5 Reasons Why Siamese Cats Are So Vocal

There are people who love cats and then there are people who love Siamese cats. Siamese cats have their separate group of raving fanbase who just can’t get enough of them. And there are just so many reasons behind why Siamese cats are so popular.

Siamese cats are known worldwide for their beautiful looks, affectionate behavior and not to mention their tendency of being vocal.

Yup, these are one of those breeds who will tell you what they want and how exactly do they want it. And will show you their tail when they don’t want it.

The sass on these breeds is just too high.

And probably this cute yet enigmatic combination of attributes is why people adore Siamese cats so much.

While I have covered so many topics on Siamese cats on this blog, rarely a day goes by when I don’t receive a question about Siamese cats in my mail.

I have been wanting to address the chatty side of Siamese cats for a while now, so today I felt like I should just get down and cover the topic why are Siamese cats so vocal once and for all.

In addition to covering, why are Siamese cats so vocal, I will also cover certain other topics around this main topic that I know you would want to know as a Siamese cat owner or better yet a potential Siamese cat owner.

So, without any further ado let me quickly address why Siamese cats are so vocal?

A Siamese cat’s personality base is such that they tend to crave attention a lot more than certain other cat breeds. And to get this attention they are not shy at using any tools available at their disposal. Their voice obviously being one of them. Their chatty attribute or their tendency of being so vocal is a way of communication and a way of letting you know they want their presence felt.

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Do Siamese Cats Meow A Lot?

Now it’s not necessarily true just for Siamese cats, any cat irrespective of what their breeds are can be vocal or chatty.

And why is your cat being vocal can have a wide range of reasons all of which we will discuss below, but in general it is observed that Siamese cats tend to be relatively more vocal than other cat breeds.

I mean I have seen certain Siamese cats are will give quiet cat breeds like Persian cats a run for their money.

And I have also seen Siamese cats who won’t relax unless they have shared everything about their day to their favorite person.

So, do Siamese cats meow a lot?

I would say if you pick a big domain of Siamese cats and observe their nature, you can safely declare that meowing a lot is a common attribute among Siamese cats. Exceptions are obviously going to be there, but it will truly be rare with Siamese cats. These are cats that demand high maintenance and attention from their human and will not shy away in telling you, you are falling short.

While a Siamese cat’s vocal attributes are regarded as endearing by most people, if they do it consistently, and if you aren’t able to figure out why they are being so vocal it can get a tad bit annoying.

In this article, we will discuss ways to calm them down if they get excessively vocal and how to create an ecosystem around Siamese cats so that their chatty expression remains in control.

Now that we have established that Siamese cats are indeed chatty breeds that tend to get a lot more vocal than other cats.

It’s time to understand why Siamese cats are so vocal in a more comprehensive sense.

Why Are Siamese Cats So Vocal?

Now, given the general understanding that Siamese cats are indeed a chatty and vocal cat breed, there can be a variety of reasons why Siamese cats are so vocal.

As I said, Siamese cats are inherently interactive cat breeds, and more often than not their chattiness is a way of interacting and communicating with you.

They are the type of breeds who will sit on your window and spend time chattering at random birds and are also the one who will meet you at the door and ask you how your day was in their own way.

So, excluding the times when they are chatty without any particular reason, here are 5 reasons why your Siamese cat may be vocal.

They Want Your Attention

The first one is the most obvious one. Siamese cats are known worldwide as attention demanding queens. In order to get your attention, she is ready to get as vocal as she can be.

The vocal range can go from a simple meow to a very distinctive low-pitch meow for which Siamese cats are known for.

Most owners find the low-pitch call as adorable but Siamese cats can be very insistent and persistent with their calls making it a bit annoying after a while.

However, the other qualities that Siamese cats exude as a family pet far outweigh the little annoyance they may cause.

Every Siamese cat owner ultimately agrees to this.

They Are Being Ignored

Siamese cats are some of the most sociable, friendly and interactive cat breeds.

And for this reason, they are sought for with so much vigour. They form great family pets and are excellent with other cats, dogs and children.

The other side of the coin is that you may have to keep them actively involved. They are the type of cat breeds who would want to be the centre of attraction.

And if they perceive they aren’t getting active involvement that they need, they will voice their opinion to make you aware of the fact that they are ignored and they don’t like it.

Meowing for attention isn’t just the characteristic of Siamese cats, but it is something that Siamese cats are known for given that they like being chatty.

Siamese cats are also known for their royal demeanour and queen like attributes and therefore, it is important for you to acknowledge their presence.

Fail to do so and don’t be surprised if your royal feline makes her presence felt by consistent low-pitch meowing.

They Might Be Bored

In addition to wanting attention, Siamese cats need active physical and mental stimulation for their proper physiological and mental development.

Siamese cats have a muscular build and are a very energetic cat breed. Therefore, they need an ecosystem where they can expend their energy by active involvement and interaction.

This can be achieved using toys, puzzles, perches and scratcher placed in strategic places, providing ample climbing and hiding spaces.

Or this can also be achieved if you can get a companion for your Siamese cat. This is precisely the reason why many people recommend getting Siamese cats in pairs.

