Do Siamese Cats Like To Cuddle? | Siamese Cats Personality And Traits

Siamese cats are known to have a huge following among cat lovers.

And that isn’t without reason.

Siamese cats are adorable with their luxurious looking coat and a personality to match that.

They have beautiful piercing eyes, a fine gradient distribution of coloration and a mysterious elegance that has awarded them a huge fanbase across centuries.

I have been actively receiving a lot of queries related to Siamese cats and their personality.

Personally, just one look at them and its hard for me to resist owing them but hey questions are very important.

They provide you clarity and prepare you for the potential acts that you may need to take in order to establish a beautiful relationship with your future feline members.

So, in this post let me address some commonly quoted questions associated with Siamese cats like do Siamese cats like to cuddle, are Siamese cats snuggly, can Siamese cats get aggressive and so on.

While this post will be structured around these questions, reading the post fully will answer many other questions around Siamese cats.

So be sure to read the post till the end to ensure comprehensive understanding.

So, let’s start with,

Do Siamese Cats Like To Cuddle?

The answer is yes. Siamese cats do like to cuddle. Siamese cats know how to carry their elegance and at the same time do not shy away from expressing their affection with cuddles and snuggles. If you are the type of person who doesn’t appreciate cuddles from pets Siamese cats are probably not the right breed for you.

Having said that Siamese cats or cats in general are known to bring permanent changes in their humans.

All she needs is a little opening and you may just find yourself cuddled in bed with her.

Siamese are cats are known to express affection and demanding it back. Rubbing their heads against your legs and head, sleeping in your bed and meowing loudly for your attention are not uncommon sights with Siamese cats.

So, in general yes, Siamese cats are quite physical breeds of cats and will make their presence felt by invading your space for love, cuddles and snuggles.

Why Are Siamese Cats So Loving And Affectionate?

So, what is it that makes the Siamese cats so affectionate, cuddly and snuggly.

Siamese cats are highly intelligent cat breeds that have a long history of living, evolving and thriving among humans.

It is probably because of their intelligence that they have sensed how much humans enjoy being in their company and adoring them.

With the gradual process of domestication Siamese cats learnt that their affectionate and pleasantly animated existence creates an evolving ecosystem for them.

And thus, this affectionate nature has carried on for generations and taken hold as a trait in their personality.

The Siamese cats are highly communicative and do not hold back in providing affection or demanding it.

They tend to form great loving bonds with their owners and do tend to mingle well with strangers and visitors too.

Because of this nature Siamese cats are ideal cat breeds for families, or a house that has other pets.

The slight negative aspect associated with their affectionate nature is that Siamese cat breeds do tend to develop separation anxiety more than other cat breeds.

Therefore, it is often advisable to get Siamese cats in pairs or have other pets to keep them active company.

One other very, I guess you can call it adorable, trait about Siamese cats is the fact that they tend to like high places and spaces.

So, if you are planning to have a Siamese cat in your household it would do you good to have high scratching posts and perches distributed across your house because these babies like to climb.

And it is probably because of their love for high vantage points that they won’t mind getting picked up held and raised above your head like a baby.

Here are a few other pointers you need to be aware of if you are planning to have a Siamese cat in your house?

 Siamese Cats Are Chatty

I probably have said this somewhere above in my post.

But I have to reiterate this trait in their personality that these cat breeds are chatty.

No, no, you don’t understand.

These cats talk. A lot.

If you want let me know in the comments section below and I will create a separate post on why Siamese cats meow so much.

But for now, be aware of the fact that these cats are loud and aren’t apologetic for it.

They know how to craft their meows at their owners, other pets and even strangers to get their way.

Siamese Cats Need A Lot Of Activity

In addition to being intelligent Siamese cats are also known to be very active.

Their physical energy levels demand them to remain physically active through most parts of the day.

This is very important for their proper behavioral and physiological development and also for them to not develop aggressive behavioral patterns.

This means they will need a lot of toys, enrichment activities, windows, perches and high scratching posts to express their energy into.

Also check out some of these toys and accessories that our readers and their cats are absolutely loving.

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They Need Brain Exercises And Stimulation

As I mentioned because these cats are inherently smart and intelligent, they do need psychological stimulation as well.

And as such brain training games and puzzles have to be essentially available into your cat care kit.

While taking care of these aspects will ensure that your cat remains thoroughly engaged you will find that what really matures them into well-behaved and truly loving cats when they have sufficient company.

So, a house with other cats, dogs, pets and children is a big yay for Siamese cats.

Check out some of these brain training and puzzle toys handpicked for Siamese cats.

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Are Siamese Cats Aggressive?

I guess it’s imperative to discuss whether a Siamese cats is capable of developing aggressive behavior patterns.

Yes, as a matter of fact Siamese cats are often known to develop certain compulsive and aggressive patterns.

However, what we need to realize with cats is the fact that as mysterious as they might seem they are simple creatures.

By nature, Siamese are known to be playful, agile and intelligent creatures and they will remain so unless there basic needs of good food, sufficient exercise, mental stimulation and good company isn’t met.

Once all these basic elements and needs of her personality is taken care of Siamese cats have a very sweet and affectionate disposition.

