Lilac Point Siamese Cat Personality – Behavior, Traits, Photos & Facts!

People who don’t like cats, even they know who Siamese cats are.

Very rarely are you going to find someone who claims to have even a little inclination towards cats not know what Siamese cats are.

That’s how popular these little fur beauties are.

Now I can bet there are relatively fewer people who know that the breed’s spectrum is so wide that it can be further divided into subcategories.

In this article, we are going to discuss one such adorable category of Siamese cats known as Lilac Point Siamese cats and learn everything we can about them and their personality.

Lilac point Siamese cats are relatively well known among cat owners and lovers. They are universally adored for their unique and beautiful lilac-grey color-pointed coat.

They are also sometime loosely referred to as the watered-down versions of Blue Points.

Gauging from their popularity you can be forgiven in thinking that these must be a very common Siamese cat breed.

But that isn’t the case. Chocolate and seal point Siamese cats are the ones that are relatively easier to find.

From what I have seen despite their popularity there are many aspects about lilac points that still need to be addressed and uncovered.

So, in this article in addition to discussing their personality, I will also relay some unknown facts about lilac points that I am pretty sure you are unaware of.

And by the time I conclude the article I will leave you with some frequently asked questions regarding lilac points which I will strategically expand as I receive more queries from you guys.

Before we proceed, might I also draw your attention to some of the most viewed articles of this blog. I feel they will enhance your knowledge base.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Lilac Point Siamese Cat Personality

So, what are lilac point Siamese cats really like?

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A Lilac Point Siamese Cat

Similar to their traditional siblings, the Lilac Point Siamese Cats are curious, playful, and highly affectionate cat breed that cherish being close with their humans.

Their love for attention and proximity to humans in addition to their unique and continuous need to chat make them a very sought out cat breed.

Siamese cats are probably the biggest anomaly to the conclusion that cats are aloof independent beings.

The highly dependent trait of Siamese cats gets aptly transferred to lilac points too.

They are considered by many to be very dog-like. And there is good reasoning behind that.

In addition to wanting attention and being close to their humans these cats are fairly intelligent and with a little effort can even be taught how to play fetch.

These cats will meet you at the door, follow you around, sit on your lap and tell you about their day when you return home.

All of these good attributes come with caveats as well of course.

They are a fairly demanding breed and require constant attention and affection essentially to develop as well-adjusted pets in a domesticated environment.

They are not the cat breeds you would want to leave alone for long periods of time. They need active playtime and exercise so that they can expend their pent-up energy.

For this reason, as is suggested for traditional Siamese cats, if you can, it’s always a good idea to get these cats in pairs.

Or if you can’t see if you can find them a sibling that will keep them engaged and provide the necessary company.

Lilac points are muscular, athletic, and playful, and coupled with the intelligence they carry they form an excellent family pet.

Of course, they will demand certain initial investments in terms of play toys, scratch posts, trees, and puzzles to keep them engaged and active.

But once settled you can’t wish for a better companion to live with.

They are one of the most loyal cat breeds to have and it is the love that they have to offer that has made them one of the most sought out cat breeds on the planet.

Little Known Facts About Lilac Points

Now that we are aware of what lilac point Siamese cats are like let me share with you some unknown facts about these beauties that I am pretty sure you may not be aware of.

  • True Siamese Cat Origins Are Hazy

The true origins of Siamese cats and by extension lilac points have a faded basis. What is known with a good degree of certainty is that Siamese cats originated somewhere in Thailand.

Siamese cats are also one of the earliest recognized breeds of oriental cats. Some ancient Thai texts trace their origins as early as 14th century however, it was only in the late 19th century did the breed find their way to the shores of United States.

  • They Had A Hard Time Getting Recognized

I mentioned in the earlier part of this article that they are loosely regarded as the watered-down version of blue point Siamese cats.

Their coloration earlier wasn’t taken seriously enough to categorize as a major sub-category of Siamese cats.

The authorities had to finally bow down to the lilac point supremacy and the coloration was recognized in 1955.

  • They Hold A World Record

Most cats give birth to 2 to 6 kittens. But Siamese cats it seems have a talent that far exceeds their talking and chatting and the world recognizes it.

A Siamese cat holds the Guinness World Record of giving birth to a record 19 kittens and the record holds to this very day.

This isn’t the only reason of course but feats like these definitely put Siamese cats as a breed people would love to have.

Demands of Lilac Point Siamese Cats

So, there is a good chance that if you are reading this article you are looking into getting a Lilac point.

Or maybe you already have one and are pondering whether her demands are personal or whether those are a behavior trait of the breed.