Two Siamese cats keep each other engaged and involved taking a lot of responsibility of active interaction away from you.

If you don’t create an environment of active involvement and interaction for Siamese cats there is a good chance that they may get bored.

When Siamese cats get bored, they may start being excessively vocal or sometimes develop undesirable aggressive attributes like being mean and even biting.  

They Are Trying To Tell You Something

There are two really awesome posts that I have covered before this where I talk about how to decode what your cats is trying to tell you.

Once again meowing to communicate or to ask for something isn’t just the authority of Siamese cats, but they do tend to know how to use it to get their way.

So, there can be situations where your Siamese cat maybe using her cute low-pithed meows to ask or tell you something.

In addition to being interactive and social, Siamese cats are also known for their smartness and their tendency to being vocal is associated with being smart by many experts.

Their consistent and persistent meowing can sometimes make you feel as if you always have a teenager in your house who won’t just stop asking questions for which you have no answers too.

They May Be Experiencing Discomfort

Cats are beings of routine, habit and comfort.

And if your Siamese cat sees any change in her daily regime that isn’t up to her requirements or standards, expect her to be very expressive about it.

It may also happen that your Siamese cat may be experiencing some kind of physical pain or discomfort as a consequence of which she may be meowing too much.

The question is how will you know whether your cat is meowing out of physical discomfort or she is just being chatty.

Well, once you start living with your Siamese cat you tend to perceive what their different attributes mean.

You will know when she is happy, content and what kind of sound gets accompanied with this state of her existence.

And therefore, if you see a difference in her meowing in terms of pitch, frequency and loudness that is different from her normal chatty ways, I think you should check for some potential discomfort.

Understanding A Siamese Cat’s Personality

It’s no secret that cats have a very strong personality.

When I say strong personality to a great extent, I mean that they have a very strong sense of likes, dislikes in combination with their unique character traits.

So, every breed will have their generic set of traits which sets them apart from other breeds and in addition, every cat will have her own set of traits which will make her unique.

This is the reason every cat you own or have owned is similar and dissimilar to every other cat in the world.

Fantastic isn’t it?

So, what are the inherent qualities specific to Siamese cats that you as a cat owner must know before you get them.

Looking at the various facets of a Siamese cat’s personality will give you a more wholesome understanding into why are Siamese cats the way they are and also why Siamese cats are so vocal.

In addition to being vocal and sociable, Siamese cat owners will attest to the fact that Siamese cats are inherently very curious.

Don’t think for one second there can be a space that will remain unexplored from these inquisitive cats.

A muscular acrobatic build coupled with an interactive, sociable and curious nature make them one of the most intelligent cat breeds in the cat kingdom.

This is also the reason why Siamese cats need a lot of stimulation. These are energetic cat breeds with an active mind that need to express their energies.

Therefore, their ecosystem must have a lot of toys, hiding spaces, perches placed in strategic location, resting spots, active human interaction, playtime and puzzles that can help expend their energy in the domesticated environment in a controlled sense.

Their love for activity and interaction makes them an ideal family pet. They enjoy matching their energies and playfulness with other pets and kids in the household.

How To Help Your Siamese Cat To Quieten Down?

In general, most Siamese cat owner regard their chattiness as an endearing quality. But sometimes it may so happen that their persistent tendency to be talkative can become a reason for annoyance.

In situations where your Siamese cat is meowing more than what she does normally, it is important to pinpoint what is the reason behind her consistent meowing.

Let me share some tips that you can use or follow on a regular basis with your Siamese cat so that her vocal attributes do not become a source of annoyance.

  • Ensure she gets sufficient interaction and attention.

As I have mentioned this in multiple places throughout this post, Siamese cats want their presence felt and do not like it when they are ignored.

So, if you find them meowing persistently around you in order to have your attention, interact with them in a way they enjoy.

This could be as simple as letting them in while you are doing your thing in the kitchen and she is sitting on the counter top observing your every move.

This may also mean letting her roam around freely in your kid’s birthday party, where she can interact with different members and different members can interact with her in a non-threatening way obviously.

  • Maintain an active playtime routine.

This needs to be mentioned again and again. Siamese cats are active, playful cat breeds that essentially need to expend their energy in a controlled sense in a domesticated environment to develop as finely adjusted pets.

Fail to do so and chances are she may start developing undesirable characteristics which includes being excessively vocal, developing aggressive behavior traits and a tendency to being mean and bored.

  • Train Her How To Ask For Attention

If your Siamese is yelling on her life to ask for attention, it simply means she doesn’t know a better way. The great thing is you can train her to understand what she needs to do if she wants cuddles, snuggles and pets.

While there can be many ways to do it.

But one simple way to do it is first ensuring that her basic needs of food, litter and playtime are met.

Once these basic needs are met adopt a simple habit of petting and snuggling them when they are quiet and relaxed.

This will make her understand that she doesn’t need to get vocal to garner your attention.

If she is behaving in a relaxed way, she will automatically get what she needs. Similarly, make it a habit to acknowledge her presence when she comes to you by a simple pet on the base of her tail.

