Top 5 Comfortable Cat Beds For Your Cat| With Detailed Guide

We are aware of how much your cat likes to sleep and it would be your greatest concern to find the most comfortable cat beds out there.

On an average your cat may sleep for about 12 to 16 hours per day.

And so it is very intuitive of you to search for most comfortable cat beds.

Well, At kittycounty we have everything sorted for you.

So Buckle up!.

Finding the most comfortable cat bed vastly depends on your cat’s personality.

For example, if your cat is consistently looking for a safe and hot spot to curl up, you must definitely look for a heated cat bed.

If she climbs up on heighted spots to take a nap, you must look for elevated cat beds.

Do not worry if you are finding it difficult to identify as to which cat bed will suit your kitty’s personality.

I am here to help you with that.

Before buying a cat bed there are certain things that you must keep in mind.

  • Cat beds should be spacious enough to accommodate your cat.
  • Make sure it is not compact depending on your cat’s body.
  • Cats like warmth, so look for a bed that provides insulation.
  • Always ensure that the build of a cat bed is soft and cozy because if not so your cat won’t sleep on it.

There are multiple type of cat beds out there depending on their design but depending on their functionality they can be categorized in four types.

Types Of Cat Beds:

1. Heated Cat Beds.

If your cat wanders around to find the coziest spot to curl up, heated beds should be your choice.

Heated beds are designed in such a way that they provide sufficient insulation to keep your cat warm and cozy.

So if your kitty is a friend of sunny window sides or likes to sit around radiators, you must definitely get a heated cat bed for her.

2. Elevated Cat Beds.

If you always find your cat looking for top vantage points or if you find her snoozing at the top of furniture, you must think of getting an elevated cat bed for her.

Most cat trees and scratching posts are designed for cats that love sleeping or even love to sit at high points.

So if you cat is fond of high places go for elevated cat beds.

If you want to know more about scratching posts, I recommend you check out my post on definitive guide on choosing the best scratch post.

3. Enclosed ‘cave’ cat bed.

This has been one of the most preferred cat bed by many cat owners.

Reason being, Enclosed cat beds have single hole as an entry point for cats.

It is designed in a cave structure which when coupled with heating pad offers your cat a great sense of security and keeps them warm.

It is the best pick for winters or for cat owners who usually live in colder regions of the world!

4. Basket cat beds.

Well these are not only cat beds but can be used by any pet of yours.

Basket cat beds, as the name suggests, is shaped like a round and flattened basket with a little elevation on the edges.

These sides are elevated so that they can contain your pet and offers them a sense of comfort.

For those cats who are not so precise over their sleeping spots and curl up anywhere where they feel comfortable, classic basket cat bed should be your pick.

So I hope you would have now identified which type of bed will be suitable for your cat.

Now in order to save your time and offer you the best and comfortable cat beds pick, I have curated list of 5 most comfortable cat beds.

Top 5 Comfortable Cat Beds You Can Buy Right Now !!.

1. K&H Pet Outdoor Kitty House (Heated or Unheated).

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  • This cozy bed looks like a house for outdoor cats and feral cats.
  • Easy-to-assemble, winter-proof, insulted cat house.
  • Accommodates cats of all shapes and keeps them warm.
  • Consists of plush heated pet bed inside to keep your kitties warm.
  • Perfect for cats that prefer to sleep in garages, porches, barns, or even in colder parts of the house.


  • It is not water proof.
  • Heating mechanism activates only when your cat sits on it.

2. AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock.

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  • Elevated cat hammock contains dual scratching post pillars.
  • Plush hammock provides a comfortable space for your cat to relax.
  • This elevated cat bed protects your furniture from scratches.
  • Natural jute fiber scratching posts help keep nails healthy.
  • Durable, long-lasting construction.
  • Handles multiple cats.


  • String of pom is weak.
  • If you don’t trim your cat’s nails, she might get stuck.

3. MEOWFIA Premium Cat Bed Cave

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  • Made from 100% Merino Wool.
  • Spacious enough to accommodate all size cats.
  • Free from chemicals and synthetics.
  • Warm, cozy and durable cat bed for your lovely cat.
  • Perfect for cats to play, nap, rest, relax and sleep inside or on top.
  • Soft and flexible and repels odor, dirt, and stains.


Some buyers complained about smell before its first wash.

4. Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds.

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  • Reflects cat’s body heat to provide comfort and warmth.
  • Suitable for all type of pets.
  • Perfect for vacations & road trips, if you love to take your kitty with you.
  • Self warming bed.
  • Spacious and easy to handle.


  • Cats do not find it appealing at first but eventually they start using it.

5. BinetGo Cat Bed

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  • The bed suitable for cats up to 15lbs.
  • Non-skid bottom keeps the bed in place for worry-free placement on tile and hardwood floors in the home.
  • Lightweight and portable for travel.
  • Washable.


  • Requires a wash before using because of its polyester smell.
  • Soft, so untrimmed nails may get stuck.

So these were the 5 major picks for most comfortable cat beds.

I hope I would have made you understand which type of bed to buy for your kitty.

And if you like my recommendation you could surely buy them.

They are the best! 

Thankyou for reading this post and I will see you in the next one.


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