What Do Persian Cats Love? | How To Entertain & Play With Persian Cats?

I love Persian cats. I mean how can you not.

They are unbelievably sweet with their cute squished faces, they are small, amazingly affectionate, think human laps are their beds, and are supremely lazy.

I mean they are the default spirit animals for all humans. Don’t you think?

With all the incredible qualities that they are blessed with they also put forth a dilemma to their owners who love them.

And the dilemma is what to do with them? How to better care for them? What do Persian cats love? Given that they are so lazy, should you play with them? If yes, how to play with a Persian cat? How to entertain a Persian cat? Should you get another pet?

Is your mind riddled with these kinds of questions? Don’t worry, I will help answer all these questions and more in this comprehensive article.

So, without any further wanderings, let’s get started by answering the most fundamental question first.

What do Persian cats love?

Persian cats respond very well to toys. You can use generic toys like ones infused with catnip that they can play and bite into. They also respond well to interactive puzzle toys. The important thing to understand is Persian cats have a laid-back attitude so don’t force play onto them. Feel their energy and respond as needed with their favorite play toys.

While that is a simplistic answer given the fact that Persian cats have a little more complex personality, it nonetheless encapsulates what Persians require in essence.

In this article, let’s understand the personality of a Persian cat a little more clearly.

Once we have a comprehension of their personality, let’s learn what Persian cats love to do as an expression of their affection.

Using all these I will list out different ways in which you can love, engage, entertain and play with your Persian cats.

Because for pets especially cats, playtime, involvement, and engagement are very important for them to develop as well-adjusted pets.

Here are a few more articles that I feel you will cherish reading owing to your love for Persian cats.

So, let’s begin with clarifying the most important query that potential Persian cat owners ask.

Are Persian Cats Affectionate?

Before we go ahead and see what do Persian cats love, let’s understand a Persian cat’s personality.

So, are Persian cats affectionate?

Absolutely, Persian cats are known for their affectionate, loving, and laid-back personality. They are lap cats who don’t hold back in expressing their love for their favorite humans. They are of course not as chirpy or active as Siamese cats but to people and pets, they are well versed with they provide excellent companionship.

Persian cats are quiet, gentle and it wouldn’t be wrong to say a glamorous cat breed.

If you wish to have a cat that isn’t on your face all the time, a Persian cat is perfect for you.

In the cat lover community, Persian cats are often referred to as furniture with fur. It’s pretty hilarious and indicates their laid-back, quiet, and lazy outlook.

What is important to note here is that just because they are quiet doesn’t mean they don’t need attention.

I just mentioned that Persian cats are like glamorous queens of the cat world.

Therefore, not only do they want to rest easy, stay lazy, they also want to be admired while they do it.

Couple their affectionate nature with their unique squished in faces and you shouldn’t be surprised why they are usually the first choice for new cat owners.

So now that we have established that Persian cats are affectionate beings, how do Persian cats express their affection?

What do Persian cats love to do as an expression of their affection and playfulness?

The question is very important because of the different contexts it includes.

So, say you have just gotten a Persian cat and you have noticed that she is lazy and sleeps a lot.

And you have also heard that cats need a lot of exercise to stay active and playful and your Persian likes lying around all day like a fluffy log.

Or maybe you are a potential cat owner who knows about the lazy demeanor of a Persian cat and are pondering what will you do with her when you get her.

Don’t worry you aren’t the only one who has this question.

In the subsequent sections, I will list out different ways you can play and engage with your Persian cat.

How Does A Persian Do To Express Her Affection?

The simplest thing that you can do to a Persian cat is reciprocating her affection.

While it is true that every cat is different and different cats respond differently, there are some general things that all Persian cats love to do.

Here are those things or acts,

Affectionate Purrs

When your cat is purring, out of the many things it may mean, the underlying feeling is that of satisfaction.

And this totally depends on what your Persian cats love.

For instance, Persian cats are known to be lap cats, so maybe sitting on your lap is what your cat loves.

Some cats even respond with purring to good food or even a nice sunlit window that they can sleep on.

So, if you observe your cat purring to a situation or an act of yours, guess what, that is exactly what your cat loves.

The Lap Nap

You see, Persian cats are the ultimate lap cats.

As I said purring is a response to inner contentment in cats, and I will bet anything that your Persian cat will love resting on your lap.

If you observe that she indeed enjoys resting on your lap create situations you can do so.

Additionally, because Persian cats like to nap, A LOT, a great thing that you can do for them is provide cat perches in strategic places.