  • Never Ever Do The Mistake Of Punishing Your Pet

Here is the thing. Animals are simple beings. They do not have the choice of conscious response. Their needs are simple and they are slave to their instincts. Siamese cats don’t get vocal just to annoy you. She is being vocal because that is an expression hardcoded into her psyche.

Punishing or spanking her will only increase her unrest because she wouldn’t understand what is happening. NEVER DO THAT.

So, the onus is on you to treat her like your own child and quietly observe what she does and how she behaves. With your attention you will soon realize what makes her happy.

And the good thing is simple things, very simple things will keep her happy. They aren’t like us humans who will find ways to be unhappy even when everything is alright 😊.

So, the point is Siamese cats will provide you with their best expression when your attention enables you to understand what little things she wants and you give it to them.

And let me tell you this, if you do this you will experience the fullness of love you desired when you got her.

  • Try and get a second cat if you can.

Now, I think you are well aware of how demanding a Siamese cat is. Once again, I don’t want you to understand this in a negative sense. Cats overall are very frugal pets to own. They basically take care of themselves provided their very basic needs of food, a conducive shelter, and attention are met.

Still, Siamese being a very active cat breed do demand special care in terms of interaction, attention and playtime.

Most of which can be handled if you make the decision of getting a second cat or better yet adopting cats in pairs.

They will engage, involve, play, chase, groom, and grow as companions. The chances of them getting bored, feeling lonely or depressed gets exponentially reduced and the best thing is your responsibility to take care of each of these factors get reduced.

While it isn’t advisable to leave a Siamese cat alone in home for a long stretch of time. Getting a second cat will allow you some freedom to leave them alone for some time in your house (not too long though).

It is also observed that cats that grow together develop as well-adjusted pets in the company of each other. And the best part is it doesn’t cost too much to have a second cat and the advantages it offers far outweigh the additional cost you will incur.

And therefore, if all her needs are taken care of organically like this, she won’t get excessively vocal and if she does, she will always do so as an expression of her love and contentment which I am sure you would never want her to stop doing.

Hence the trick is to keep Siamese cat vocals to their normal sweet self.

  • Firstly, understand that being vocal is a natural trait ingrained in a Siamese cat’s personality, overly vocal expression can be controlled, but a Siamese will still be vocally expressive.
  • Secondly, ensure that the basic needs of playtime, food, care and attention are met.
  • Thirdly, check if she is experiencing any physical discomfort or some kind of disruption in her routine. Address them and she will return to her sweet self.


Alright so now that we have discussed why Siamese cats are so vocal and what are the different ways in which you can address her extra vocally expressive behavior;

Let me quickly address a few more queries that I think a mind like yours who is pondering why are Siamese cats so vocal may have.

Once all the following queries get answered, I think you will have a more comprehensive understanding into Siamese cats and what can you expect should you choose to adopt them.

Why Are Siamese Cats So Mean?

I won’t say Siamese cats are inherently mean but yes, being mean is definitely a possibility if the very essential needs of a Siamese cat like attention, active playtime and an ecosystem that allows a Siamese to express her energy are absent. For a Siamese cat to develop into a well-adjusted cat you need to ensure that her love for attention, her inquisitive and playful nature find expression.

The best way to do this is to ensure her domesticated environment has elements like toys, puzzles, perches, active human involvement etc. or better yet get another cat or adopt them in pairs if possible so that most needs that a Siamese cat has gets addressed in an organic manner.

Why Do Siamese Cats Bite So Much?

Siamese cat is a highly intelligent and expressive cat breed. These are energetic cat breeds that require an interactive environment to grow as a well-adjusted pet. So, if your Siamese is developing aggressive patterns like biting or being mean, chances are is she is not experiencing some kind of physical discomfort she has this excess energy that isn’t finding expression.

So, in order to address this, create an environment of activity around your Siamese cat. Let her be in the centre of action in your house and find time to give her ample physical and mental stimulation using interactive toys, puzzles and one-on-one human engagement.

Do Siamese Cats Obsess Over One Person?

Siamese cats are a friendly cat breed that tend to generally get along well with other cats, dogs other pets and kids. They are also known to choose a favorite human with whom they may choose to deeply bond with. This is a very common trait among Siamese cats but it isn’t something etched in stone. Siamese cats are also known to share their friendly and highly sociable nature with all members of the family that includes other cats, dogs, pets and kids.

With that I hope I addressed most of the queries associated with Siamese cats that you guys wanted me to.

We started with understanding why are Siamese cats so vocal, then we dug deeper into understanding a Siamese cat’s personality and its relationship to them being vocal.

Finally, we completed our discussion by understanding different ways with which you can quieten your Siamese cat if she is being excessively vocal and addressing a few related questions.

If you have any other queries, comments or feedback about anything that we have discussed, don’t forget to leave them down below into the comments section.

And don’t dare leaving the site without subscribing to the blog and the accompanying YouTube channel for awesome content like this 😊.

Take care of yourselves and your Siamese cat and I will see you in the next one!

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