About Us

Who Am I?

I am The Universe!

Lol, I am kidding. 😀

I am guessing you are here to know more about Kitty County And The People Behind It.

Hi, I am Shubham Rajput. Together with my little sister we run kittycounty.com.

What Is Kitty County?

Kitty County is your one stop destination to learn about every thing cat related.

From cat and kitten care tips, to detailed insights on cat care and nutrition to little known facts about felines, we share everything.

Every single topic that you will have the opportunity to go through is thoroughly researched and appended with my own experience and insights about cats.

Please note that we are not veterinarians, animal specialists, or cat experts.

The knowledge we share here for you to raise joyful, playful and healthy cats are purely based on our own experience and extensive research.

With Kitty County my vision is to share precise and actionable insights on anything cat related so that you at any point of time are not confused as to what to do to ensure you are raising a healthy cat.

Something that I experienced when I first wanted to learn about cats, their behavior and how to take care of them.

Why Did I Start Kitty County?

I will give you three reasons why I started Kitty County.

scratch post for cats

I think those are the sufficient reasons to describe what inspired and initiated me to start a cat related blog. 😀

A love I never knew I could have.

So what happened was one day early in the morning I went up to my terrace to do my morning exercises and I heard frequent meowing noises.

Just behind the flower pots I saw all three of them snuggled close together and meowing.

My first instinct was to just ensure that all three of them are protected and leave them be. Because I thought maybe their mother is out to get food for them or something.

So I ensured that all of them are protected, I did my exercises and went back.

After some time I came back to check on them. This time I brought some milk with me just in case their mother hadn’t returned and therefore they might be hungry.

And I was right she hadn’t.

It became a routine for me to check on them and feed them three times a day all the time hoping their mother would return and take them with her.

She didn’t.

Now slowly as they became familiar with me all three of them started expressing a sense of feeling security and comfort around me.

Prior to this I had never taken care of cats.

Yes, I have adored cats. I always thought they were cute.

But something very different happens when a cat enters your life. You suddenly are face to face with a very subtle kind of love.

Dogs don’t hold back and put it all out there as to what they are feeling.

Cats kinda keep you on your toes always trying to make you guess what is the next mischief they are going to do. Cat owners will relate to this.

And all the while dropping subtle hints here and there to let you know that they indeed love you. Like dropping a dead rat or a bird on your feet. Lol.

Anyways, now that these three little beauties (1 boy and 2 girls) were offered to me;

I wanted to learn more about cats, how to better take care of them, what nutrition needs to be given, can cats eat this, can cats eat that, how to train them etc. etc.

The need for all of this precise information became even more important because by the day I was realizing their mother may not return at all.

The reason I say precise information because in my hunt I found answers yes but I couldn’t find all questions that I wanted my answer to in one place.

Plus most of the time the answers that I found were all over the place and I had to confirm what I am learning from different sources.

Now in my process of taking care of these beautiful devils I slowly started realising I am learning a lot about cats, their behavior, different breeds, cute names, cat toys, cat accessories and so on.

And I am a Digital Marketer by profession.

So I decided since, I am already learning so much about cats, why not create a portal that I always wished I had access to for other cat owners and cat lovers that may need it?

And thus Kitty County was born.

You will notice the website is exclusively for cats.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like dogs. I love dogs too.

And why just cats and dogs, I have an endearing compassion for all animals. I am fascinated by how simple,beautiful,innocent and raw they are.

Anyways, I created this website exlusively for cats because I wish to create a community not just where I share the knowledge that I have and is continously growing but also a place where other cat owners and lovers can come together and share their knowledge and experience.

And thankfully, the community is growing better than I expected.

So as I mentioned I am not an expert or animal specialist. I am just a simple guy who is sharing all this information about cats after thorough and extensive research appended by my own personal experience.

Plus, what I have also realized is I can never truly know everything about cats.

Because I now know that the more you know about something, the more you realize how much you do not know and that inludes cats.

So in that sense, I don’t think even an expert can claim himself or herself an expert. A true expert is someone who even after knowing a lot realizes he or she can ever be an expert.

I really don’t know if that made sense to you. But I think you see my point here.

I take this opportunity to heartily thank you for taking time to visit Kitty County and learn how it came into existence.

Please feel free to roam and poke around in this feline city. And I dearly hope that you will find the content I share here insightful, well researched, fun and helpful.

And as I said this is not a static site. I am always learning, enriching my knowledge and experience and sharing it here. More awesome content is in the production pipeline so stay in tune for that.

Till that time I encourage you to not shy away and share your queries, comments and questions here.

I hope you find everything that I share here beneficial to you in some way.

Take care and I will see you around 🙂

With Love,

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