Why Does A Cat Purr ? The Reasons May Surprise You

People have interesting stories on how they became cat lovers from whatever they were before the event. And any new cat lover after hearing the relaxing sound a cat purring invariably asks why does a cat purr ?.

Why is the cat purr so relaxing and intriguing at the same time. In this post, I attempt to provide to quench this thirst of curiosity that every cat lover has.

Why Does A Cat Purr ? Must Have A Direct Answer. Yes ?

Well, unfortunately no.

Purring is the most common sound that every cat irrespective of what breed it belongs to make.

Yet more is known about the specific sounds that cats make such as meowing, chirping, chattering, hissing etc.

And more often than not it is very easy to perceive what it is that the cat is expressing through these sounds.

But when things aren’t extreme which is the case with these sound and things are calm and composed you hear your cat expressing it with the help of this subtle vibration of purring.

But why does a cat purr when it is content ?. And is it the only time when they do that.

What Happens When Your Cat Purrs ?

In the evolution of cats, they have made their way from being, living and hunting in the wild to our domesticated environments.

So yes infact they have made modifications in their behavior but there are certain traits which have stayed.

We talked about this in a previous post on how to choose a scratching post for cats here.

So purring is one such behavioral aspect that cats have kept on in their transition from the wild.

The reason why I am telling you this is because this will provide a context as to knowing what does a purr mean for cats in the wild and for cats in the domesticated environment.

A wild cat such as a cougar and a cheetah may purr for subjectively different reasons than your domestic short hair.

Why And When Do Cats Purr Apart From Relaxed States ?

When you hear your fur baby all curled up near the front window, you can very clearly hear the gentle rumble we understand as purr when she breathes.

When you touch her gently it almost seems like she is expressing this gentle waves of calm.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that cats purr only when they are in relaxed states.

Cats purr sometimes to express other emotions and needs too.

Although, as I mentioned it in the beginning it’s not possible to say with exact precision what does your cat’s purr may mean in any situation.

Research from experts coupled with the situation your cat is in will help make an informed guess.

Cats Purr When They Are Happy !!

Probably if you were not reading this post and if someone asked you why does a cat purr ?. This would be your answer.

And you wouldn’t be wrong just limited with your answer.

The rumble and quiver when seen with your cat lying on its back near the sun lit window is a sure sign that your cat is happy.

And when you see her lying on your chest when you sleep, the purr is a sure expression that she feels content, happy and secure besides sorry on top of you.

Cats Purr Also When They Are Hungry Or Want Something.

Some British researchers studied various sounds that cats make when they are really hungry and when they are not looking for food.

What they found was their purrs don’t sound the same.

When they are hungry they combine their normal purr with a subtle cry or mew, very similar to what human babies would do.

They arrived at a conclusion that we are more likely to respond to this sound and can tell the difference between purrs even if we aren’t cat owners.

A Way Of Communication

Purring is one of the most early sounds that kittens make.

And when they do that these kittens use purring as a means of communicating with their moms.

What do those purrs mean specifically only the cat mom’s know.

But it is a means of communication that these kittens use to bond with their mother.

Cat mothers use their purrs in these situations to act as a lullaby.

As An Expression Of Healing And Relief

Cats also purr when they are in the middle of healing process.

So you can ask me this question why does a cat purr when it is wounded.

Will it not take more of her energy.

While logically it may seem like that you need to see this behavior to what babies do by suckling at their thumb.

There is research that suggest that purring helps cats get better faster. It has something to do with the low frequency vibrations that are generated thereof as a result of these purring.

How incredible is nature !!.

These vibrations are scientifically known to,

  • Heal flesh wounds and broken tendons.
  • Muscle repair
  • Ease Breathing
  • Reduce pain.

So this was it as far as why does a cat purr is concerned.

Again let me point this out to you yet again that nature which includes cats is a very mysterious phenomenon.

While it is true we have so much knowledge about everything today yet the comprehensive perception of it is and will remain elusive.

So all these points on understanding as to why does a cat purr is true to the best of research but exact reasons still elude us.

Hope you enjoyed this post !!.

I will see you in the next one :).

Namaskaram 🙂 _/\_

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