And any occasional hissing or glaring that may happen will happen for the neighbour’s dog and not to her beloved human.

Some of the most common ways a Siamese cat will show her affection to you is,

  • By following you around
  • Trilling at you
  • Slowly blinking at you
  • Head butting,
  • Cheek rubbing
  • Playing with you, and
  • Licking you among other cat things.

How To Reciprocate Love To A Siamese Cat?

Alright so now that we have established that a Siamese cats are pro lovers, how to reciprocate your love for them.

For cats, love is actually a two-way street.

So how can you actually reciprocate the love that you have for your cute Siamese other than cuddling and snuggling her of course.

Now I hope we have established this fundamental fact here that the Siamese cats aren’t as independent as some other cat breeds.

Couple that with the fact that they have an energetic, intelligent and bubbly personality and you will find the things that they will love.

Here are a few things that you can do,

Schedule A Routine Playtime With Your Siamese

Nothing will strengthen her bond with you better than you finding time to play with her.

Ensure that you have her favorite playtime toys, puzzle games, lasers and catnip toys that will allow her to express her excess energy.

And because Siamese cats love to perch up on high places and vantage points, its always good to have perches placed in strategic places so that her latent wild tendencies find expression too.

One other thing that you can do with her is teach her tricks using positive reinforcement.

The incredible combination of intelligence and affection can be used to teach them tricks like sitting, rolling over and even jumping through hoops if you do it right.

This may not always be true but if you see that your cat likes going outside you can train her to walk on a leash as well, but again this will depend upon her temperament and personality.

Keep Them In The Centre of Things

Siamese cats love being in the thick of things.

In order to demand attention from you they will follow you around.

If you find that they are on your heels way too much, know that this is their way to demand attention out of you and you should try and play with her more or give her more time in ways that she enjoys.

A family that has kids and pets is an ideal ecosystem for them for this reason.

If you are like me and work from home, having a cat bed or a resting spot near your PC or your foot rest gives them a feeling of engagement with you.

The last thing that you want to do to your Siamese is make her feel ignored.

She won’t like that and I have heard many stories about Siamese cats getting depressed due to lack of attention.

If she is indeed not getting sufficient attention from you, she will relay not so subtle signs like following you around and meowing loudly when you don’t want them to.

Cuddle And Snuggle With Them

As mentioned in the first section of this post, Siamese cats like to cuddle and snuggle.

And that can be one of the ways in which you can let your Siamese cat know that you love her.

As a matter of fact, there is a well know trick to invite your cat to snuggle with you. All you need to do is point your finger at her nose level and she will understand and come over to you.

While the trick does work with any cat breed, there is a good chance you won’t need it because of how affectionate Siamese cats are by nature.

You may also occasionally find your Siamese cat head butting or rubbing against you. This is just her cute way of including you in her territory.

You can return the affection by gently nudging them back a little bit in acknowledgement.

Chat Back At Them

In a previous post, I discuss various cat sounds and how cats use them to communicate with you.

Siamese cats have all the sounds in cat sound spectrum to let her know what she is feeling.

They are well known to trill, chatter, purr and meow loudly.

I created a separate post on why do cats slow blink at you here and I feel it is important to quote it here as well.

Many a times you will find your Siamese cat slow blinking at you in a very serene manner.

Cat experts say that is your cat’s way of telling you that she loves you.

Revert some love back to her by reciprocating the slow blink back to her.

Talking back to her is also a very sweet way to let her know that her presence is acknowledged.

And because Siamese cats are very vocal cats, you can actually have a full conversation with them when you return back home from work.

And seeing her respond back to you lovingly is sure to give you a deep feeling of satisfaction.

Gift Them A Companion

Last but not the least, probably the best thing that you can give them is companionship, in addition to your own of course.

While doing things that we discussed here will be sufficient but having another cat (Siamese or otherwise) is going to do wonders for her development as a cat with sweet disposition.

They thoroughly enjoy companionship and not to mention will relieve you of the burden to engage with them all the time.

If they have companionship that keeps them from getting bored you can probably leave them alone with each other at home for longer hours.

Which is an issue with Siamese cats in general. For this reason, its not uncommon to find cat owners adopting Siamese cats in pairs.

They are compatible with other cats as well as dogs that can match their energy.

As sociable as the Siamese cats are if you are bringing a new pet home it’s important that you allow her to become comfortable with the new pet.

They may take some time to get used to the new order but will eventually be grateful to you for giving her a sibling.

Siamese cats are also known to develop jealousy and therefore, it will be your responsibility to shower her with the necessary and adequate attention once there are two peas in the same pod so to speak.

In conclusion, Siamese cats are lovable felines which will light up your place with love and affection.

Though a bit demanding and chatty, you will find that matching their simple needs as these with your compassion will be reciprocated with love that will leave you feeling loved and satisfied.

Okay so with that we are at the end of this post where I made it a point to cover some of the most frequently asked questions associated with Siamese cats, their personality and affection.

If you have any other query in mind please feel free to relay them in the comments below and I will make it a point to answer each one of them.

Don’t forget to receive your FREE goodies by putting your email in the box below and subscribing to Kitty County.

Take great care of yourselves and your cat and I will see you in the next one.


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