Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me ? : Here Are The 7 Reasons

It’s evening time and you are done with your work, with watching Netflix and its now time to crash. But wait your fur baby has already occupied your bed. As much as you want to sleep it off, you can’t disagree that it is a very pleasant and relaxing sight to see your cat owning your bed before you. And I know very often you have wondered why does my cat sleep with me ?.

In this post I am going to answer that very question.

Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me : 5 Different reasons

What is so beautiful about cats is the fact that cats are bosses.

Why does my cat sleep with me should not even be question truth be told. because they own you and they own their bed which accidently you happen to be a part of.

Lol, I am just kidding

Here are the 5 reasons as to why your cats like to sleep with you.

Because Of The Warmth

Cats love heat especially when it is cold.

It seems counter-intuitive at first because almost all cats have big furry coats to keep them warm. And it feels they may not need to feel warm.

But that’s not entirely true.

Despite their beautiful furry coat you will observe that cats are always looking for warm places in your house to take a nap and keep warm.

Like near the window where there is sufficient sunlight, near the gas stove or your fireplace are some such places where your cat likes to fall asleep at.

So it is not that surprising that your cat wants to sleep with you because you are like a radiator for them.

Sense Of Comfort

Cats are playful pets and like being active.

What that means are cat are capable of exuding sudden bursts of energy in their daily activities and if they are sufficiently stimulated.

Which means they also need to rest a lot.

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Cats can sleep up to 15 hours everyday.

Although, you may find your cat lying down in the most unusual places.

Like your closet or the new Amazon package that you just received.

But you will also find that cats are most comfortable when they are sleeping on a soft mattress or bed which makes your bed an ideal place to rest.

Sense Of Security

Like every other animal the most inherent aspect of a cat is its urge to survive and procreate.

And cats are one of the most agile and active creatures of the animal kingdom.

We have all seen those videos of cats getting scared just by the presence of a cucumber.

So they feel this extra need to feel secure when they are resting.

And given the time they spend with you, they likely see you as their own family member.

And sleeping close to you is a sign that they trust you and your protection.

So when they sleep next to you they feel very secured and relaxed.

So if a cat is letting its guard down, and is sleeping next to you it’s just a sign that they consider you as their own family and feel safe besides you.

The Territorial Behavior Of Cats

This is an extension to the point that previously mentioned that one of the most important aspect of a cat is to survive and procreate.

In indirect sense, this translates to a cat wanting to designate their boundaries and be very protective of it.

So when a cat has designated its boundary and if you happen to be in her boundary, you and everything in your boundary i.e., your house is her house now.

So don’t feel that the cat is coming and sleeping on your bed, it might just be possible that you are the one intruding on her bed.

And if she is letting you sleep besides her, it means that she loves you enough to let you share her bed.

They Love You

Yes yes I know.

What people say and what people think about cats.

They think given their attitude, they are aloof and don’t give two hoots about you.

But if there is one thing that every creature in the world understand, its compassion.

And cats cannot be excluded from this. Their ways may not be as obvious as dogs, that’s completely true.

They are very capable of love and of course sleeping besides you is one such gesture in which your cat is telling you that it loves you and she feels safe besides you.

Cats tend to live together in litters for warmth, company and protection.

So if they are lying besides you, headbutting you, licking you, snuggling with you it means they love you.

Is It Ok To Sleep With Your Cat

Now that we have answered the question as why does my cat sleep with me, it is also very important to understand whether you should sleep with your cats.

Well it depends, to be honest.

Like everything else sleeping with your cat has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you are cat is an outdoor cat and if she spends a lot of time outside or if you have any kinds of allergies, it’s not advisable for you to sleep with your cat.

However if your cat is a house cat which is regularly vaccinated and has frequent vet visits and is de-wormed regularly.

Then there should be no problem, in fact it will help strengthen your bonds with your cat.

It will keep maturing the love between you.

Also, taking care of your cat’s hygiene, providing regular brushing of your cats will help you keep your cat healthy and snuggle ready by avoiding too many hairs to fall on your bed.

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