Why Are Sphynx Cats So Expensive? | Are Sphynx Cats Worth The Cost?

There are quite a few reasons why Sphynx cats are so popular.

The main and the most obvious one is of course their looks, the hairless body, big ears, sharp angular face, and big bright eyes.

The other reason is their highly affectionate and inviting personality. If you have one in your home, you will confirm that these extroverted beauties love keeping everyone in the house engaged and entertained.

And yet another reason why Sphynx cats are talked about so much is that they are one of the priciest cats in the world.

But why are sphynx cats so expensive?

The reason is two folds. First, one being Sphynxes are purebred cats. Couple that with the fact that they are rare and you won’t find them easily. Their demand is high owing to their unique outlook yet the supply isn’t matched to the demand, which is why Sphynx cats are usually very expensive.

While that broadly explains why Sphynx cats are so expensive, I need to relay to you that there are still many factors that determine their pricing.

Let’s discuss those reasons, some amazing facts about Sphynx cats, and whether you should or shouldn’t get a Sphynx cat in the upcoming sections.

So, read the post till the end and I guarantee that you will learn something you didn’t know before 😊.

And before you begin here are some more posts that I think will find worth reading, they all open in a new tab.

Reasons Why Sphynx Cats Are So Expensive

Alright, apart from the unique outlook and the affectionate inviting behavior, what are the different reasons behind sphynx cats costing so much.

Let’s look at all the probable reasons one by one,

Financial Breeding Complications

Breeding complex exotic breeds like Sphynx cats, Egyptian Mau, Cornish Rex, etc., is a complicated process.

Complicated in the sense that breeding exotic breeds have a big financial responsibility associated with it.

Not only does it cost breeding them, but they also need special facilities and ecosystem to develop as finely adjusted pets.

For example, breeders need to provide heart scans, blood tests, pulmonary tests, screenings in addition to the initial veterinary expense to raise them properly.

The initial expenses and supplies further add to the price of Sphynx cats and if the demand isn’t potent enough to cover the cost, many breeders look away from breeding them.

So, the financial cost is definitely one big reason why sphynx cats are so expensive.

A Finely Adjusted Pet Requirement

Every potential owner obviously wants a pet that is, and as much as possible grows and develops healthily.

For this, breeders need to take many careful steps in raising them.

Now multiply this need for attention many times if you wish to breed a cat-like sphynx.

Why you ask? Because exotic cats like sphynxes are classified under two forms – pet grade and show grade.

Show grade or show quality sphynxes essentially need to match the breed standard set for them which includes, temperament, pattern, color, physicality, etc.

You basically have to raise a diva of the cat world, to put it simply.

Well, if you have to raise a superstar, you basically need to pay the necessary attention to all the essential details. Which again has a cost associated with it.

Pet grade sphynxes do not require as much attention as that is needed for show grade, nevertheless, they need so much more attention than other breeds.

This isn’t to say that they are weaker or developmentally challenged as compared to the show-quality sphynxes. It’s just that, show-quality sphynxes meet a very particular set of aesthetic requirements.

Gender Based Pricing

The sphynx cat price can see a significant bump depending on whether the cat is an unspayed female or not.

An unspayed purebred female has the capacity to reproduce thus making the price higher.

The prices will be significantly lower for unspayed females and males.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Sphynx Cats

I hope you are enjoying reading this article, as much as I am enjoying writing it.

Let me make this discussion even more interesting for you by sharing some lesser-known facts about sphynx cats that adds if not a lot but to some extent in raising their prices.

Sphynx Cat’s Aren’t Bald

Surprised? well I was when I first found out.

If you have never touched a sphynx cat you can be forgiven for thinking that these cats are hairless.

Whenever you get a chance to pet one, you will discover they are covered with a layer of downy fur. I wouldn’t label the feel plush to touch, but it definitely feels close to suede.

They Originate From Canada

Given the fact that originate from colder regions of the planet, one would expect them to have dense warm fur around their bodies.

They have made it a habit of surprising us from way back in the 60s.

The modern-day Sphynx cat first came into being in the 1960s as a result of natural genetic mutation, when an Ontario cat gave birth to a hairless kitten.

The conscious breeding efforts began when in the mid-1970s when two more separate sets of hairless kittens were reported from their owners in Toronto and Minnesota.