Whatever the case, let me just paint a clear picture of what the demands of a lilac point are in the domesticated environment.

Food And Diet

As is the case with most cats, Lilac points too need healthy amounts of animal protein in addition to vitamins and minerals to develop properly.

Siamese cats as I already mentioned are an active, playful and energetic cat breed. Their diet requirements are therefore in tune with what their bodies demand.

Cats irrespective of their breed essentially need amino acids found in meat(taurine).

Their digestive mechanism cannot properly digest the amino acids found in plants as is possible for us humans.

So, ensure that the food that you choose for your cat is high in protein-sourced animals like chicken and fish.

Playtime and Exercise

Being an energetic play loving and intelligent cat breed, needless to say, lilac points need active engagement, playtime, and involvement.

Because these are muscular cat breeds it will benefit them greatly if their domesticated ecosystem is enriched with high cat trees, systematically placed scratch posts, and scratch pads.

Because they like high vantage points it would be good if you can place perches (preferably near sunlit windows) where they can rest and supervise.

If they have a companion with whom they can engage with most of their exercise needs will be taken care of.

But if not, 30 minutes of rigorous play will be enough to expend their energy and make them sleep like a log.


As far as the grooming departments are concerned because Siamese is a short-haired breed it won’t be a biggie.

If you can brush them a couple of times a week and just the general touch up you will be good.

Being a short-haired cat breed Siamese cats are preferred by people with allergies.

They may also require occasional trimming of claws. But if you have created an environment where they find scratch pads and trees to clear husk of their nails, that demand will also get reduced.


Lilac points are a fairly healthy cat breed and should not demand anything extravagant in the health department.

That being said the health issues that you need to be on the fence for are progressive retinal atrophy, systematic amyloidosis, and asthmatic problems.

Are Lilac Point Siamese Cats Rare?

When seen in comparison to other Siamese cat breeds like the blue point and the chocolate point yes it can be safely said that Lilac points are relatively rare.

But just because they are rare that doesn’t mean they aren’t popular.

It also took them a fair amount of time to get recognized.

Most breeders and enthusiasts for a significant amount of time considered them as the watered-down version of blue point Siamese cats.

As far as traits are concerned they aren’t too different than other subcategories of Siamese cats. Or even the traditional Siamese cats for that matter.

You see these subcategories aren’t any less affectionate than the regular Siamese cats.

They want to be in the thick of things where there is the most traffic and they want all that attention and getting fussed over.

They are also one of the chattiest cat breeds. I have listed out all the reasons why Siamese cats are so talkative here.

Some people find the trait endearing and adorable, some don’t like it.

But what can be said for certain is Siamese cats are party divas and will tell you about it if they are not feeling it.

Lilac Point Siamese Cats FAQs

I hope I was able to give you guys a comprehensive picture regarding lilac point Siamese cats and their personality.

The beauty of cats is their mysterious and unpredictable nature.

Lilac points are no different and it doesn’t matter how much I write, it still won’t be enough.

That being said, I am keeping this article open and concluding it with this frequently asked question section.

Just let me know if you have any queries apart from these in the comments section below. If the query appeals to the masses I will include it in the comments section below.

How Long Do Lilac Point Siamese Cats Live?

The average lifespan of a lilac point Siamese cat is going to be anywhere from 10 to 15 years. However, there have been cases when Siamese cats have lived beyond 20 years too. Aside from the average lifespan, it depends so much on factors like good diet and the general ecosystem the cat lives in.

Do Lilac Point Siamese Cats get Along With Other Cats?

Yes, owning to their affectionate, playful, attention-loving, and inviting nature, Lilac Point Siamese cats tend to get very well along with cats, dogs, and other friendly pets. They are also excellent with kids, love being around people, and therefore, form an excellent family pet.

How Much Is A Lilac Siamese Worth?

Lilac Points being rarer of the Siamese breeds do tend to invite a higher price point. Factors like parentage, location, breeder, and coloration also play their part. In general, expect to pay anywhere from $100-$1000 for a lilac point Siamese kitten. Some exceptional cases may even see their price as high as $2000.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Lilac point Siamese cats as much as I enjoyed writing about them.

I have tried to cover as much as I can so that I can have you leave this page with insightful information regarding Lilac points.

However, I understand there may still be some lingering doubts and that is precisely why the comments section is for.

Just let me know any query, comment, or feedback that you may have down below.

Also, do not forget to subscribe to the blog for FREE goodies and the accompanying YouTube channel so that I can shower you with more of that cat love.

Take great care of yourselves and your cat and I will see you in the next one.


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