If the general climate around you is on the lower side, a nice perch on a sunlit window will be perfect for her.

Here are a few options for you to choose from.

SaleBestseller No. 1
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  • 🐈Reversible Two Fabrics Cover:One cat bed comes with a cover made of two different kinds of fabrics. You can change the cover at any time to adapt to different seasons and different room temperature. One is breathable sandwich mesh, which can help dissipate heat. Another is soft faux rabbit fur plush, which helps keep warm. Both of them are bite and scratch resistant, with no chemical smell. Cats can freely amuse themselves in this comfortable bed. The cloth cover is also removable for wash.
  • 🐈360°Window Perch:Cats love warmth, it is ideal for them to bask under the sun, enjoying sunbathing. They can also enjoy climbing up to the hammock and down, getting a 360°full view of the surroundings. On a sunny afternoon, enjoy languid hours with the dozing cats.
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Now, because Persian cats aren’t the jumpy kind like Siamese and Bengals, ensure that the perch is easily accessible and isn’t perched too high.

Keep an easily accessible height from where they can supervise and observe everything you are doing, and she will be happy.

Cheek And Head Rubs

Just like other cats, Persian cats as a sign of affection may bump their heads on to you.

This is not always true but they may even try to nibble at you gently.

This is okay, don’t respond to their nibble with flinching or punishment as that is how they sometime express their affection.

You will usually receive these head buntings after they have woken up or when they are nicely fed.

They do this because they have scent glands on their heads and neck. Head bunting is a cat’s way of saying, now I own you.

Cat’s use smell to declare what belongs to them. Pretty adorable don’t you think. 

Reciprocate The Engagement

As mentioned in an earlier part of this article, Persian cats aren’t too compulsive about attention.

But when they want it they want it.

Every cat has its own way of saying that she wants some love, engagement and attention. With time you will know when your cat wants to stay close to you.

Persian cats make it easier on you by just invading your lap. But that isn’t their only way of engagement.

Persian cats enjoy playtime with their humans. Yes, they aren’t as on your face as the Siamese cats but they do enjoy activity.

How to play with your Persian cat is an important question and I will address in just a bit.

But the important thing that I wish to relay here is that, just like other cats, in order for Persians to thrive in a domesticated environment they need active involvement in terms of play and attention.

With Persian cats that is simple. All you really need to do is respond the engagement when they demand it.

Another very cute way through which cats express their affection is by slowly blinking in your direction.

I talked about why do cats slow blink in this article here. I recommend you go through it to really discover why do cats slow blink at you.

While there are many reasons, the big one is as agreed upon by experts is cats via slow blinks are expressing a feeling of security.

When a cat catches your stare and the starts slowly closing her eyelids she is saying she feels totally comfortable, safe and secure in your presence.

In other words, when a Persian cat or any cat for that matter slowly blinks at you, she is saying she loves you.

How To Play With A Persian Cat?

Now this is a very common question that I get regarding Persian cats.

How to actually play with Persian cats?

You see as explained earlier, Persian cats aren’t out and about like say Siamese cats.

Cats that are high on active energy like the Siamese of Bengals, they make it easy on you.

They are ready to expend their energy as play rarely stopping to ask your permission. Persian cats belong to the other side of the spectrum.

Their inherent nature is laid back, calm quiet and for the lack of a better word lazy.

So, because it is important for cats to have the wild emulated in order for them to develop healthily, how to play with a Persian cat becomes an important question.

The key idea is to keep it simple. Here are the different ways you can play with your Persian cat.

Persian Cats Love Toys

Yes, you don’t expect Persian cats to jump around and run all over the place, but that doesn’t mean they don’t respond to play and toys.

As a matter of fact, playtime and exercises are very important for Persian cats.

There are many toys that Persian cats respond to. Here are a few cat parents approved toys of them that you can get for your Persian cat.

