Are Persian Cats Friendly with Dogs? | 8 Tips To Make Them Get Along

It will be really hard for you to not be able to identify a Persian cat when you see one. A stubby face, big bright eyes, short, full of fluff, and not to mention a highly affectionate persona.

Persian cats apart from their queen-like demeanor are known for their loving outlook as a pet. While they are playful, inviting and loving towards their favorite humans, what about dogs and other pets?

Are Persian cats friendly with dogs?

Provided the fundamental fact that they carry a calm personality and develop well in a peaceful environment, they get well along with dogs that share the same temperament. Therefore, Persian cats tend to gel well with dogs and pets that match their calm temperament, don’t intrude on their border, or engage in rough play too much.

I think this topic on are Persian cats friendly with dogs is a good conduit to relay a lot more about a Persian cat’s personality and what they are really like.

However, before we go ahead let me do some future planning for you. Hehe. Here are some more related articles that I think a person who is interested in Persian cats would enjoy. They all open in a new tab so just open them and enjoy the reads once you have finished reading this article,

Let’s go a little deeper into understanding Persian cats a bit more comprehensively so that you have actionable insights if and when you introduce your Persian cat to a dog.

Persona of A Persian Cat

So, first and foremost let me create a comprehensive knowledge base in your mind regarding what Persian cats are really like.

Because you see methods are overrated. Many times you are suggested via various methods how to accomplish stuff, including how to get your dog to get along with your cat or vice versa.

But apparently, they don’t always work, do they?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all methods are wrong.

I am saying there is a missing ingredient. The missing ingredient is the lack of understanding the subject that is specific to you, which is your cat, in this scenario.

So, first, you need to understand what kind of persona Persian cats carry and from there on learn how to create a stable situation with two different species of four-legged people living together.

Okay, here is what Persian cats are like.

Now acknowledging the fact that the ecosystem in which a cat has been raised plays a major role in the developmental cycle of a cat, here are some things that are common across all Persians.

The most prominent aspect of their personality is their shy and quiet nature. They don’t like conflict and will actively avoid it if they can. And therefore, they need an ecosystem of ease and peace to develop properly.

If you happen to provide them an ecosystem that matches their persona gradually they will start falling in love with you and showering you with affection in their own ways.

As loving as Persians are they are not known to being needy and clingy, as is the case with Siamese cats.

Persians do like to rest a lot. I won’t regard them as exceptionally lazy but you won’t find them jumping from perch to perch chasing something only they can see.

They are playful but don’t exude sudden bursts of energy out of nowhere. They are very docile in that sense.

And if you do stretch them to their limit by playing with them with their favorite toys, they would go into long naps where they wouldn’t want anybody to disturb them.

Hence, to summarize Persians have a quiet, serene, sweet, and docile nature and want an environment that supports it.

A deviation from that either by the environment or other pets like dogs will sure make them uncomfortable.

Are Persian Cats Friendly with Dogs?

So, looking at what Persian cats are like it is obvious that Persian cats can get very well along with dogs provided they respect her personality and demeanor.

The important thing to understand here is that Persians are also very shy in addition to being calm and docile.

They need their time to get acquainted with strangers and that includes dogs.

They aren’t like Siamese cats who actively pursue anyone and everyone for engagement including strangers.

Therefore, you have to refrain from adopting dog breeds that are excessively loud, like rough play, have unpredictable behavior, bark a lot, or are overly aggressive.

Persians will get along well with dogs that are quiet, shy, lazy, and don’t get aggressive and erratic too quickly.

If you can get a dog breed that complements your Persian’s calm and quiet nature, you would have given a great sibling to your cat.

The only thing to remember here is that Persian cats require some time to get accustomed to their surroundings including the addition of a new member.

Persian cats are very adaptable and once you have given them sufficient time to accommodate the new addition or surrounding, the newly developed friendship will sure give you moments to cherish.

Best Dog Breeds for Persian Cats

Now that we have a good idea of the personality of Persian cats, you can project what kind of dog breeds will get along well with your Persian cat.

Now in addition to the general behavior of Persians, you also need to consciously and intelligently weigh-in, the behavior traits of your particular Persian cat and then decide what kind of dog you need to own.

You don’t have to overthink it, as I will list out some breeds down below, that should get along well with your Persian.

However, you need to be aware of the fact that you need to put your particular cat’s likes and dislikes into account.

So, the two qualities that ensure to a great degree of certainty that the dog breed will get along with your Persian are calmness and laziness.

If the dog breed can carry these two qualities with poise, there is a good chance your Persian cat will get along well with him.

What is also important is to keep the dog breed’s temperament into perspective and want your dog to get along well with the Persian cat.

Interestingly, if your dog has the right kind of temperament, his shape and size won’t matter.

So here are the best dog breeds that are known to get well along with Persian cats.

  • English Bulldog
  • French Bulldog
  • Italian Greyhound
  • Pug
  • Basset Hound
  • Greyhound
  • Great Danes
  • Newfoundland

These are some shy, quiet, and calm dog breeds that will potentially get very well along with Persian cats.

How To Make A Persian Cat Get Along With A Dog?

If you have already picked up a dog to settle in your home that already has a Persian cat or the other way around, how do you ensure harmony between the two?

To infuse a harmonious living situation between the two the first key ingredient is going to be patience.

Among the two, there is a good chance that the dog is going to be much more exuberant than the Persian cat.

Yes, even if you have chosen a calm and composed dog breed because dogs will be dogs.

So, the idea is to introduce the two in a protected, spacious environment gradually over time.

Here is the step-by-step procedure of introducing the two pets.