From there on the lineage has continued and has resulted in giving the affectionate and inviting cats that are the sphynx cats.

Sphynx Cats Aren’t Hypoallergenic

There are many people who look into choosing sphynx cats because they assume they are hypoallergenic and therefore, won’t initiate their allergy.

But unfortunately, that isn’t how it is. You see there is no such thing as a total hypoallergenic cat.

The allergies are initiated by an allergenic protein known as Fel D1 which is produced in a cat’s saliva and skin secretions.

Because sphynxes too produce this allergenic protein, contrary to the popular rumors, sphynxes aren’t hypoallergenic.

Sphynxes Need Frequent Bathing

Another reason why owning sphynx cats gets expensive in the long run is these cats demand a healthy maintenance cost.

You see, you may think because these cats don’t have hair they wouldn’t demand a lot of maintenance.

Well, that isn’t true. Sphynx cats don’t remain clean throughout just because they don’t have fur. Yes, the absence of fur devoid them of being a hotbed for dust, pollen, lint, etc.

But their skin still secretes oils which can form a greasy layer over their body. This layer of oil in addition to blocking her body pores makes dust settle on their skin.

Therefore, sphynxes need weekly baths.

Also, for the very same reason, their ears are also prone to collecting dirt and dead cells in the cavities.

Therefore, if you choose to own them, make sure you clean their ears regularly using a washcloth or cotton balls.

They Are Warmer Than Other Cats

Yup, that’s true as well. To be precise, sphynx cats are exactly 4 degrees warmer than other cat breeds.

This is because they don’t have protective fur like other cats and therefore, their bodies compensate for it by keeping the vital organs at a higher temperature.

It’s a natural protective mechanism of their bodies.

Note that because they don’t have a furry undercoat to keep them warm like other cats, they do tend to get cold easily.

Therefore, you need to keep the home temperature such that it doesn’t make your sphynx cat feel too cold.

Are Sphynx Cats The Right Breed For You?

Now, because I have covered various facets regarding sphynx cats, I feel you should already be in a position within yourself to know whether sphynx cats are the right breed for you.

Because contrary to the first thought potential cat owners may have, sphynx is indeed a very high maintenance cat breed.

So, it’s very important for you to know what you are getting into.

Let me chart out some more facts that will help you provide more clarity in your decision-making process.

Sphynx Cats Need Special Diet

In order for Sphynx to develop as finely adjusted pets, they need an ecosystem that is crafted cautiously and attentively.

One very important aspect of this ecosystem is obviously their diet.

You see, sphynx cats have a high metabolism and a very sensitive digestive system.

Additionally, because they need to maintain a temperature that is higher than other cat breeds they usually tend to eat more than other cat breeds and require a special diet.

What is also worth noting is that Sphynx cats are prone to ailments like IBD, goopy ears, and skin infections.

Hence, their diet essentially needs to be high quality and rich in nutrients to prevent potential problems.

Therefore, it is advisable to feed them a raw diet or special cat food that promises the right nutrition.

Sphynx Cats Require Timely HCM scans

Sphynx cats are known to be prone to a genetic heart defect known as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

Because there isn’t a fixed time period in their life that it may present itself, Sphynx cats need periodic HCM heart scans.

Since this is so common among sphynx cats, the best thing is to keep an eye on your cat’s health, have it detected earlier, and slow its progression or have it gone away if possible.

Sphynx Cats Have Special Grooming Needs

I mentioned in a previous section of this post that even though sphynxes don’t have fur, that doesn’t mean they don’t require grooming.

As a matter of fact, they need weekly baths that remove the layer of oil that settles on their skin as a result of body secretions.

If you don’t give them regular baths they will start to smell and leave oil secretions all over your home. And in order to give them a bath you need a rightly formulated and gentle soap.

Now another caveat that comes with the absence of fur is the fact they sphynx cats are highly prone to skin scratches, burns, cuts, and irritations.

Their skin is also sensitive when compared to other cat breeds and needs the necessary attention to keep it clean and healthy.

Sphynx Cats Need Consistent Engagement

One of the best things about owning a sphynx is its loving, playful, and inviting nature.

You can dress them up, your kids can take them to their little tea parties, they are a thorough entertainer and a cat that will meet anyone that enters your home, yes even strangers.

They get along very well with other cats, dogs, kids, and other pets that have a healthy respect for their boundaries.