Bestseller No. 1
MeoHui Interactive Cat Toys - Retractable Wand Toy and Feather Toys Refills for Indoor Cats to Chase and Exercise
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  • 5. CONSIDERATIONS : As this is an interactive cat toy , we kindly suggest supervise your cat all the time when playing, in case they bite the string and handle. Never leave your cat alone with this kitten toys , Keep it in a safe place pets can’t reach. For any questions, please feel free to reach us, we will help you.
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Catstages Tower of Tracks Interactive 3-Tier Cat Toy
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  • 【Motion-Activated】When the smart sensor detects your pet moving, the YVE LIFE cat laser toy is automatically activated and works for 15 minutes before turning off. The sensor can only be activated once every 2 hours, with a working distance of 0-13.1 ft.
  • 【3 Speed Modes Available】The toy has 3 speed modes (fast/slow/mixed) to meet different exercise needs of cats. This interactive laser cat toy provides the best experience for indoor cats.
  • 【Rechargeable Large Battery】The included USB rechargeable 1000Amh battery is fully charged in 2.5 hours and provides up to 2 days of use.The product supports plug-in use, eliminating your worries
  • 【Angle adjustable】By freely adjusting the angle of the laser head, you can make the toy shoot random laser dots on the ground or walls to satisfy your pet's preferences and make their playtime more exciting. The laser head can be manually adjusted within a 50° angle range vertically and automatically oscillates within a 60° angle range horizontally

You can even prepare toys for your Persian cats at your home using everyday stuff like toilet paper rolls. No really, don’t believe me?

Here in this article I teach you how to create 5 DIY cat toys using everyday materials.

The important thing to note here is that you need to keep things very simple with Persian cats.

You see every cat and cat breed for that matter is different. One on hand, playtime and exercises for a breed like Siamese need to be almost religious.

Any exception and Siamese cats stand a chance of developing bad or even aggressive behaviour patterns.

Things aren’t as stringent with Persian cats, they will let you know when they are in the mood and that is when you can play with them using their favorite toys.

Pay Attention To Your Persian Cat

Now the great thing with cats is although you can predict a lot of their general cat behaviour, every single one of them have a unique personality.

So, even if you think you know everything about your Persian cat, her personality will still have traits that make her unique.

And these are the very traits you need to pay attention to.

Find out what your Persian likes and dislikes and accordingly engage her in her favorite activities.

When you are playing with her ensure that the activity revolves around what makes her comfortable.

For instance, don’t be rough with a cat that doesn’t allow that kind of play.

Similarly, if your cat is uncomfortable with you touching any part of her body like underbelly or back side of legs, avoid it.

Never use anything that tends to create sudden noise around Persian cats, they don’t like that. It may create nervousness and anxiety in them.

Do not corner your Persian cat. This will quickly lead them to see you as a threat and probably develop a resistive behaviour towards you.

The whole idea is to be well aware of the inherent quiet personality of the Persian cat and base your interaction on that.

Engage Them Using Cat Apps

It’s not necessary to use physical toys only, bring some tech into play too.

There are so many apps that are available which you can use to make your cat engage in playful activity.

As a matter of fact I have created this list of the best FREE and paid playtime apps for cats that you should check out.

There is a wide variety of game formats that come in these apps.

Cat Fishing by Friskies is an interesting and a popular one. Your cat gets to slap a swimming fish. You cat will get points for how many times she successfully slaps the fish. An accompanying splashing sound makes the app even more engaging for the cat.

Another popular one from Friskies is the JitterBug where instead of fish you get bugs. The bugs send a series of stars out when slapped.

There are many such apps that you can check out in this article, take your pick.

Puzzle Treat Toys

Puzzle toys that expend treats when solves are an excellent way for your Persian cat to get some psychological and physical simulation.

These kinds of toys support independent plays which complement a Persian cat’s personality nicely.

And manufacturers are coming out with clever ways via which they can make a cat work to gain her treat.

Why these puzzle toys work so well if because they engage a cat’s most basic instinct of being a hunter.

The cat will have to work to get her treat which is very similar to what she will have to do if she was in the wilderness.

The great thing is Persian cats who have a little laid-back persona enjoy puzzle toys because they exercise her in a controlled but essential sense.

And it is a pleasant and not to mention funny sight to behold seeing your Persian struggle with one of these puzzle toys and finally getting satisfied when she wins her prized possession.

