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They say don’t judge the book by its cover. That’s a pretty solid statement that will do you good in life.

But when it comes to ragdoll cats, that statement gets seriously challenged.

Ragdoll cats are large, beautiful, muscular cats with gorgeous long hair and a silky coat. They are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds that you can have the pleasure of owning.

And it seems their perceived physical beauty finds way in their personality as well.

A ragdoll cat is a docile, affectionate, laid back and an all round happy feline companion that wishes to engage lovingly with everyone she loves.

If you are looking to get a cat with whom you can have a nice long relaxing cuddle session ragdoll cats are the ones to get.

The beauty that they exude externally and internally make them one of the most sought out cat breeds on the planet.

In this article, I am not going to go in-depth into a ragdoll cat’s personality rather let’s discuss a very important facet of their personality, companionship.

And particularly their companionship with dogs.

How good are ragdoll cats with dogs and other similar pets? Can ragdoll cats get along with dogs at all? What are the pros and cons of having a ragdoll cat and a dog together? and finally what are, if at all, the best dogs for ragdoll cats as companions.

We are going to discuss all of these questions and so much more in the subsequent sections.

By the end of this article you are going to have a very comprehensive knowledge base ragdoll cat’s persona and her overall behaviour around other dogs and pets.

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Do Ragdoll Cats get Along with Dogs?

So, first thing’s first, do ragdoll cats actually get along with dogs?

Yes, ragdoll cats are known to actually get very well along with friendly dogs. They have a mild, easy going temperament that makes them very compatible with dogs. As a matter of fact, they have owing to their tendency to follow their owner along from room to room earned them the title of “puppycats”.

Now why do ragdoll cats form good companions for dogs. This is very important to address because most people recommend getting cats in pairs.

There is a very important understanding behind this as cats need an ecosystem where they can expend their energy in the form of play and active engagement.

When you have two cats they will engage, groom and play with each other freeing you with a lot of those responsibilities.

Ragdoll cats too do good in pairs but the great thing is they are open enough to let a dog be their sibling and partner.

Here are the reasons why they get so well along with dogs

  • They don’t have an edgy temperament

By their innate nature, ragdoll cats are kind of a mellow or laid back in their temperament. Their persona in a way says, “I don’t really mind what happens around me“.

Yeah, they are known to have a special thing for one human above all.

But that doesn’t mean they are abject exclusive and dislike everyone else.

They have plenty love to give for everyone in the house.

  • They are Inviting

In addition to being affectionate ragdoll cats are also very inviting. They are calm, easy going and are not territorially aggressive.

And at the same time, they can also be outgoing.

All this comes together to mean that they won’t get angry or defensive if a dog enters their perceived boundary.

  • They have a dog compatible persona

The very way ragdoll cats behave you won’t take time to conclude that the cat will do very well in the company of cat friendly dogs.

They befriend dogs, cats, children, strangers so easily and feel no resistance in responding and interacting with them in a playful sense.

  • Ragdoll cats are similar to dogs

To a very great extent, ragdoll cats themselves are very much like dogs. They are very intelligent cat breeds. People who know and admire ragdoll cats often refer to them as ‘puppycats’.

This is, among other things, primarily because their attitude and behaviour resemble a lot like dogs. For instance, they are known to follow their owners from room to room like a dog.

Also, with a little positive reinforcement you can teach them to do tricks just like dogs

  • They are strong and muscular

For a cat to be able to handle the playful onslaughts of a dog she needs to have a build for it. And nature seems to have done just that with these beauties.

Ragdolls cats are big, muscular and sturdy which it seems comes really handy in her being tolerant and standing up to dogs and their rough play.

Best Dog for Ragdoll Cats

Now that we have established ragdoll cats are some of the most ideal cats that you can pair up with dogs, what are the best dog breeds that show excellent compatibilities with ragdoll cats?

Just as is the case with cats, different dog breeds have different behavioral traits.

While yes, ragdoll cats get very well along with most cat friendly dog breeds, it is very important to consider a dog’s temperament and personality before you pair them up with ragdoll cats.

Now is there like a general category that you can look forward to getting a dog from?

For instance, if you choose a dog from the herding category they may exude the tendency to round up your cat including other pets that you may have.

Hounds have a knack of chasing other animals and they may try to do the same with your sweet and calm ragdoll cat,

I am not saying dogs from these categories can’t be trained to behave in a domesticated environment harmoniously, but it sure will take the extra work.

But to make things simple and taking a ragdoll cats temperament into consideration, dogs from the sporting group generally tend to mix well with ragdoll cats.

Another category that you can look up to is the toy category. Dogs in this group are known to be affectionate and friendly. They will form excellent curl up mates for your ragdoll cat.

Taking the characteristics of both parties involved into consideration. Here are the best dog breeds for ragdoll cats.

Golden Retrievers

I don’t think I need to explain. Anyone who knows anything about golden retrievers will agree that these happy go lucky sporting dogs will be perfect for ragdoll cats.

They are gentle, playful, affectionate, outgoing and so easy to train and behave.

They won’t mind the playful jabs their feline sister will throw at them and will provide a warm furry embrace to have a nice nap.


Just now I said that dog breeds that fall into the sporting category are the most suited to breeds like ragdoll cats.

But there is always exception plus training dogs to behave in an affectionate around feline siblings is definitely possible.