You see the constant engagement is not a choice for these cats, it’s a need.

And therefore, you will have to take the responsibility of keeping them engaged in acts of playfulness, activity, and attention.

For this reason, I usually recommend people who are looking to get a Sphynx cat to also invest in another cat or a cat-friendly dog.

They tend to develop well in the company of four-legged siblings because they will always have someone to resort to, to take care of their engagement needs.

Fail to do so and Sphynx cats are known to develop problems like becoming too needy, start craving too much attention, or develop separation anxiety.

This also means there aren’t the type of cat breeds that you can afford to leave alone at home for long hours.

They Require Closely Monitored Temperature

This one should be pretty obvious to you. Once again because they don’t have a protective layer of furry undercoat to protect them, they are prone to getting too cold.

Therefore, if you have a Sphynx cat in your home, you need to keep a watchful eye on your home temperature. Or your cat may take the impact of it and get affected adversely.

The recommended temperature for a home housing a sphynx is 68 °F to 77 °F (20 °C to 25°C).

Similarly, if the temperature they get exposed to is too hot they can get sunstrokes. Hence, it is very important that you closely monitor temperature and season changes if you own a Sphynx cat.

Are Sphynx Cats Worth It?

Alright, on to the big question, looking at how much it takes to own and maintain a sphynx cat, is it worth getting a sphynx cat?

My straight and simple answer is, if you can afford to have them, get them. You see, sphynx cats are one of the most affectionate and inviting cats to be around. They are entertaining, outgoing, playful, and very friendly to their humans. Although they share their name with Sphinx of Giza, I don’t want you to look at them with an image of them being stoic, because they are just the opposite.

Sphynx cats are known to be one of the most affectionate cat breeds of the world, which should give you a good gauge of a Sphynx cat personality.

Yes, I completely acknowledge the fact that they indeed require more maintenance than other cat breeds, but believe me, when I say this, they more than makeup for it with the affection and playfulness of their personality. I haven’t found a sphynx cat to date saying that investing in a Sphynx cat has been a regret for them.

But again, you need to put the analysis in place in order to assess whether you will be able to properly take care of them given their demands.

If you can, you are going to have a beautiful relationship with an incredible feline, I can tell you that.

If anyone who already owns a sphynx cat is reading this, please confirm this by leaving a comment in the comments section.


I hope I was able to comprehensively explain to you why are sphynx cats so expensive and are they worth getting.

Now, because sphynx cats are so popular they obviously invite a lot of discussions. And as such, I am pretty sure you may have many more questions regarding them.

I understand one article isn’t enough to address all the queries that everyone reading this might have so I came up with a solution.

This FAQ section will feature some FAQs that I know are popular and I will answer them briefly.

And if you have any questions that need answering just let me know in the comments below. If it is a popular question I will include it in this section for everyone to see.

So, here are some more questions regarding sphynx cats that I think you should have answers to.

Can Sphynx Cats Go Outside?

Sphynx cats are known worldwide to be indoor cats for a reason. They don’t have protective fur which exposes their body to harsh outdoor environments and elements. Because their skin secretes oil they also tend to collect a lot of dirt on their body. So ideally one should refrain from taking them outside without exact and cautious supervision.

Do Sphynx Cats Get Along With Dogs?

Yes, owing to their affectionate, engaging, and inviting persona, sphynx cats get very well along with friendly dogs that respect their borders. They are known to be one of the most affectionate cat breeds in the world and they aren’t shy to not share them with dogs that know how to receive and revert it back.

Are Sphynx Cats Hypoallergenic?

Contrary to what one might conclude looking at them, sphynx cats aren’t hypoallergenic. Yes, they lack fur, but that doesn’t mean they don’t secrete Fel D1 which is the prime reason for triggering allergies. Yet, sphynx cats are recommended breeds for people with allergies because the absence of fur means they won’t be laden with dander, dead skin, and Fel D1 as compared to other cats.

I hope you found this article on why are sphynx cats so expensive informational, insightful and engaging.

I have tried to make this post as wholesome as possible, still, if you have any doubts, comments, queries, or feedback, do let me know in the comments section below.

I hope you make the right decision regarding whether to get a Sphynx cat or not for yourselves.

In any case, I will always be here to know about your decision and support you in any way I can.

Take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next one!


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