Here are a few puzzle toys for cats that are receiving a lot of praise for cat owners.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Catstages by Nina Ottosson Buggin' Out Puzzle & Play - Interactive Cat Treat Puzzle
  • GREAT FOR CURIOUS CATS : Stimulates cat's natural foraging instincts
  • REPLACE YOUR BOWL: Treat puzzles can be used for daily feeding to encourage a healthy eating pace
  • KEEPS CATS BUSY: 16 hidden treat compartments keep cats occupied
  • FOOD SAFE MATERIALS: BPA, PVC & phthalate free
  • NO REMOVABLE PARTS: for safer play and easy cleaning; never worry about losing play pieces!
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  • 😺 STRESS AND BOREDOM BUSTER – This Shark Tank famous cat puzzle toy is sure to catch your cat’s curiosity as it works with their favorite treats, catnip, crinkle balls, mice and cat wands. Your cat will love the challenge and enjoy their well-earned reward. Watching your cat have this much fun might tempt you to throw in a few pretzels and have a go yourself! (We don’t advise it.)
  • 😺 VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED – Professionals recommend our interactive treat maze because it’s an amazing form of exercise for your cat. Enjoy watching them circle, spring, focus and pounce into action! The toy can also be used as a gradual treat dispenser, encouraging a healthy eating pace.
  • 😺 THE PURRFECT GIFT – An ideal present for the holiday – or any day! This is one gift that your cat won’t get bored with. Cat Amazing’s feeder toy is made from industrial-grade materials that are 100% plant-based and biodegradable. Insanely-strong and kitty-safe, the Mega box is kitty-tough and guaranteed to withstand a beating - and a biting! (Assembly required!)

Persian Cats Love Boxes

This is not necessarily a Persian cat thing, just a cat thing in general.

But Persian cats owing to their nature have shown special love for boxes in which they can cosily fit.

And boxes aren’t hard to find as most of your shopping happens on Amazon now. So before, you dispose off your box, doesn’t matter how small you think it is, just put it in front of your Persian.

Sprinkle, some catnip in and around it to arouse her interest and she what it means when people use the motto ‘If I fits I sits’ with cats.

There are a variety of reasons why cats love boxes?

But the core reason behind their liking for boxes is because they appeal to their instincts. Cat love small, secluded and cosy places where they can rest in without worrying about their security.

Also, cats are predators by nature. A box feels relatable as they can emulate stalking their prey while having a feeling they are concealed.

If the Persian cat has rested already and still gets into a box it is a great time to play with her.

Get a feather toy and dance it around the box once your cat is in it. You will have a great time watching your cat pop in and out of the box trying to catch the toy.

You will see her taking position inside the box, getting ready jumps outside or throws a paw to catch the moving feather toy.

A great way to play with your Persian cat.

Create A Play Time Routine

Like all other cats Persian cats get very well settled in a routine.

If you discover that your cat enjoys playing with you at a specific time during the day, develop a habit to play with her on her own terms during that time.

You may also observe that your cat comes in a playing mood after she has done a certain activity, sleeping, for example.

Observe such patterns and create a play time that encourages engagement, involvement and playfulness.

Your Persian is going to need it.

If you can do that for a while you will see something fantastic to happen. Your Persian after a while will come to you when it is play time.

And in this way, you will infuse a habit in your Persian cat to accept playtime as a part of her routine.

Infusion of playtime is very important for cats because cats are fundamentally a bundle of energy that need conscious expression for them to develop as well-adjusted pets in a domesticated ecosystem.

FAQs Regarding Persian Cats

I hope you are enjoying this guide on what do Persian cats love and different ways via which you can play and engage with them.

What I have observed over time is no matter how comprehensive I make an article there are always questions regarding the topic that remain unanswered.

For this reason, I always include a frequently asked question section in the article where I take up questions raised by my readers.

So, if you have any question, doubt, comment or query that you want me to address, just let me know in the comments below and I will address it.

Here are the questions that I have received thus far.

How To Bond With A Persian Kitten?

Persian kittens are very easy to bond with owning to their inclusive nature. All you really need to do is take care their basic needs of nourishment, security, playtime and not do anything that goes against their quiet, laid-back and solitude loving persona and she will share a lifelong loving bond with you.

What Do Persian Cats Like To Play With?

There isn’t a fixed list of stuff that Persian cats love playing with. It’s more of a personal preference with Persian cats. She may like something that you may never expect her to like. With that being said, Persian cats are known to respond well to feather, catnip and puzzle toys. They also like boxes and perches they can rest and sleep off on for long hours.

Why Are Persian Cats So Lazy?

Persian cats are so lazy because that’s just how their persona is. There are cats like Siamese who need a highly interactive environment and there are cats like Persian who like a quiet ecosystem where they can remain inactive for long hours. But that doesn’t mean they are incapable of expressing sudden bursts of energy which you will discover if you can get them to play with you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on what do Persian cats love as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Please don’t shy away in asking any question that you may have in the comments section below.

If the question is potent enough I will include it in the FAQ section above.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so that I can share FREE ‘welcome to the family’ goodies with you.

Take great care of yourselves and your Persian and I will see you around. 😊

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