are of course cat breeds that can and sometimes like being left alone but Siamese cats aren’t one of them.

They want and essentially need to be actively engaged.

Therefore, it isn’t a good idea to leave them alone at home for long stretch of hours.

If you are asking why are Siamese cats so needy, leaving them alone for long hours can cause them to be overly clingy or exude a lot of neediness in their behavior.

So, the best thing that you can do for your Siamese cat is engage with her properly.

And if for some reason you can’t spend time with her try and get another cat or pet to keep her company and to keep her occupied.

In any case, I do not recommend leaving Siamese cats alone for long hours.

5. Let Her Be The Centre Of Attraction And Attention

I will not be surprised if someone of you comments below telling me what a drama queen your Siamese is.

She likes to talk, she makes her presence felt, she will receive you at the door and you will find her in the most active spots of your house trying to wreak havoc.

Well, that’s just who they are.

And no, you can’t make them change. Lol.

You will have to change for them.

Create an ecosystem and the family environment such that she always gets a piece of the action.

Whether it be parties, get together, guests or your usual raucous made by your kids, just allow her to be a part of the fun and she will be fine.

Alright with that we are at the end of this post titled why are Siamese cats so needy.

I hope you understood the simple fact that Siamese cats by their original nature are just attention demanding companionship loving beings.

Now some may regard that as needy because they have formed a conclusion by observing or living with cat breeds that are relatively more aloof and independent.

But that doesn’t make Siamese cats necessarily needy.

Its just a quality of their personality.

So just don’t be too quick to regard your Siamese as needy.

Just live with her properly, meet the very basic needs and eventually you will realize her characteristics and you will love her for it.

Take care of yourselves and your cat and I will see you in the next one.


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2 thoughts on “Why Are Siamese Cats So Needy And Clingy?”

  1. My Linx Point Siamese came from a hoarding case with 50 other cats. He’s not been socialized. We’ve had him for almost a year now. He’s very skittish around other people and at times with us still. However, he’s getting better. He seems to think I’m his toy and demands my attention all the time. He loves on my partner (who is disabled) but doesn’t really play with him. For me it’s tough because I handle most things at home so I’m always busy. I wasn’t anticipating him attaching to me, the cat was for my partner. There are times we have to leave him alone, but I’ve gotten people to come over and sit with him for a couple hours a few times a day. I’m actually thinking of getting another cat, but I live in an apartment and the deposit could be too cost prohibitive. We’re still working out the play time stuff and he’s slowly becoming more cat like. It’s been hard on me because I know he wants my attention but I work full time, take care of the home, and instruct classes 2 nights a week. I talk to him all the time, pet him in the bathroom and he sleeps with me at night. He doesn’t sit in my lap at all, so he’s not a cuddler. He’s not food motivated which is nice, but my partner always thinks he’s fine. But I just know that my partner needs to interact with him more while I’m gone. I’m hoping that if he does it won’t be so bad, expending that energy he has.

    • I don’t know whether someone has said this to you. But I think you are a very strong, responsible, and beautiful human being from what I am reading. I hope you come to a place in life where everything arranges itself just the way you want it.
      People like you sharing their life with me makes my work worth it.
      Please feel free to reach out to me whenever you wish to. I am always here.
      Also I think you are doing the best you could with your lynxy. Yes, getting another cat will I think solve her energy expression and engagement situation which will make her less skittish and more joyful. But till the time that happens, little things like more interaction and puzzle toys will go a long way.


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