  • First off, in the beginning for at least a couple of days, keep the two pets in two different rooms. Needless to say, the rooms should be fully equipped with beds, toys, food and water. This is important to make the new pet used to the new environment and the old pet to be aware of the fact that there is someone new in the house.
  • Now start rotating the pets into different rooms every two or three days. This will in addition to making the two pets familiar with the surrounding will also make them familiar with each other smells. This is very important because for pets especially cats, smell is everything.
  • Once this is done, its time to make the pets realize that the presence of the other isn’t a threat to them or their needs. Keep them in two different rooms that is separated by a common door. Keep the door closed and feed both of them at the same time across the door so that they realize both of them aren’t a threat to each other’s basic necessities. Their smell will tell them that they are close to each other and when they realize that their presence in the territory isn’t a threat, they will bring down their psychological barriers and start including each other.
  • Once you have put them into a common feeding routine, put a leash on both of them and let them see each other from a safe distance. You can take off the leash provided you have established some kind of barrier that will keep them apart. Gradually, still keeping them into the visual domain of each keep bring them closer successively during each feeding cycle and be aware of their reactions.
  • If the reactions are composed, inquisitive and positive, its time to introduce them at random times during the day. The best way to do this is by keeping your Persian cat in her carrier and letting the dog sniff and inquire around her. A little bit of hissing and defensive moves from the kitty’s side is fine. But her energy needs to calm down as time progresses and the dog is getting interested in stuff apart from the cat.
  • Repeat the last step till you perceive the internal walls and defensiveness is coming down and both are getting comfortable in each other’s presence.
  • All of this needs to happen in strict supervision. Only once you are completely sure that the two won’t harm each other, should you allow unsupervised interactions.
  • This whole process can take up to a month or maybe a little bit more.

Now once both your Persian cat and the dog have accepted each other’s presence, the next part is to ensure that both of them live together amicably.

If for some reason your dog exhibits an overly excited or hyperactive behavior, you will need to train him to rather keep a subdued and docile personality.

This is very important for your Persian to feel at ease. You see, comparatively, it is easier to train a dog rather than a cat.

Therefore, if you find that your dog for instance has started barking a lot, you need to train them to stop barking by using a look, sound, or action.

One very important aspect that you need to keep in the same regard is that dogs that remain at home are usually full of energy.

You need to give them their proper exercise and engagement in the form of play so that the excess energy doesn’t convert into a negative or aggressive behavior pattern.

A dog that is happy, calm, composed, and quiet is what your Persian demands.

What If The Persian Cat And The New Dog Don’t Seem To Get Along

If you follow all the steps and insights I have shared here religiously, more often than not your Persian cat and your dog should become lifelong siblings.

However, sometimes it may so happen that your cat and your dog may not get along.

The reasons can be varied and as much as you would want to find a reason, work on it and try and get them along, it may just not happen.

If that is indeed the case with your Persian cat, do not feel disheartened.

See the most important thing to note here is that, you always get a pet out of compassion.

In addition to wanting to share your life with them, I am sure another big reason behind getting another pet is because you want to give them a happy, comfortable and healthy life.

And if that isn’t happening in your house with both the pets together, I don’t see a problem in you rehoming one of them in a new place where you know for a fact they will be taken care of properly.

It can be your friend’s house, a caring relative’s house, someone who has always wanted a cat or a dog whatever the case may be.

I understand that you may have developed an emotional attachment to the pet and sending them away might be tough on you.

But this is a chance for you to put the well-being of a pet above what our emotions wish to dictate out of us.

Doing that will not only give your four-legged buddy a nice place to live in, it will also fill their hearts and lives with unsaid joy.

Not to mention the immense freedom and love you will feel to knowing that you have ensured a great life for someone you love dearly.

It will be a bittersweet experience similar to sending your kid off to college. You want to be close to them yet you want them to live well, live happily, and grow.

I hope you take a decision that creates a harmonious living situation for your beloved pets.


Alright, I hope I was able to provide a comprehensive knowledge base and insights regarding Persian cats and their persona.

See, it’s easy for me to just give simplistic answers to questions like are Persian cats friendly with dogs. But I understand that little and fragmented knowledge is not only inept it’s also dangerous sometimes.

So, I try and make these articles as insightful, reader-friendly, and comprehensive as possible.

With that being said, I also understand that there has to be a limit to these articles so that the knowledge I share is relayed properly and doesn’t burden you with too much information.

Balance has to be the key in other words.

So, I have created this frequently asked questions section here so that I can provide you answers to the questions that I know are related to the core topic under discussion.

Not just that, if you have any further questions just let me know in the comments section below and if the question appeals to the masses I will write them here for the world to see.

Are Persian Kittens lap Cats?

Persian cats are known to be calm, quiet, and lazy in their demeanor. So much so that Persian kittens sometimes sleep for about 20 hours a day. Couple that with their gentle and loving persona and there is no doubt why Persian cats and kittens are called lap cats because your lap is one of their favorite places to rest.
Do Persian Cats Like Water?

As accommodating as Persian cats can be, proximity to water is something Persian cats detest with open passion. But in order to make the bathing grooming session more tolerable, ensure that you use lukewarm water with a gentle shampoo.

Do Persian Cats Shed?

Yes, Persian cats owing to their long, highly prone to tangle fur do indeed shed a lot. The shedding more often than not leaves an undesirable trail of fur across furniture, clothes, and other surfaces. The shedding can be reduced to a great extent via proper grooming, brushing, and seeking services of professional groomers once in a while.

I hope you enjoyed this write-up on are Persian cats friendly with dogs as much as I enjoyed writing it.

If you have any other comments, questions, queries, or feedback relay them all in the comments section below.

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Take great care of yourselves and I will see you at the next one.


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