So, even though beagles fall into the hound category, they still form excellent companions for ragdoll cats. Beagles are affectionate, friendly and a very loyal dog breed.

Their size too is a perfect match for ragdoll cats. They are bred to be pack animals and for this reason they will find it easy to consider the feline sibling as a part of the pack.


I am pretty sure that when I said toy dogs you must have immediately thought of pugs. These sweet, gentle, playful, calm, and quirky dogs form excellent nap partners for cats.

Pugs cherish human and animal companionship which makes them just perfect for ragdoll cats.


Another pick for the toy dog breed category. They are an affectionate dog breed who will in a gentle way try to befriend even the most aloof of cats.

Their sweet, playful and inviting temperament matches that of ragdoll cats.

Labrador Retriever

Now you may think aren’t these dogs too big for ragdoll cats. Well their big size is perfectly matched by the big heart they carry.

A very affectionate dog breed that have a laid back, calm and composed personality. They will happily take the playful jabs that your ragdoll will occasionally throw at them and will also provide a warm and cuddly embrace to nap upon.

Irish Wolfhound

Another dog breed that is a gentle giant. Irish wolfhounds are sensitive dog breeds who it seems are very perceptive of the needs of the humans and animals around them.

In other words, they seem to be exuding an aura of calm around their companions. There is something very incredible when a giant beast of an animal is capable of being loving and kind.

Pierre is just too right when he says, Irish Wolfhounds are furry angels.

Introducing Your Ragdoll Cat to A Dog

So, we have till now seen how ragdoll cats respond to dogs and what are the best dog breeds for ragdoll cats.

As compatible as ragdoll cats are with dogs you have to be cautious when you first introduce them.

After all both animals are creatures of instinct and we need to ensure that the introduction is such that they develop a harmonious bond.

So, here is how you properly introduce your ragdoll cat to your dog.

  • Create a separate space for both the animals

The first and the most important thing to do is create a separate space for both the pets to settle in and get comfortable.

Now is not the time for introductions but to familiarize them with the new surroundings and each other’s smell.

Remember the sense of smell of both cats and dogs is very acute when compared to that of humans.

So, even though they can’t see each other they will be very aware of each other’s presence.

  • Introducing the pets from a distance

Once both pets are comfortable in the new ecosystem it is time to introduce them albeit from a distance. The best way to do this would be to feed them on the opposite side of a door.

What we are trying to do here is make them understand that the presence of other animal in the same ecosystem isn’t a threat to them or their boundary.

It is also okay and if you can manage it to make the pets see each other through a barrier for a short time period.

The core thing is to make the introduction process gradual and not to rush it.

Keeping a safe distance is important because out of instinct the dog may get excited meeting the cat which may very well startle the cat and develop a defensive behavioral pattern for the dog.

We want to avoid that at all cost.

  • Familiarize them totally with each other’s scent

After you have made each of them aware of each other’s presence from a distance, its time to lay the groundwork for their face to face interaction.

The best way to do that is by making them totally familiar with each other’s scent. This can be done by exchanging their beds.

This is the perfect way to make both the pets get totally familiar with each other’s presence.

Acquainting pets with each other’s smell from a safe distance first is very important. If you rush the introduction, the new information sharing can be very overwhelming for both the animals.

This sometimes leads to conflict and therefore it is important to be patient and take things slow.

  • Make the first face to face introduction

After you have ensured that the smell or the presence of the pets doesn’t make them uncomfortable or anxious, it is time to make their first close introduction.

But beware and be very conscious while doing so. If you see that any signs of anxious or erratic behaviour pull back and postpone the meeting for another day.

If everything goes well, both the pets will approach each other in a calm submissive way and you would have successfully given them a sibling to play and engage with.

Even if everything goes well you need to keep an eye out for any potential problems. Be very patient as it can take weeks or sometimes even moths for both the pets to completely get comfortable around each other.

I hope I was able to clearly relay how ragdoll cats respond in the company of dogs. The whole intention with the article was to let you know the companionship aspect of a ragdoll’s persona especially when it comes to dogs.

When it comes to popular cats like ragdolls I am very well aware of the fact that I have just scratched the surface.

There is so much more I can discuss; the only thing is that the article will get too long for its own good.

That being said, here are a few more questions that I know people who own or are interested in ragdoll cats ask.

Do Ragdoll Cats Like to Cuddle?

Absolutely ragdoll cats enjoy companionship. They cherish the company of cats, dogs, children and even strangers. They are one of those breeds that respond very well to hugs, cuddles and snuggles.

Do Ragdoll Cats Like Water?

It is not uncommon to see cats having an averse response towards water but ragdolls it seems aren’t one of them. They seem to enjoy being around water so much so that you may find yourselves shooing them away from sinks when you are washing your hands or from bathroom when you need to take a shower.

Do Ragdolls Have a Favorite Person?

While ragdolls do have sufficient love in their hearts to spread it around the family, they do tend to have a favorite person. But so much depends on a ragdoll cat’s personality. One thing is sure ragdolls are without any doubt one of the most affectionate cats you can have the pleasure of owing.

Alright folks with that we are at the end of this article about the best dogs for ragdoll cats.

If you have any other question, comment, or feedback regarding what you just learnt here do let me know in the comments section below.

And if you did enjoy what you read here how about we make the relationship personal?

Subscribe to the blog so that I can know you more and share with you the little things that I know.

Take great care of yourselves and I will see you in the next one1


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